Hillary Clinton 59%
Donald Trump 17%
Gary Johnson 16%


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Do not engage with OP in any form! This is a paid shill post, its only purpose is to flood this board with pro-hillary shit.
Leave this thread immediately, DO NOT REPLY AT ALL, even if OP tries hard to bait you. They are being PAID to waste your attention.

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Eat a fat cock kangaroonigger, he is fucking losing blacks and latinos by large margin. Whites can't win him the election

What's stopping me from blacklisting Trump General like this?

Remember when Bush won 40%? So much fun to watch the republican party implode


I've been telling you guys for months. My (Latino) family and friends never give a fuck about elections, but they are all going to show up at the polls in November.

You guys usually say that Latinos don't vote, and that's ordinarily true. But not this year. Now they have a reason to vote.

Trump has literally fucked his campaign from the very first day.

Latinos are not you fucking faggot. Niggers are ones that are lazy, not them.

> pro-Hillary Serb

nice proxy you have there CTR shill

100%-46% = 54%

Trump has 54% of Hispanics and Hillary only has 46%

Liberals btfo can't even figure out basic math to realize trump is polling HIGHER than Hillary with Hispanics

Not true, she was only up 6 points. Try again.

Farrrrtttttt!yeah whatever,fag.wetbacks can poll but they cant vote.

1/10 b8.

they gyrate and g-rate on e-lection day.


These are the facts leaf. He is losing badly right now.

Thanks for making me hate latinos. I really had no problem with them before this.

>democracy is no longer a viable option when the demographics of a country has been replaced

No shit Sherlock. Hopefully this will finally make white people wake the fuck up from the fairytale that """"conservative"""" politicians of the likes of Trump and Farage are here to save them.

I've been saying this for ages on brit/pol/ but get SHUT DOWN by UKIP shills.

40% isn't the reason Northern White states like Pennsylvania and Minnesota don't vote republican.

Majku ti jebem pedercino jedna, to nema nikakve veze. Nije vazno dali je to cinjenica ili ne, ovakav post samo sluzi sa demoralizaciju i nije moguce da si zaista Srbin ako podrzavas Klintonku.

Najs proksi

Jedi kurac listu. Ovo nije pro Klinton post, ovo je cinjenica. Jel ti razumes da on ne moze da pobedi samo sa belcima? Jel znas da je Amerika 60% bela?

Trump is actually getting 27% of the spic vote? Rad! Some beans actually care about America.

Pa covece sve to razumem, ali ovakav post nista ne postize.

I meni je drago da vidim kako propada Amerika i da zajebavam Amerikance ali za Srbiju nije to svejedno, Klintonka bi bila katastrofa za nasu drzavu.

Bullshit. You'll all be taking a siesta.

Care mi smo u govnima svakako. Preziveo sam jedno bombardovanje, prezivecu i drugo.

Doesn't matter
Either Trump can win and reverse the demographic destruction of the US, or he can't and we were doomed regardless of the nominee
Spics will destroy this country by voting for welfare and mass immigration either way
It's better to at least try to get someone serious about dealing with it and lose, than to accept some cuck like Rubio as the last Republican president ever

>one candidate wants to hold illegals responsible for their actions
>they other wants to give them more free shit

Gee, I wonder why they like Shillary

Another shill thread? You shills are so retarded...

>Presents poll
>Y-you are shill!

LMAO. Can't wait for November 8th.

How many of them are voters?

>one point difference between Trump and Johnson

Totally fucking fraudulent, this is tragic.

Filthadelphia is why our state is dragged blue. Cut it off and give it to Jew Jersey.

Probably a lot of them. I hope you are aware that Trump activated them, and that they will vote for Hillary just because Trump is on the other side.


Master race hispanic here. Can confirm for not voting for that shitter.

>I am redpilled
>I believe the shit show called politics
>I honestly believe that these people will "save" us and do well for us
>I am redpilled, I unironically believe in the political system

>I am redpilled
>I honestly don't think that it is congress and its lobbying that control this country
>I believe the reps and senators are there for MY best interest.

>I am redpilled
>I honestly believe that Donald Trump is a good leader
>I honestly believe nothing is sketchy even tho HIllary is conniving cunt that would do anything to get the presidency
>Since I am redpilled I believe Donald Trump will be a great president if not a savior.

>I am redpilled
>I tend to believe fairy tales found in scrolls written thousands of years ago
>even tho they do not make sense in the real world, they help my cognitive dissonance so I believe them
>I am redpilled because I believe in these things

>I am redpilled
> I honestly think that warmongering and "race wars" between people are the solution to our problems.
>Our problems are not of our doing, only the fault of those shit skin people.
>Even though the behavior of my own race has been often the equivalent of niggers, up until modern society where wealth was distributed and scarcity didn't cause any suffering for a large part of the population we started to progress
>I am redpilled because I believe my race is much different and superior.

>I am redpilled
>I believe that anyone who disagrees with my outrageous thinking or belief HAS to be a shill paid by those who oppose my movement.
>There is no way a rational thinking person disagrees with me.

