He can't keep getting away with it!

He can't keep getting away with it!


>no sons

A few more articles like this and every entitled whore in the hemisphere will be accusing him just like what happened to Cosby.

When will they stop being treated as though they're guilty until proven innocent, you fucking maniac?

B-but I thought Chad gets away with everything?!!

Tbqh Cosby is a '''''''black'''''''', so he did it.

>author writes like he's guilty

Even autistic STEMfags are taught how to write objectively, why can't journalists do it?

Leto is no Chad.

They were all assaulted by Jareds 12" cock

he was ACTING ffs!

tfw bill cosby is becoming the Dark Souls of hollywood rapists

Dyes his hair and moisturizes a lot.


I could see that passing in the court of law with the right lawyers and an exhausted jury desu senpai.


No proof, I don't give a fuck. Stop trying to bring people down just based off accusations, they're fucking worthless. Maybe if they really got assaulted they'd bring it to court.


I heard Louis CK had a reputation too



Not in this societal cycle.
The west is starting to crumble and the same thing will probably happen the next time.
Blame feminism.

Nobody else was going to reply to that post, I don't know why you bothered.

Cosby was black and spreading a message that (((they))) didn't like. That's why everyone immediately deemed him guilty without any evidence
Leto is still making a lot of money for powerful people and still has his looks (so he doesn't "look" like a rapist)


Sexual Assault apparently

Mom gonna freak!

what does this mean, for those of us who are over 18?


no drugs, alcohol, or cigs. Eat well, get sleep, have good genes and exercise... Its not Rocket appliances, its just very boring to most

>looks like a painting of Jesus
>rapes around
what does he mean by this?

He's the Andy Griffith Show of Stick and Hoop

>another cosby ?
well it seems like he will

>Implying women would say no to him
Probably some tumblr cunt just looking to take him down a peg

When will people actually take these seriously and put serious investigation into them

What it must be like to be so, so fucking stupid. Please leave humanity alone, you have no place among it.

The irony of this post

what does this mean, for those of us who are 28?

he's a notorious chain smoker though

This pretty much.
My mum is like 60 and looks about 45... she rarely ever drinks, never smoked, has a very healthy diet, and generally really looks after herself.

Here he is with his Grandma, age 79 and 41, respectively.

>some lesbian whore want to peg jared leto.
>uhmm.... Sorry, i don't do that, the sex was good but i'm not gay.....
>Waaaaaaaaaaaa he raped me waaaaaaa!

thats his mom yu retard

The police don't investigate allegations of rape or sexual assault?

>implying Leto would diddle women, not little boys

This makes a lot of sense

topfuckingkek like there's a single roastie on the planet that wouldn't cut her arm off just to get jared leto's cock in her mouth

I would not be the least bit surprised

He was just method acting! I swear you philistines!

This is the price of method acting.

Do you guys really think it's fun discussing clickbait threads?
This is so sad

>girl doesn't want it
>do it anyways

>Jared Leto
>needing to rape anyone


Key word, here.

Need is different to want.

they're bragging about it = rape

Trust me it's a curse.

godsdamnit he's got it all, that fucker

It's fake. Lots of rockstars do this. See Spinal Tap.

>it's fake
Dude there's a scene in a BTS of Suicide Squad where you can literally see his erect dick.

but Cosby was cleared off all charges plus what ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"

Purely a concept in just law.
In public opinion that doesn't matter.

Do you not think they have fake dicks in movies? Hell it's probably even better than his rockstar fake one.

W-which one?

>Jesus is a rapist
WTF?! I'm jewish now!

When he brings down that light onto Margot's face. I don't have the vid right now but you can see it poking his pants.

those women should be happy that a man like Leto fucked them. I mean, he's fucking beautiful, no homo.

tbf he's like 5'6

but yea i'd trade my life for his straight up. dude can sing, act, probably a good dancer too.

>on the set of SS he'd play pranks on other stars like putting salt in Will Smith's coffee and putting his dick in Margret Robbie's cunt when she told him not to
>he then sent her the used condom the next morning
Should method acting be banned? He went a bit far in SS

Hahahahahaha it's almost like women can just say ooops he raped my pussy I want money and attention and for him to be locked up and then he police have to do something and the press has to report. Hello 911? This guy I dislike raped my pussy and I want you to ruin his life because I'm the favored sex. Isn't this life grand?

>Chad, if we sleep together...Even though we just met...Will you still see me as dating material??
>Uhhhh yeah sure
>Take me, Chad
>[Day after, Chad never calls back]

Is there any male heterosexual star who haven't been accused of sexual assault at some point in their life ?

I mean there will always be someone looking for some settlement money, so I can only assume this happens a LOT.

>and putting his dick in Margret Robbie's cunt when she told him not to
>she told him not to

Remember when they tried to take down Fred armisen for having consensual sex too much

I still believe Louis ck likes to jerk off in front of scared women because it's just so perfect

I don't know, she seems like a fag. I can't prove she is, but I got a good feeling about it

Reminder that sex under false circumstances is rape. (ie if you lie to a girl to have sex with her, it's technically rape)

The blood and smegma of 1 million circumcised children.

>They accused him

Except Cosby actually is a date rapist

He's the Super Mario Bros. Super Show of Saturday morning entertainment.

Yes user I'm sure all of those young actresses didn't actually want to have sex with fucking Cosby

Another Cosby what? Cosby is innocent as far as we know.

Mom's gonna freak!

I mean have you seen him?

He has gotten away with it

Why are people mad at Leto lately? I remember that a couple of years ago he was worshipped everywhere.


I don't believe anyone would tell that dreamboat "no."
Not even gay but I'd let him go balls deep in my ass, no rubber, no lube, and be fucking greatful.

Is it also rape if a woman lies about being on birth control or wears a pushup bra?

I hope you get actually raped someday.

I was friends with a groupie (of another band) who fucked a guy of said band and when he didn't want to commit she claimed he raped her. I never believe this stuff, especially if the dude is handsome and gets pussy on the regular.

Is this true?

I don't know about a pushup bra, but there's just been legislation passed making it illegal for women (and men) to lie about contraception.
I can't remember where abouts it was passed though
That seems pretty mean. I'm just trying to inform anons
Yes. But it's also a bit iffy cause it isn't clear how far that extends
>Pretend to be a famous actor to have sex with a fangirl = rape in the courts' eyes
>Pretend to be wealthy in general to have sex with a sloot = probably not rape in the courts' eyes

The precedent was set after a doctor convinced women that they were terminally ill and the only cure was to have sex with him.

I've been raped a few e times, wtf.

That sounds like a bullshit story.

Women can't be that dumb.



>Jared Leto needs to drug girls to get laid

What chance do you have.

Post the Suicide Squad boner webm, the one where he literally has his cock swinging in front of Margot Robbie's face.

Thanks for the heads up.

so every woman is a rapist?