Name 1 (one) thing Richard Horne has done wrong

Name 1 (one) thing Richard Horne has done wrong.
Pro tip: you can't.

Kill a kid.

Look like a gigantic faggot for one.
Anything else I don't know because I don't know who the fuck he is.

these two things

ruined his chances to fuck the best girl, by acting like an lunatic psycho.

>best girl
I'm pretty sure he's never met Jade

Jade give two rides.

It's impressive that they found someone who resembles Richard Beymer

Who is he supposed to be? Did I completely miss this? I did just binge watch 7 episode in 3days

He looks much more like DPK

Not look anything like the offspring of Cooper and Audrey would look.

God I read this in his voice.
It's like Dougie is in my head.

You think it's his son?

He has such an inbred punchable face.

Either that or Dopplecoop's rape baby, but I lean very heavy on the former

Anyone else surprised we have not seen more of Jane Levy?

Lynched, I guess.

Is he Zane's son or Booper's son?

Duge Jones.

Time is a flat circle Marty.

Would you laugh while you fuck this bitch?

She's so pretty ;__;

not at the precise moment, but i'd be laughing for a whole year later.

He looks like the offspring of Mathew McConaughey and a lizard.

What was Richard Horne shooting at?

Who's he supposed to be? Like some sort of diet matthew mcconaughey?


brabo bynch

>tfw I used to see a prostitute looking a lot like her
Now I want to spend my money into jungle fever again, fucking lynch