voulgar riders edition

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good day everyone except for bulgarians, serbs, macedonians, slovenians, romanians, greeks and croatians

That's exactly what I'm saying but with the assumption that a brute force can actually break the system as a worst-case scenario.

The hashing algorith is measured only by the lack of collisions and to a lesser extent the complexity of the algo. That's it, you can't reverse a hash famalam

The main convention in cryptography is:
The enemy has all the resources and know everything EXCEPT the key, think about that.

Senpai i missread your post. But in any case you can't find the opposite of a hash func because it's not bijective

>start browsing /lit/
>its great
What comfy boards are you using faggots

i wanna fuck this grimm!

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ayyyy catholic easter is this sunday and we get monday free from uni
and since I'm a lazy asshole I'll also take orthodox easter off and stay home

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/his/ is sometimes comfy
having Sup Forumstards getting so utterly btfo is a special kind of nice
god bless you luigi

say a prayer for me, at least annon

tell me books you like

reminder that in the new census (2020) macedonia will be albanian majority

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Only these kinds of threads are good. Actual history threads are 99% of the time one guy with education and sources, and a few guys flinging monkey turds and memes at him.

more like luigiescu or you can call me by my stage name: og eastbull



All this says, shiptar subhuman is that cair has 100 more kids than aerodrom

All the other municipalities are macedonian. In skopje we outnumber you 7 to 1

I do watch the egg, yes

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Inshallah fyrom will be muslim once more

100 years of solitude, master and Margarita, the stars my destination, Hyperion.
im currently reading sci fi and classics.

is there a new isac game so i can watch him again ?

Dnevnici i noshtnici unironically, Zapiski po Bylgarski Vystaniq, The Long Walk

>60k muncipality
>80k muncipality

>other municipalities are macedonian
Are you sure about that?

Good tatar

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literally watching vod rn

im immune to shitflinging so i guess im k
also there are romanohungarian shitflinging threads regularly so thats also funny

nope, he started a new savefile a few months ago but it's still the same old isaac
slay the spire is the main attraction now though

it all depends on the used attack, and no it's not equally "huge"
"parola1" has keyspace of 6 and will be bruteforced in a minute, while the other one is 12 and it will be harder to be bruteforced
are you fucking retarded?

do you even know what we are talking or you just like to derail conversations?

I will house any of you for €450 a month.

You have to actively seek work and report it to me.

like i want to come to Jamal land and pay you Ahmed

You pay us 450 or we pay you?

we are talking about how you can break a pass through the hash algo/value not if you bruteforce it you turbo autist, that was agreed upon by everyone...

You pay me, obviously.

I prefer Greeks, Macedonians and young girly Serbians.

Yeah, centar karpos aerodrom gazi baba gjorce etc

Btw this 7:1 is when these kids grow up, right know it's more like 10:1. Delusional retard

we need to populate central macedonia

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Why would we report anything to you in that case

You forgot 30% of cair is macedonian