if your cunt has been /COLONISED/, post ITT

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F*nns are subhuman

i like f*nland


I also like Finland

nynorsk is an abomination tbqh.

>tfw colonised by danes, dutch, romans and frenchmen

Many barbarians have penetrated our virgin borders deep into our villages

reply to this if your cunt has NEVER been colonised

Dont be so sure Sven, it might be happening all the time.

Well, we should define what colonisation is. Russia was a vassal state (in reality, many knyazdom-states) of Golden Horde, but was self-governed and just paid tributes to Mongol khans.

A lot more than that.

>sweden gets colonised by thirdworlders
>finland gets colonised by Swedes again

we got colonized by Turks

I was counting that your gonna run to Norway

We were colonized by the whole fucking world.

>when you get COLONIZED, BLACKED, RICED and BEANED at the same time

don't forget GABAGOOLD

>we could have been the coolest superpower and sluts would have dressed up in our flag, but you just gave us independence like a bunch of total fags
literally why?

This must be the reason native americans are such severe alcoholics with very high suicide rates

er du ham som tegner amerikǿtere?

Bruh, take a trip to eastern Finland. We're getting RUSSIAN'D.

The only thing that offends me about this image is the Sup Forums emblem

ja, her er en ufærdig én

Revenge when?

Weak should fear the strong, hohol faggot

How bad is it? t. haven't spent time there

>finland gets colonised by Swedes again

Hahaa no. You won't come here and you wouldn't last here.

When are you leaving Finland Iivana?

When F*nland belongs to Russia again. Until then, Finland needs a big Russian minority.

at least russians are white

>at least russians are white

>You won't come here and you wouldn't last here.
oh shut the fuck up, Finland is the exact same as Sweden

And how will you do that? No one in Russia is advocating emigration to Finland and it's near to impossible for a R*ssian to live in Finland unless he's a rich oligarch who comes here to spend summers in his summercabin which he bought on the beaches of some eastern finnish lake.

From ancient time, chronologically

>Gallics from Northern Ireland push into Scotland, and force the natives up into the highlands
>Years later, the Highland clearances and Irish plantations result in the displaced Scots taking the Irish's place
Like pottery

If the western border starts to leak and you guys start to migrate here, I'm gonna be openly racist and harass you, and I know many other people will do the same.

Swedes are our brotherfolk. We will take them to live in our barns if necessary.

lmao I'm half fenno-swede myself, but what you are talking is pure shit. We dont want their SJW LGBTQ feminist bullshit here. Swedes are weak and crazy and I dont want that same cancer here.

I'd make damn sure pakkoruotsi lived another 100 years

You do nothing, you swedes are weak and feminine and I'm gonna kick you out of this country if you enter.

I'm gonna go full Swede and start enforcing my rules on you as soon as I get there boyo. The place will be Åland 2.0 real soon

>you swedes are weak and feminine
you couldnt tell the difference between a swede and finn if you so tried

>Åland 2.0

HAHAHAHAHA You really dont know anything about the position of swedish language or fennoswedes here.

once lol

Not maby by the looks, but how people act. The stereotype of violent knife fighting drunks is not just a myth.

Nigga nobody is scared of Finns or think they are dangerous, we're used to seeing third-world lunatics running around with weapons far more dangerous than a shitty Puukko. You're a joke

Funny thing about Åland. They voted 61% for our guy Niinistö and only 15% for the Marxist nation destroyer "Moscow Nils" Torvalds.

This tbqh, why would I be scared of my finnish alcoholist uncle when ahmed is running around in centrum with a machete in hand?

I lost the genetic ethnic lottery of life. I wish I and (((the worst cult group))) was never conceived/born.
t. (((worst cult group member)))

Well keep telling that to yourself, if you ever come to here you will face the truth. I've been kicking ur arses many times in the ferry ships. Swedish men are crying pussies.

> I've been kicking ur arses many times in the ferry ships
state of your life

>I've been kicking ur arses many times in the ferry ships.

Embarrassing lies, stop


Reporting in.

> I've been kicking ur arses many times in the ferry ships. Swedish men are crying pussies.

god I love this board

no not really
even romans and frenchmen is overdoing it

Hahahha. Yeah, I like going in them, drink and have fun, call me wt or whatever. It's not like im searching for a fight, but you svenssons act like annoying little bitches when you take couple shots of absolut vodka.


I would have believed you if you weren't saying this online.

>I've been kicking ur arses many times in the ferry ships
HOLY SHIT Finns are so fucking cute, it's adorable

You sound like a homopeter

Swedes colonised us :(

why the Swedes used to colonize all the lands where they were?

We with the Finns are victims of Swedish imperialism

Whatever helps you sleep at night boy



We literally made your country.

Rurik was Finnish

Both of you shut the fuck up please so we can avoid another thread of autism

Limey bastards still refuse to leave.

>unironically believing this


Fucking Austrians and Ser*s.

It would be better if you did something more useful.


I could never tell if posts like these were ironic or actually serious. Any Finn care to enlighten me? Is this guy actually this autistic? Is it even possible?

I am sorry you guys had to see this.


Haha sems like swedish pride is about what they were or did hundreds of years ago. We wuz vikingz and shieet. Well, from those times it has been slowly downgrading all the time.

He's Finland-Swedish, they have brain problems.

People here tend to be autistic enough to fall for the memes if they are about Finns being great. Like mongols meme, Finns fighting for Swedish empire etc.

Mock them for being autistic

What do you mean?

Jesus Christ the autism in Sweden-Finland threads is just otherworldly. No other threads on Sup Forums comes close

I know, it's great.

Its a different poster, I didnt claim that Rurik was finnish you tard

Everybody in Russia knows that Rurik was the son of a Finnish king. It was even taught in schools until Finland became grand duchy, then they stopped teaching it. Also Catherine the Great knew it, being a relative herself.


Stop embarrassing us with your autism, Finland was irrelevant shithole swamp before Swedes came in and we're still a shithole without meaningful achievements.

Fucking kill yourself

I fucking love this board. Love how the "KANGS of binland" unironically has Vänämöinen in it

Yes everyone knows Kang is not Finland-Swede but you are the half Finland-Swede who goes around beating up Swedes arses on ferry cruises because your maternal grandparents want nothing to do with you because you're half Finn.

My country was created by vikangz colonists. Is it counted?

Is Finland even real?

One day the KANG will return

Typical low esteem finnish person. I dont believe on that ancient kings bullshit, but there was stuff happening here before the swedes came, stop asslicking them.

You have my sword, M'lord Kang.

There would be no Sweden without us Finns.


Yes we hit two rocks together and gave reindeers blowjobs before Swedes came in and lapplanders still suck reindeer dick. We were savages and still somewhat are.

>We're getting RUSSIAN'D.

At least Finns are legitimate successors of the Roman Empire.

>tfw you might be related to one of these guys


>another meme image