Best Sup Forums Romances?

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Steve and Diana

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Harley and Ivy

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Funny how these days Harley is the scumbag and Ivy is the more sympathetic of the two.

Their dynamic shift and change which makes them interesting.

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When was Harley not a scumbag? When she was the "battered" wife? Also do people really like IvyxHarley being a thing? Didn't work when they tried it in Sirens.

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Delete this. NOW.


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>mera has always been a semen demon


Remember that time when Mera was in Thanatos rape dimension and he was fucking her for at least 13 years and maybe knocked her up (she doesn't even know who is the father).

That's Carol Danvers tier of shit.

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I need porn of this.

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>How's your wife and kid?
>Wife is mine and kid is dead.

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Do you really need to ask? We all know the answer.

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That's a Sup Forums romance


This is a close second

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They'd be fun.

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Obviously Ollie and Dinah. They also have the most sex on panel

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Moves or Tools anons? What is Ollie?


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EVERY time!!
God bless you

>Mera is a coalburner

Isn't official So (i mean she said something like hey friend Be okay i'm here)