Brit/pol/ -SPORT ARE TROOPS Edition

>Alexis Jay named as new chairwoman of abuse inquiry

>GMB Union defies Chairman Corbyn

>UTTER MADMAN gets pissed and tries to break into Buckingham Palace

>Retail spending up by most in six months as post-Brexit economy continues to grow stronger, still planning on moving to Canada?

>Heatwave lasting TWO WEEKS to hit parts of Britain with scorching 30C temperatures

>Five new Labour Party members have won a High Court battle over their legal right to vote in leadership election

>Treasury and City reach consensus, Norway option is still cuckoldry

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I bet she got passed around on tour. The heart represents the size of her anus after.

Update the news.
>London schoolgirl who travelled to Syria to join IS 'feared dead'
This is BBC speak for "terrorist killed - family blame everything but themselves"

And probably the shape as well

dead or a sex slave. That's what usually happens to women who "join" ISIS

Oh you guys

I'll say to them what Are Nige said to Cleggers

>Nigel boasted about his NF initials and sang ‘gas them all’


>Russian air strike kills terrorist before she can return to UK
Thanks lads.

>passed around on tour.
Maybe she wasn't down with it.
LibDems are pretty much dead

i need cute military girls

independent can't understand bants


looks like stefanie joosten

why is finland making the thread

because it is

because flipbro has disappeared

what does she do now? Model costumes?

Greatest ally


She's always been a model. That's why Kojima picked her.

leave EU and form alliance with Norway, Iceland and UK

>leave EU
this has to be done with a return to Suomen markka
>form alliance
Too much non-whites
good idea
>and UK
too much non-whites at the moment too

WHy won't yougov do a poll on whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing

>too much non-whites

this coming from Finland?

It'd break the narrative

Why are Freddo Frogs so expensive now?


Finland is 98,5% White

In recent times frogs have become endangered, Thus they are more expensive.

Are there any Sup Forums related jobs suitable for non-politics graduates? I could see myself actually enjoying politics, so it seems preferable to whoring myself out to the corporate jew.

Rare Freddos pls do not steal.

Drawfags, can we get a Pepe holding a Freddo which is actually a Pepe?

I'd say civil service but immediately you've horribly failed your diversity and inclusivity training past the point I think they'd just put you on a course.


post finnish people

i have this

Britexit, everything bad that happens is due to britexit. Everything good, is due to immigrants.
It was in the guardian, so it must be true.

Chocolate as a whole has become a scam.

Mars bars are now only slightly larger than fun size ones when they first came out.

They have shrunk every chocolate bar surreptitiously and even reduced how many you get in packs from four to three.

At the same time, they have increased the price of everything.

So we now pay more than double for most chocolate and it has been such a gradual process that most people don't notice.

Unsure if this has been posted yet.

>The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Invoke Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty immediately.".

>Government responded:

>"The British people have voted to leave the EU and their will must be respected and delivered. We should not trigger Article 50 until we have a UK approach and objectives.

>"The British people have voted to leave the EU and their will must be respected and delivered. The process for leaving the EU and determining our future relationship will be a complex one, so we need to take time to think through our objectives and approach. We want to ensure the best possible outcome for Britain and the future UK-EU relationship. As part of this, the government will of course work closely with the devolved administrations to ensure we get the best deal for the UK as a whole. We should not trigger Article 50 until we have a UK approach and objectives, so Article 50 should not be invoked before the end of this year.

>"Department for Exiting the European Union".

When the Italian banks crash and so does Deutschebank, we're going to get most of the blame (despite these problems being critical before Brexit). Cuck.

you guys got screwed, we still get regular and amerifat-sized bars here


I think we have noticed but there's not much anyone can do about it except stop buying them - which they won't

people who are calling for article 50 to be invoked immediately need to see how stupid they're being. Without a plan, the EU would have all the cards and would absolutely humiliate us. Why do you think they're ALL asking us to invoke it immediately?

Taking time to develop a coherent plan will give us a huge advantage, as will determining when to trigger article 50. It's one of our best cards. No sense in folding now.

might move to japan to find her lads.