> I am redpilled
>I believe in what IQ testing shows, especially when it comes to show that my race is more intelligent than others.
>However when someone who has a much higher IQ than me or the average person, BUT THEY THINK SOMETHING I DISAGREE, then theyre idiots and libtarded blue pilled morons
>If i dont agree then they're wrong


17% of latinos are white

>>However when someone who has a much higher IQ than me or the average person, BUT THEY THINK SOMETHING I DISAGREE, then theyre idiots and libtarded blue pilled morons
which liberal has high iq?

>My IQ is probably much higher than the average person anyway
>it doesn't matter that the entire field of psychometrics has concluded that IQ is successful in some aspects of intelligence, and that the new consensus about Intelligence modalities that seems to show that humans have a wide range of cognitive abilities that are not truly shown through IQ testing alone, so it must be always looked as IQ testing being somewhat correct but not showing the full "picture"
>I am redpilled, I am so much more intelligent but unable to use reasoning skills enough to understand this. It doesn't matter if all those people who have concluded this have IQ higher than me , because they're blue pilled libtards.

>I am redpilled
>I think that Global Warming is a fallacy created by the left to TAKE MONEY FROM MY INDUSTRIES I have nothing to do with.
>I think that even though the American RIght funded by oil companies is the only major group in the world that denies climate change, it can't be that I'm wrong and the rest of the world is right.
>Even if a lot of studies done and physical evidence being clear, I can't agree with libtard scientists who IQ higher than me and have spent their life studying climate, but some evidence is inconclusive so they're wrong.
>I honestly believe renewable sources of energy are stupid.
>i don't think that the oil companies have stolen and bought patents for this technology, not only years but decades ago
>i truly trust them even though they make billions and I benefit little to nothing from it
> I am redpilled

>I am redpilled, I honestly believe that fascism is good
>that even though every fascist leader in history has done awful things
>I truly believe its the only way

>I am redpilled
>I do look for constructive discussion of these issues, not go looking for an echo chamber to fuel my insecurity and narcissism.
>I honestly am a rational person
>I am redpilled.


So in other words, 59% of Mexican's are illegal

Yeah that would've happened with any GOP nominee, even with Jeb! and him trying to suck latino cock

Nah. George W. Bush won like 40% of the Latino votes back in 2004. If it was Rubio or Bush they would have at least 30%+ Latino votes.

Those pollers can be illegal immigrants.


Who gives a shit that Hillary Clinton is one of the main players in why the middle east is so fucked

who cares that she has been caught in countless lies, some treasonous

Who cares that over 50 people (that we know about) have died in mysterious circumstances that somehow favored her and her husband

who cares that she may be in serious ailing health, mental and physical

who cares that she might have been making iterative political favors for campaign donations

who cares that she was kicked off the Watergate case for being unethical

who cares that she got a CHILD RAPIST out of jail time.

Who cares, Trump isn't articulate enough to suit the media, so that is the story somehow

sure thing pedro

youd consider me a libtard probably even though I don't subscribe to politics.
Last night there was a thread to take a raven IQ test that is based on reasoning, logic and pattern recognition.

Did it late at night, and did not put much thought into it, these tests are somewhat accurate for what they measure.

I have taken an irl IQ test when I was into the full IQ meme as a teen, was 143 on the Weschler, dont have proof because old papers but here have something from last night

I technically have a "genius" IQ based on irl, which showed as a musical ability for me as I am a conservatory level musician, which level I reached in just 3 1.2 years.

Before criticise take this into account.

>i am glad to show you a score that isn't very HIGH but high nonetheless, have no insecurity about my intelligence due to rational thinking.

>IQ doesn't mean much anyway, and could never measure my musical ability, just things that are part of it that cause it.

Latino here, voting for Trump. No way I'm voting for some pandering mentally damaged criminal.

Get fucked Serbia, did you forget it was the Clinton family that took Kosovo away for bullshit reasons back in 1999?

iqtest.dk/main.swf here is the link

even though these are not comprehensive, they are accurate at what they measure regardless of medium

Stop all this savage. You don't want these yt cucks to commit suicide, do you? Now that's some white genocide!

But it says registered voters. How can illegals register?

>Bullshit reasons

We started ethnic cleansing you fucking retard. Americans here talk about Kosovo and 1999 but they forget that we are the ones who wanted to commit war crimes.

>Serbia having an opinion on American ethnic demographics

>60% White
>27 million Latinos can vote this election

Romney won 60% of the white vote and still got BTFO'd by Obama. That is a fact burger.

based serbia

Latinos support cartels pimping heroin and whores?

Thank you based Latino

>Spics will destroy this country by voting for welfare and mass immigration

The U.S. government CAN NOT keep spending like that, bean niggers don't understand that the "gibs me dat" party is almost over anyway and them continuing to invade the country is just speeding up the coming collapse.

The U.S. government either controls our boarders or the U.S. dies.

>all 46 points come from illegals who can't vote in the first place