Sup Forums tricks you into reading something utterly soul-destroying

>Sup Forums tricks you into reading something utterly soul-destroying

please stop

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I still don't understand this ending.

She got mad her friend prostituted herself for her to score high in am entrance exam?

Read Alien 9. Cute girls hunting cute aliens.

still didnt get the ending

>implying reading Sup Forums is not soul-destroying enough by itself

I get more mad when Sup Forums triks me to read another nothing happens SoL.

What are you talking about?

It's so out there it actually starts to make perfect sense after a while

If your soul gets destroyed by something you read then you are not yet ready for real life.

Watch Ojamajo Doremi, it will heal your soul.

You can always read or watch some SoL to ease the pain afterward. I recommend Mai-chan's daily life.

The short hair girl is looking at her phone and someone has a vid of her getting raped.
I didn't actually read it because it made my stomach turn, I skimmed through it out of a morbid curiosity last night.
I couldn't sleep until 4am cuz of it

>someone = somehow

Read kurosawa from fukumoto

I think her dad was one of the people who fucked her and got found out.

Would think this guy is known enough for most people to know what they are getting. The bitches in it deserve it half of the time anyway.

post links I want to get destroyed too

>implying tricked

The trick is being dead inside so nothing gets to you.


why would you? I get my emotions from shit I watch and read, I'm already dead inside for real life I don't want fantasy ruined as well.

It's not empirical, take it with a grain of salt.

The real trick is enjoying cute anime girls suffering.

And the trick to create anime is cute girls suffering like Nanachi and Moemura

Seriously, lads.

This isn't worst than the hentai where the girl gets fucked by her father then prostitued herself for drugs

Both of them are better than Berserk.

Emergence? I wish the father scene was longer.

Or the one dojinshi based on a real life kidnapping, rape, and murder of some girl by three boys. I couldn't sleep after that one.


I just write hurt/comfort or fix fanfiction and make it my headcanon

That there's a hentai doujin itself is pretty bad. And it's written by a guy known for his really fucked up guro.

The concrete one?

Daily reminder that Geiger-mangaka got pinched by the fuzz because some rapist actually used the tactic from the story successfully

Yes it's based of this story,

I remember reading about this, absolutely disgusting. I can't believe those guys are already of out jail.

i cant read anything that has unrequited love in it

>A junko dojin
Please tell me this isn't real Sup Forums

Who would make something like this?!

You should see his other stuff.

imagine being this much of a pussy


I don't understand how people can be so affected by fictional works, especially still images.

At most I think "well I guess that's fucked up" and move on.


There's this thing called empathy. Look it up.


But Made in le Abyss was FLUFFY!

That ending felt too real...

Because catharsis feels good. And if anything affects me too much I can usually remind myself that it isn't real.

But then you got shit like that you can't deny actually happened and still frustrates me when I remember it.

It's not a doujin. It's a full-fledged manga. It comes with a story of some psychopath who had some woman's belly cut and put a lot of shit inside iirc.

There's also another manga about Junko, "17-Sai.". It's actually a decent one, interesting look into criminal's mind; but the fact that it has a somewhat happy ending and the girl actually fucking lives is kinda fucked up.

Gore and fucked up things in manga used to affect me a lot because the actions of the characters would juxtapose with their cute appearance and would make me feel uneasy. Now I think of it the same way you do. I think there's just a lot of noobs ITT

In that manga was the history of an african-japanese who kill a pregnant woman?

Ughhh, youre all a bunch of pussies. I thrive on soulcrushing stuff. Be it fiction or real life. Its one of the few things left with which i can still feel something.

I dunno, maybe it is. I've read it a long time ago and honestly I'm not too keen to relive that experience again. Give me my Kago's babyshit please.

I find this girl adorable yet I don't want to find the source. I have a feeling it's utter despair.

You will eventually read it.

Teenagers and women.

Good for you, I'm sure you could kill a cat and not feel anything, too.

I positive you're a lonely person

I don't get the fictional affection too, still nearly had a sentence after fucking up a teen who tried to burn a cat alive, he managed to spray gasoline on it already.

I will have to suppress the curiousity to read if I eventually come across it. I think I can guess the keyword for the content anyway.

Kurosawa should give you completely the opposite idea though, it's healing in fact.

>see cute girl suffering
>pop a boner instantly

This honestly

I get pic related but why would I give one fuck about some girl who whored herself for own gains

i was near tears in some parts, to real


I can't get sad over Bakaudon doujin, they're too ridiculous. Like the one where the girl is kidnapped by her real father and he stirs an egg in her vagina to make an oyakodon joke.

>Her mom is a whore but they're poor as fuck
>She has a sempai she likes and he likes her back
>she wants to go to the same school as him when they graduate so she studies hard
>her mom gets her on the path of whoring
>she still keeps up her studies
>day of final tests results she runs to sempai
>he greets her with tears in his eyes seeing a video of her getting fucked sex wats to sunday

Two of them were minors when that happened, they might be out by now.


>Sup Forums tricks you into reading something utterly soul-destroying
please continue

What's this?

Not sure if I should ask for what manga this is or not

not sure if I should use proper grammar either


Looks like a manga

Just a pedo manga, don't bother with it

>enter the realm of the ruse master, forever lurking
>get rused

That’s not a guy.

Made in Abyss

Did you even read the doujin?


I saw no yuri tag.


Fuck you

Its not that soul destroying. Do you guys really can't handle that doujin?


>that one doujin with the used goods who fell in love with a guy but she's too much of a used good so she vanished forever leaving MC
i fucking hate you niggers

I discovered this story some years ago, and still today I can't find a "better" example of senseless cruelty.
I don't know if this works in english too, but I've never seen anybody using my language's equivalent of "evil" oustide of fiction, religious text etc., and yet this is the perfect word I'd use to describe the perpetrators.

does any user know a manga with similair feeling to it like Emergence (except for all the other titles ITT)? doesn't have to be hentai. Also, this could be a dumb question but why is Emergence sometimes also called Methamorphosis as title?

Now go watch it and read it too

pure - druggie whore - whore

>boys will be boys!

>those guys are already of out jail
I hope society treats them like shit

Do you happen to have the name or a one page of such delight?

Considering that guy who murdered and ate a woman got out of jail and became a celebrity chef and did interviews, they'll probably be fine. Justice doesn't always win in the real world.

>Sup Forums
Yeah, right.

Ah fuck, does anyone remember the one about the big fat retard on the train? It was obviously exaggerated in classic Bakaudon fashion to make a point but it still made my blood boil and deepened my hatred of sub-humans.
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He apparently has struggled to find employment ever since at least. Shame the folks of that girl didn't have him killed or do it themselves, bet their own government would have got them off.

Bakaudon works are shit and she is a crazy bitch

This. I tried watching Honey and Clover but after getting spoiled on the endgame ships, I just stopped watching ~13 episodes in. What's wrong with me

>No one posting sauce