TFW you have to pay for this shit

TFW you have to pay for this shit.

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What is that

Is it true that they will sit outside your house and interfere your privacy by checking whether or not you own a device that could potentially receive any of their TV programs?

I was going to ridicule you for not canceling your satellite/cable subscription in the current year, but then I saw your flag.

Pathetic fucking britcuck.

>watching telly
>paying the license fee

Go on, let's hear your excuses mate

I've been to jail for 6 weeks for recieving a TV signal without a licence, not even joking. They have ways to track you down.


Do you spend so much time on Sup Forums that you forget where memes end and reality starts?

Please be fake.


>Calling someone else a cuck

Top kek

Britcucks pay both, though.

It's not like they dropped taxes on income and replaced it with an optional TV licensing fee.

I think I saw some of this, says the U.S. is islamaphobic but only shows interviews of lefty Brits saying we're racists and sharia zones in Britain. Fucking top notch reporting BBC your tax dollars have not gone to waste britfriend.


I don't mind Muslims, to be honest. Better than gays, Californians, and niggers (nicer/more similar looking too, but Constitution goes first, kid.)
>inb4 accusations of me being a Jew, Arab, or any sand person

Even if I did, I rarely watch TV.

I hope you are kidding man.

nah, we have a political party that keeps public funded broadcasting in check.

They are the most neutral, bland reporting around. Apart from Frontline, which gets its gravitas from the voiceover alone.

If they started spewing shit, they would lose funding. So they do children's educational shit so parents can leave them in front of the TV. Take that away and you piss off a lot of housewives.

BritcUKs are the most indoctrinated people on the planet. It seems like British education system and media subverts them far worse than ours. Makes sense, considering you're all on a small island.

Does BBC stand for Big Black Cock?

Yikes, that's scary. I cannot imagine living in such a place. You did commit a crime, but that is too harsh.

It was only 6 weeks. He deserved longer.

>Why do Americans hate Muslims? what have Muslims ever done, they are poor victims

It's like everyone forgot 9/11 & the Orlando shooting, 2 biggest terror attacks ever & Muslims are only 1% of the population

everything I need to know about islam, I learned on September 11th, 2001

it's so racist for you to even remember that

>they do children's educational shit so parents can leave them in front of the TV.

You realize that's a trap right? You know what they show after all the kiddie shows? Leftist progranda shit like Democracy Now so that kids who keep watching will become indoctrinated.

Americans don't hate muslims as much as the scots hate the english

I never knew the CIA was muslim thanks for the clarification new zealand

it obviously is. The only way to get prison if get cuaght( which is next to impossible without admitting it) and dont pay the fine(wich can happen with any tax avoidence)

oh yeah, little kids really soak this shit in. Here's todays.

Let's see how long you, an adult, give a shit to keep watching

I saw one the other day called 'racist britain'. I didn't waste my time getting annoyed by watching it. I remember another time when I went onto the movies section and began flicking through, within the first 3 or so pages I saw 3 films, in some way or another, focused on white racism and racial victimhood, not to mention all the other victimhood groups.

So your country is a caliphate as well as 1984?

>Have to

Nobody's forcing you to watch tv.

public broadcaster, you dimwit

They say islamophobia as if it's supposed to be bad

If you don't watch the BBC you don't have to pay the license fee

I suppose they wouldn't have to invest so much into the fear campaign if they could actually enforce it well.

Actually, you do. If you watch live TV at all you have to pay it.

Jesus fuck... I looked it up and yeah, it's actually a criminal offense in the UK. That's un-fucking-believable.

And this whole time I thought Australia was supposed to be the island turned prison colony.

>driving on holiday with family
>watching tv on laptop in back seat of car
>police pull over car
>ask for license and registration
>don't have tv license
>police confiscate laptop and donate it to local mosque

>BritcUKs are the most indoctrinated people on the planet

Remind me why you have your rooty tooty point and shooties. Is it for the racewar that niggers declared when they started gunning down police in the street and demanding whites be executed or is it for the tyrannical government like Shillary openly murdering people who go against her, openly rigging the election and openly conducting false flags to take away said rooty tooties which seems like a failed exercise anyway because you're all evidently too shit scared to actually do anything with them :^)

I'm just joking America. I know you're too fat to be of any use during a race war except as a human shield.