Remember when he wasn't a conservative establishment shill?

remember when he wasn't a conservative establishment shill?
remember when he was actually fighting for us?

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Hes a good looking dude.

Ok psychic vampire; he's not a repub shill it is just the left has gotten so extreme most libertarian types appear right wing

leaf yourself

You fuckers are just too dumb to read between the lines. You realize that if you expose your power level (((they))) ruin you and prevent you from having your voice heard right?

"Globalists" = Jews

Whos the only person that Alex gave a 1.5 spot to to preach his message (even though he had to pretend to disagree with him)


I haven't watched him in a while. Is he criticizing Trump over the Saudi Arabia thing?

Peppridge Farms remembers

He was always a Zionist.

True. We can't always expect everyone to go full GTKRWN, particularly when they've got a lot to lose. I think he goes too far on the Nazi bashing, though. He could easily say the same shit and more about commies.

not true. libertarians are giving in to statism because the propagandists have found ways to exploit their fears and make them think libertarianism is unfeasible

i miss the old alex jones
the psychic vampire alex jones

>conservative establishment

Plus Alex Jones would support anyone that's anti globalist, and Trump has been destroying it since he got elected.

We'll use him for certain things, discard the rest and go about our business. No one was saying he's Jesus.

Bill, was ok looking on his youth.

that was seriously two years ago? :-|

He really took quiting cigarettes to a whole new look. Most people just stop smoking and move on but Bill changed his fucking identity.

he used to call out mossad, zionism, and "jewish mafia elites" as he called them.
I haven't seen him overtly mention it since 2007-2008, though.

Yeah he was a real dream boat when he was younger

Remember when JIDF used to be the only paid shills here?

>establishment shill

Nice projection, shariablu

Subsyitute globalist with kike and you have the mosf right winf most redpilled person on eart.
Labels matter only for brainlets, meaning js what smart people look at

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Fucking auto-correct.


The original Alex Jones was much better looking.

Cool Post!

He fights for me with every sip of cool, filtered water.

He is slamming the Interdimensional child molesting shapeshifting psychic vampires everyday son.

>remember when he wasn't trying to sell us something?
No, no I don't.

How can you fight the mind control powers of the reptilian overlords if you don't drink BILL HICKS' BONE BROTH??