France did it again, we banned dirty mudslim rags on beaches

Has your country opressed the religion of peace recently ? Just declare a State of Emergency like France did and ask the EU Parliament a derogation from the Human Rights Declaration and you will be all fine...

Bonus :

Do you smell that smell ? That smelly smell that smells smelly...

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Damn, I'm impressed you guys are actually trying to repeal your cuckoldry and take back what was once yours. Sweden should take notes.

Rule no 1 for visitors from abroad,

Never anger a Frenchman


good job baguettes

Well done France.

its ugly as fuck anyway

Beautiful. The uncuckening of france begins. I hope they can finally become a glorious white majority country again one day.

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It should be noted that anti-muslim legislation in France has its sole justification in women's rights. They oppose burkas and segregated shops, cause feminism
..Between the devil and the deep blue sea..

>not objectively superior Peridot

I guess the Nice incident finally woke you guys up and realized this fuckery has to end once and for all. Hopefully other countries follow suit.


>The uncuckening of france begins.
Not likely.

>tfw Amathyst hits a bunch of my odd fetishes
Well fuck me.

Well done frogs! I'm proud of you.

And I'm even more sickened by own cucked country...

Guess the French have had enough after terrorist attack #5000.
Let's just hope the rest of Europe wakes up alongside them, at least before Mama Merkel can mobilize the troops.

>"We are not talking about banning the wearing of religious symbols on the beach ... but ostentatious clothing which refers to an allegiance to terrorist movements which are at war with us," he said.

Next step is banning what's underneath the burkini

>he doesn't know about France
It's really all about racism and about how it will settle in now, just wait...
Latest poll showed French are suspiscious about Islam and strongly support military

70% think there is too much muslims in France
74 % think Islam is not a tolerant religion and uncompatible with France
88% support army and police
only 13% support the current gouvernment

in with you user, I wanna fuck Peridot so bad

>Meanwhile they are leaving German moms in here topless in family beaches

REEEEEEEEEEEEE, Because of these LIBERITARDS I'm not getting a boner anymore, and boobs don't excite me anymore, I'm becoming a faggot !!


There is no Charles Martel this time around.

Are you saying another Blood Reign is coming? Your government needs a good purging along with the immigrants.

We don't need a Charles Martel, we need a Robespierre and a new Terror, like said, but it is very unlikely that our current gouvernment will do it

However... we have a nationalist qt

and she already asked us to join military

>first video
>woman is trying to speak English to the French police

Why are mudslimes so retarded?

I'm more interested in what happened to her ankle desu

I don't care 'why' it's done as long as it's done

Great you punish the mussl7ms not doing any terror acts. Great job france. Bext thing should be inprisening of teenagers and obduction of children.

How about summery executions?


>relying on a woman to do anything besides be hot and bring in more men
Then when France in overrun, she'll capitulate and hop on Abdul's cock while you'll be dead.

You guys need a proper leader, not eye candy.

i love this woman

Don't let my dumb country men get to you. Most people who know anything about western civilization knows that France is one of the pillars of western culture. I pray everyday that French nationalist take back Paris.

>German complaining about islamophobia
All is well on Sup Forums.

I strongly believe that France will be the kick off country.
Godspeed you magnificent baguettes.
I wish you the very best.

tbqh pretty good senpai


If they wanted to come to the western world in the first place, they should of integrated and left that archaic oppressive shit behind.

If they don't cooperate, they can piss off back to where they came from.

If I went to a beach in Dubai in a pair of dick togs, they'd chop me head off.

Isn't there a possibility the French Army could stage a coup?

Shes like a really pretty and smarter Frauke.
Fuck Frauke. stupid cunt.



"You refer to the rights and freedom of the terrorists, we say that enemies of France shall have none"

>ask the EU Parliament a derogation from the Human Rights Declaration

What? Sauce?


I have no problem if they want to believe in Islam, but they can practice it in a church, or at home. NOT IN THE STREETS, NOT AT THE BEACH, NOT UNDER BLANKET CLOTHING.

>restricting freedom of religion
>telling women what they're wearing isn't slutty enough
>a good thing

Lol, France. You never learn.

post moar of her

unlikely, but...

the inteligence service warned the government about nationalist and identitarian uprising following a terrorist attack and said that police and army might join them

we wait of Sarajevo

How does the court system work in France? Can this be overturned by a higher level of government?


Yes. Some general say the army pledged allegiance to France, not to a government.


If he's the answer, more of you frogs need to post about him. All I see are posts about Le Pen because muh dick.

Nice France (no pun intended). Next lift the ban on names and photos when there is a religion of peace happening. Putting a muzzle on the press is such a muzzi thing to do

Unfortunately Conseil d'Etat will probably cancel this decision.