I still buy kinder eggs and buenos. too tasty

give me your rare Steph's please.

>people who are calling for article 50 to be invoked immediately need to see how stupid they're being

I signed it purely to get a firm commitment that it WOULD actually be invoked. Now I have that, I'm happy enough.

So what's the verdict?

I agree it shouldn't be rushed. The Leave campaign was heavily criticised for not having enough of a handle of what will happen if we voted to leave.

The department for exiting the european union looks promising. I trust that Teresa May will invoke it early in the new year.

no such thing, leaf.

Crich is one weird-ass village

That petition and those voices are actually pretty smart, even if the people owning the voices aren't so much. Having a large chunk of people pressuring the UK to invoke it ASAP keeps the government alert to the fact that people aren't pissing around. Invoking it right now won't be great, but the pressure is good.

How many fucking trams and wires do you need.

This year has been crazy
>Britain votes to leave the EU
>Boris Johnson becomes Foreign Secretary
>Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof has a water fight in boats on the Thames
>Donald Trump is the republican party nominee for POTUS

And we're only 7 and a bit months in lads


Our government has already said "it will be invoked".

At this point they know if they go back on their word or try to weasel out of it there'll be huge civil unrest.

Not only that it'd leave huge political gaps that opposing politicians could use to fuck the current politicians.

If they were gonna weasel out of it they'd've been less affirmative from the start and gave far less information. Not to mention the current cabinet and the brexit secretary.

It will happen, lad, if it doesn't current government will more or less be doing
>pic related.

if i touch those wires, would i die?

think of how many pigeons would die from that

Oh boy...

>Built on the ideas of the enslaved

Weren't we one of the first nations to abolish slavery? Fucking muzzies.

Literally the first thing to come to my mind was "PURGE".

I swear you fuckers are effecting the way i think.

Point granted lads. They're stupid if they mean it, but you're right about the pressure.

The dehumanisation of people of colour is no new phenomenon. In the UK it it is ever prevalent in our school, university and general education at every turning point. Darwinian theory bred the scientific racism leading to the eugenics movement, giving legitimacy to the enslavement and dehumanisation of Africans. Despite being part of our GCSE curriculum, we are rarely taught the roots and mindset of Darwin's theories.
More from IBTimes

Jeremy Corbyn has a messiah complex and Labour has become a cult
RMT union's bully-boy tactics leave commuters in perpetual strike misery
Does this little girl deserve to be bullied?

We can still see these ideas perpetuated throughout the UK today. It often leads to many black children in schools being channelled into sports education because of an ingrained belief that they are mentally inferior and physically more suited to manual labour or sport. Thus the idea that black people are only good as sportsmen/women and entertainers is born. Just to clarify, this is racist.

Oy vey! It's whitey's fault that blacks do well in sports!

I fucking hate these things.
They have those wires all over Vancouver for outdated busses that have almost completely been replaced and serve only to ruin the city sky.

>From before Roman times, slavery was normal in Britannia, with slaves being routinely exported. Slavery continued as an accepted part of society under the Roman Empire and after; Anglo-Saxons continued the slave system, sometimes in league with Norse traders often selling slaves to the Irish


I like them.
Massive skyscrapers which totally block the sky, that's what you ought to hate.

Very few. Pigeons rest on only one cable for the most part so they're never grounded and electricity isn't going to detour through their body for no good reason.

>sorry to be all twattish and burst your bubble mate


Cadbury's got bought by an American company that ruined the recipes and shrunk the sizes. I haven't bought Cadburys in ages.

Christ the Independent is shite, that entire story is taken from here

Written hours ago by some nameless school friend of Nigel, bet they made it all up

Cadbury's is coming out with all sorts of weird shit now. Their only decent creation in has been mixing their chocolate bars with Dime nuggets.

