Elf-san wa yaserarenai

This is Oku, a friendly Japanese orc.
Say something nice to her.

Why are japanese orcs pigmen? Is it a dragon quest thing?

Orcs were originally pig people in aerly D&D.
It got exported to Japan were they immediately asssociated orcs with pigs and while the rest of the world moved on, they stuck with the original portrayal.

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Japan never got the memo about Warhammer orcs being the new standard, so they stuck with early D&D boar-like orcs

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not really familiar with d&d but wouldn't they have stolen them from tolkien? and his aren't pig people

would you pay tribute to Raika?

The better question is, why are japanese elf ears big and horizontal whereas western elves are smaller and slanted diagonally?

Tolkien didn't invent orcs, but general depictions of them used to portray them with ape or boar-like features, think the Uruk-Hai tusks and the like

Zelda Moblins are a good example


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Tolkien orcs are more goblins in any other fantasy setting. Only the Uruk-hai were like normal orcs.

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Dragon Quest is a straight riff on D&D, which is a riff on Tolkien. D&D made changes to later editions, but the Japs cared more about DQ

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much of japanese fantasy tropes, DQ included are actually derivative of an old game called wizardry. Dungeon meshi's world is basically a carbon copy of the one depicted in wizardry.


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And the elves don't have knife ears.

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>which is a riff on Tolkien.
Not really. Gygax disliked LOTR quite a bit. (he thought the Hobbit was ok though)
The few Tolkien inclusions in early D&D are down to marketing because LOTR was really blowing up at the time.

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