Should Charli XCX make the transition into feature films?

Should Charli XCX make the transition into feature films?

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she comes across as such a slut. i bet she fucks a new guy every week. that's so hot.

revolting cheap whore

and watch her white about how people only focus on looks when hers fade

watch her *whine


I'd rather she made the transition to squatting on my cock.

who /fancy/ here


Yeah, her and Cashew Myousside howbow dah should do Shakespeare.

God damn I don't usually care for dirty girls but she's pretty fucking hot. My dubs confirm anyone who disagrees is a flaming homosexual.


Sorry Charli I failed to get dubs but I'll re roll now to confirm my previous statement.


Sorry Charli I'm out of tries. You only get 2. Of course this will probably be the one where I get dubs.



Kept waiting for her to lift up that skirt



Look at those fucking tits.

Quite the body of work.

prime slag indeed

>giv greasy cokehead slag gf

I've always liked her tunes but never been actually been big on her but she looks fucking amazing on her current tour. OP's pic is from here

she needs to get knocked up by a black guy before shit the wall

top poo-in-loo

Is there any better trashy celebrity waifu than Charlie xcx? I bet any celebrity slightly more famous than her can hit that shit without any issue.

pretty rare for a true slag to not have some regrettable tattoos

Can someone webm the butt bits?

So... is this what the new "Europeans" will be like?

Empty, greasy, whore mongrels?

underrated post

>sluts are a new thing

What does Sup Forums think of her body of work?



Do go on





when did this place get overrun with thot loving normies?

If I didn't know she was a singer my first guess would be she was a porn actress. She looks exactly like one.

brown sluts are a whole other level

ooga booga dancing didn't come from whites

whites can be kinky but that kind of base monkey sexuality comes from outside

Thank you western culture

true Patrice O'Neal wisdom here

also how has this bindi slut not been honor killed by her family yet

As opposed to what, the Asians?

imported from the west

You sound like a self-hating white man and that shit's pathetic

What are you on about, show me a single example of degeneracy in eastern culture before it became westernized
aside from Jin Ping Mei, The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife and anything else that could prove me wrong

are you somehow implying that there was no degeneracy in the East before Westernization, you unimaginably retarded weeb?


This is why we have terrorist attacks

does prostitution count?

>big hoop earrings



I prefer the slutiness of Tove Lo. But Charli XCX is a close second.

>Thank you western culture

you mean jews and black people?

She should have been more of a skank when she had the chance

This Charlie triple X whatever was famous for literally a minute. And she used that time to not leave an impression. Even if only girls listen to music now, they also like seeing other chicks dress slutty

Maybe she'll turn her whore level up to 10 and make another pop hit at the same time she'll rake in more dough. Think Kylie Minogue, a billboard tune coupled with a revealing video = success