Wish they would bring back Astro's tbqh

>niggies not realising that niggies are 2.7 times more likely to get away with a crime with just a caution
>( - fig 4.14)

>niggies not realising that a niggie is less likely to be prosecuted for a crime than a white person
>( - fig 5.05)

>niggies not realising that a niggie is more likely to be acquitted than a white person
>( - fig 5.08)

>niggies not realising that niggies have more confidence in our judicial system than white people
>( - fig 3.02)

aww. What about them flying into it?

Irrelevant now anyway. Nige has accomplished what he set out to do. Now the future is what we make it

He could have saved you

>As the son of an immigrant family, your frequent cry of “Send em home” and mention of the name Oswald Mosley didn’t mean much to me either until much later when I learnt of the British Fascists.

>But I do remember you singing the song starting with the words “gas them all, gas ‘em all, gas them all”. I can’t forget the words. I can’t bring myself to write the rest of it for it is more vile that anything the teachers at Dulwich would ever have been aware of.

>But let me indulge you in a story. On a recent trip to Berlin, I found myself in a wonderful park in Spandau on the banks of the Havel. It was a windy day and a chap next to me was meticulously laying out some papers on a bench. But then a gust of wind sent them a few metres, happily straight into my hands.

>He was incredibly grateful and strangely offered me some orange juice and a banana. I felt a little embarrassed.

>And then I realised the papers on the bench were in fact asylum papers and the orange juice and banana in a park in Berlin meant more to him than I could ever imagine.

Nah lad. They have to be touching a live wire and a grounding piece at the same time. If they flew into a wire mounting bracket on a pole then maybe, if they hit the live wire and the pole at the same time.

don't ruin my dreams, man. I hate pigeons so much. They ruin any bridge in cities.

Just think of the glorious uses of this knowledge though. You can safely hang by your hands from a single pylon mounted power cable and be safe, while shouting "look mummy!". Don't touch other wires though.

It's fake. It was made up by leftist teachers at Dulwich College in a futile attempt to besmirch him.

>tfw we probably wont get the empire back
Realistically, what are the odds of us getting some of the old empire back, or to unionise/federalise with some of the old commonwealth states?

Is it possible at all?

that reminds me of those old safety videos of kids climbing on transformers and exploding. we need more stuff like that
One of three schoolgirls who left east London last year to join so-called Islamic State (IS) is believed to have been killed in a Russian air strike in Syria, her family solicitor has said.

Kadiza Sultana was 16 when she left Bethnal Green along with two friends.

Her family's lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee, told BBC Newsnight they heard a report of her death in Raqqa a few weeks ago.

But he said they had not been able to independently confirm it because of the nature of information from Syria.

Mr Akunjee said the teenager had grown disillusioned and wanted to leave IS and return to the UK - but had decided not to risk being captured and facing a "brutal" punishment from the terror group.

He told the programme the family were "devastated" and that it was a "great loss to us all".



0%. Britain won't even exist by 2100.

>grown disillusioned

>"great loss to us all".

Good sir, you deserve a thump upside your bonce.

I'm in court today lads.

Wish me luck.

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. Arrest the family for communicating with terrorists.

Do an Israel and bulldoze her families house for good measure.

She was an enemy of the state and I am not surprised the BBC want to portray her as a victim.

What you done boyyo?

Good luck Mohammed.
Just tell them you didn't know it was illegal here.

Fuck all. Gotta sit on a jury and convict some paki probably.

>We would like to emphasise that we are not angry with you and you have not done anything wrong.
What a shock, they don't consider joining ISIS to be doing anything wrong.

Oohhh nice! Remember, he's always guilty. Good luck chap.


If he's not White British, then send him down.

>being a filthy normie



My father told me the same thing.

I'm glad I'm too socially retarded to sit on a jury.

It's not that bad. All the jury are white here.

It's easy mate, all you have to do is shout "OBJECTION!" every 4 or 5 minutes.

Seriously lads, where is our GCHQ in the meme world? Do they even meme? What would their positioning be considering they need to balance so many plates?

>exempt from jury service

Feels good man

they're rare

>Royal Mail handling fee is £8

i have got to stop importing jap shit

they create them

Also retarded?