Legally it's really hard to justify the ban of burkini when pic related is completely ok.

I wish I could join a European military coup. God I wish I was born and lived in a European country. While you guys are fixing your problems, I'm here being preached about white privilege, and being told that whites have no real culture.

When western eruope finally swings back to the right, I really hope you guys will still allow immigration form other western nations.

Rhe point is musslims not having done any thing get punishd.

Who gives a fuck? Their culture doesn't mesh with ours. Period.

You could always not be such a fucking faggot and unfuck your own country

If they wish to keep wearing their ridiculous swimwear, they can re-locate to a different beach.
No one's being punished.

it's an executive decision, a préfet (regional authority) might oppose or any higher executive authority

however this ban happened in the same region than Nice...

But if only you knew about all the laws already voted at the Parliament following the event in Nice

Now we wait to go from l'État d'Urgence to l'État de Siège where the judiciary system is handled by army (military arrest and military trial for people suspected of terrorism)
fun fact : it already happened in the 60s

>Naked foots
>no ninja mask
I don't see the point.

I have a folder dedicated to Marion

> take freedoms away
>feel safe

idiots. This will trigger the muslims who were not radicalized yet even more.

A Burka was never used to commit any act of terror neither was a burkini.

Being afraid of pieces of fabric and banning them instead teaching muslims western values and integrating them is the wrong way for sure.

I warned you

Not in France. The government is harshly secular and doesn't have much patience for "muh culture"fags.


Law order and hertage.

Thats some medivel sun king shit. They got no bread? Let them eat cacke.

Bad sign if inocents get punished just to satisfy the retardet masses.

It's to far gone mate. Blacks dominate (((Pop Culture))) and most American whites do not want a race war. There is a since of nationalism growing in Europe, not America.


>muslims are dindus

Huh, nice.

but do you have this rare Marion loli ?



All religious imagery in France is shunned, retard.

Nobody wants them to integrate. Everybody wants them gone completely.

>fun fact : it already happened in the 60s
When all those Algerians were killed?


>don't upset the moderate muslims or they'll blow you up

great stuff hans

yeah, keep your spirit m8. There are some refugee camps here, why don't you go and help the muslims in there if you love them so much.

resistance fighters would be turning in their graves if they saw this shit

She even had the concern face back then

There are literally more bad ones than good ones. We aren't going to let a splinter fester just because a few mudslimes won't drop their ignorant shit and get the fuck outta the way.

America so advanced in some ways, so backwards in others.

Keep playing catch up kids.

Y-you guys are weird! Stop posting this stuff dude? I mean it!! you better not keep posting this stuff!!!



>integrating them
So what you are telling me is that you still believe in the Merkel-Method? Still?! Really!!??!!

So you know all muslims?

Some Americans are gun nuts and shoot up schools -> every American is like this.

Every muslim I speak to tells me that what ISIS does is in fact NOT islamic and that they hate them. Why should they be punished?

She's 26yo

This is fascism. It's fascism thay suits us but it's fascism. Women arnt allowed to cover up and look stupid on a beech? Ridiculous.

France is compromising it's legitimacy by making stupid laws like this but capitalism is the real philosophy in France. They shouldn't have let Muslim retards into Europe in the first place.

No one is going to heed the words from a country that has no future.

>There is a since of nationalism growing in Europe, not America.
But that's wrong

Classic Akmed, I don't understand the rest of your post but if moonworshipping saracens want to wear the clothes of the desertroach, they should go to the lands of the desertroach and worship the moon under sharia laws. That or summary execution, you know how atheists and christians are treated in the land of the saracens

he's a meme for now, 4th or 5th in line in the right party

>he think the French can loose in violence escalation
listen Kraut, we can loose wars, but even you know that we (and I mean the French people, not some senile or leftist politicians) don't like to loose our pride

pic related, mudslims who think they could scare French soldiers by mutilating their corpses getting theirs mutilated too haram style (they were later burried in pig skin)

And she's already been through a divorce


You're retarded if you think Muslims can integrate without being beaten into submission first.

Pipe down you pussy, are we not stocked full of guns? Just use them then. Let user return to the motherland where he will shed much blood :^)


If shillary gets in, You'll be going Communist I reckon, probably 10x worse than what Bernie could possibly have done.

And everyone else will start going Nationalist, I know we have, 4 ultra-nationalists in our senate ought to stir shit up.

You are invaded by niggers and muds by well over a third of the population in France, doing shit like this is nothing, you HAVE TO MASS DEPORT muds and niggers and you HAVE TO EXPELL the jews that did this and you HAVE TO EXECUTE the traitors that went along with it, you are done otherwise.

Yes. All Muslims. It is not a religion, it is a death cult. Take the red pill Fritz, it will open your eyes