Pol gets BTFO at Olympics

>America is fat and lazy
>Compete at olympics with the rest of the world
>Win most of the medals

The rest of world can't compete with America's dominance. America is the best. Best advice? Don't show up in 2020.

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>hate blacks
>blacks are the only ones winning medals for you country
>talk shit anyway

do you really not understand the difference between the average American and Olympic athletes?
or are you just pretending to be stupid?

Oh I'm sorry what nigger won 20 medals

Get back to bathing in your own shit, Randovar

Another day, another shill failing at basic statistics.

only niggers smoke marijuana

Where do you people even get these names from

there's no difference Colgate


>who is Michael Phelps

If i grew up in a country where i had to outrun bullets to survive everyday, i'd be a pretty fast runner too.

>Be French
>Get Gold in being a speed bump

a degenerate potsmoker who once before got disqualified for use of performance enhancing drugs.

He is doped.

Don't worry you'll have to out run mudslimes soon

america = goku
rest of the world = yamcha

deal with it.

muslimes travel substantially slower than bullets, with the exception that sometimes muslimes are shrapnel themselves.

I'll be okay, dont worry about me. make sure those shoelaces are tight!

>Millionaire athletes having wealth dumped into their bodies buy white coaches thinking they are special
>engaging in a contest of whose body can absorb the most money
>attempting to make a case in support for skin color while attributing success to irrelevant sources of "inspiration"
The Olympics have become a total charade

says 60% white


For bullets, I'll wear a vest.

Hope you find something to protect your asshole!

>what is the population of the US?
>how many medals per person does that break down to?
>what is the population of Australia?
>how many medals per person does that break down to?

"American gold medals are worth their weight in negro sweat"

or however the saying goes

One medal in rugby? Isn't that the sport you invented?

>America is best
>almost all athletes are blacks

kek nice doublethink there Sup Forums

to bad school shootings are not a Olympic sport americunt. you would dominate.

oh fuck

I don't have to put lotion on my skin daily, or else I'll "ash up"

Nigga black cracks more than anything else. Wtf is this shit?

White people even have non greasy beautiful to touch hair.

Niggers suck on all level bro.

>black americans aren't americans

Gee you sure are fucking stupid rest of the world.

Too bad being an inbred sloppy second british fucktard isn't the requirement to compete

>Counts the number of Icelandic Medals on one hand

>niggers are quintessentially American


>Isn't that the sport you invented?

Yes, only a failure country would fuck up winning at the sport they invented.

Even we win most of the hockey and curling medals, and we're A FUCKING LEAF. You should be ashamed of yourselves you kangaroo fuckers.

awww america, that hurts. but for a country that have 324 million citizens and counting ( not counting the illegal joses and achmed's) your pretty shit for shitting over a country that has 330 thousand citizens.

People only want to come to a great country, nobody tries to immigrate even legally to your fiery shithole.

How do those numbers work out for China?

You cunts call out other countries for doing drugs when you probably do them yourselves.

who gives a shit? I just had to knock the OP off his high horse, I don't have to promote China.

Hey there leaf. Guess who has more silver medals than you? That's right! North Korea.


refer to my original post, replace "the US" with canada, continue eating a dick

> Michael Phelps
> Nigger

Pick one and only one.

>equestrian events

Another sport you have only one medal in.

Dude who gives a shit he has like 22 medals. He's a freak of nature.

not an argument

how on earth does that have anything to do with the winning rate at the olympics?
man i knew your school system was shit were as you would spend more time dodging bullets while reciting the national anthem then actual learning.
now! for a country that has 324 million citizens, your winning rate is pretty shit. do you understand what i am saying or is this all in vain?



Presidents aren't kings you retard.

High population doesn't correlate with winning, or else India, China, Bangladesh and Indonesia and shit would be at the top. Use small sheep head eating brain.

Not an argument

You brought up the point about immigration (how does that have anything to do with the winning rate at the olympics?)
also 37/324000000 or 0/323000 is still 0. Dumbass
Maybe you should stop talking about our education and start worrying about your country not knowing how to get shit done..

>you have 4.5% of the world's population but you only have 13% of the golds!! you're shit!!!!!

You're completely right, winning absolutely fucking nothing is way better.

Hitler pointed out the hypocrisy years ago. You are a little late for that m8.

says 100% irrelevant and cultureless

Top kek

Niggers got you those metals, not america

Which country is Vegeta?

>outrun bullets

I knew Euros were lacking in the gun knowledge department but this is ridiculous

Yeah, Hitler just didn't understand that hate for blacks doesn't change the fact they can run and jump.

I also dislike beaners but Mexican food is pretty good.

>mfw the white athletes mostly got over looked because of affirmative action

>performance enhancing drugs

First Hitler post

Most of our medals are from swimming. Ain't no blacks winning gold in that kek

...or running from the cops.

What self-respecting red-pilled man watches the Olympics? Panem et circenses and lining the pockets of a select few.

True, look at the butthurt comments of amerifats

Ok, it's niggers+phelps winning your medals


I'm sorry, must suck to have shitskin that aren't good at anything but raping you kek.

Your country is a shit stain on earth..

So long as you don't join a gang or off yourself, you have a 99.9999993% chance of not being shot in a given year. But yeah America is totally a warzone and you have to dodge bullets and step over bodies on your way to work.

Muslims aren't winning medals for you.

At least we still have a country.

Only silver? Poor bastards are going to get executed.

>get absolutely fucked up in the Olympics
>b-better call them niggers!!

You're fucking gross Canada.

Honestly who would fuck this?

I know, I can't believe any of these eurotrash cuckolds are talking bad about American niggers when their shit skins do nothing but rape their women (its not even rape, they just say that to save face) and beat them up. At least ours actually can bring pride to our nation through winning gold.

England or Australia.
Space anglo bro's, they hate us on the surface but if America hits the deck you can guess who's comeing to tag in.

She's sexy as fuck desu senpai



Mostly white women.

As a nigger I'm both flattered and offended.

Then who's piccolo.

Let me guess, you want some qt redneck nigger with a big ass as a gf?

Sick fuck.

>Asians are weak, low-test manlets
>Compete at olympics with the rest of the world
>Dominate weightlifting

Asians are the strongest humans in the world. Asians have the highest testosterone. Best advice? Get full sex change by 2020

>Sup Forums logic

>be leaf
>have literally 0 gold, rank 41
I stopped caring about olympics when it stopped being about sports only, but at least we got some gold medals. Canada ffs, that's embarrassing

No gold medals, but we are back-to-back World War champs.

How'd you do in those events, Hans?

>be short
>easier to lift at designated weight limits

Where do you think cheap steroids are made?


I thought the "fat American" thing was just a dumb internet meme.

Do Europoors actually not know that they're fatter if you exclude niggers/spics from that average? And that we benefit from this because it means niggers/spics die off at greater rates from heart disease?

Holy fuckin WEW...

>Why midgets, dwarves, and hobbits dominate the sport

>Who is Simone Manuel

Ameriburgers everyone


How can you recover?

>technically not even a country in ww1
>implying relevant at any war

The UK.

Go beat off to your geothermal power faggot