What is the lore reason that Shiki, Illya, and now Fujino can all be summoned as Servants?

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Money. F/GO only cares about money, they sold off the lore long ago. True fans of the series should declare death of the author and not consider it canon.

Nasu is a hack and Fatemonkeys will eat anything up this franchise shits out.

I want to rape her.


It´s not rape until she tear off your limbs.

Servants don't need to adhere to space time laws. Redman is pretty implicitly an alternate Universe version of Shirou, so it should be the same for the parallel universes of the Nasuverse.

No, she's made for consensual sex with tons of real comfy love or brutal femdom too

Counter Force/Alaya was getting desperate

She was always the scariest psychic in KnK

>tfw no more tsukihime remake
>just summon currybutt and funny vamp as servants
>type moon gets even more money thanks to whales

I'd be desperate too if the people in charge of saving humanity's ass was fucking around with their wacky races and christmas parties instead.

Many of them aren't "true" servants. They're basically glitches in the Counter Force caused by the Singularities.

nostalgiafags seething

Class containers can be filled by things that aren't actually heroic spirits. See False Assassin.


It’s not my fault Doctor Roman waits months before pointing me towards the next singularity.

The race and christmas parties are for saving the world as well you fucking worthless Counter Force


Am I the only one who think she looks pregnant in that art?

No, she super does. Especially in the thumbnail. It's what made me click on the thread in the first place.

>False Assassin vs False Mushashi was great

Something something grail + magic space compass thing + nuclear powered summoning system

FPBP as usual.
Type-Moon used to have a serious core work, and then a billion parodies/spin-offs.
Now it's actually impossible to separate the serious from the comedy and self-parody, it's 98% fanservice and goofy shit.

ever heard of collaboration events? you must be very new, I don't blame you

This basically, it pulled whatever it had at its disposal when the world was incinerated.

It would have been more effective to pull a group of Shrinks to get Goetia to talk about his abandonment issues and his coping mechanism. It's really not healthy to nest into someone else's corpse for 3000 years.

They need time to locate them though.

Its a collab?

is that the highest 4* atk?

That looks plausible. You should probably mail it to Nasu so he could include this explanation somewhere, because he never thought about something like this, and just said them to release it because new Ferrari with saberface paintjob aint gonna earn shekels for itself.

Fujinon is cute!

2nd to Herc

One good thing about IIIya being a servant are all the CS mind control, mind break doujinshi it spawned

It's plausible because it's literally mentioned in her quest.

Not even problem. You can write any mambo jambo. Look at example for MB. People actually take MB blot seriously. But everything in MB is just excuse to add more characters. It's fighting game after all

At least MB is a good game.

Show the rest senpai!

To BTFO BL and their 1900's headcanon

>2D fighting game

So they have more excuses to recycle Kara no Kyoukai's soundtrack.

Just because you suck at it doesn't mean the game is bad. It's the only good game TM released

Isn't Gorgon the highest, then Herk?

Nasu wants a new boat

>F/GO did this

>It's the only good game TM released

Shitty Blood did it first even if he stated Ryogi and Tohno were of different worlds.

>rock paper scissors gameplay
You joking right?

>藤乃のいた時代は人理焼却によって灰になった。彼女も同様に燃え尽きたが、 その特異性を世界の抑止力は見逃さなかった。アラヤ識は人理焼却を覆す為の戦力の一つとして彼女の異能を採用し、彼女は仮初めのサーヴァントとしてカル デアに召喚される事になった。

>Alaya recruited her to help Chaldea fight after her era and she burned by the incineration.

The best Alaya can do to help is to send us some literal who he already burned out crippled with Appendicitis. I'm sure Goetia found her so scary.

All RPG build around rock paper scissors. Also
>fighting game "gameplay"

>2D fighting games
>more complex than rock paper scissors
You joking right?

>i-it only affected fgo world fags btfo

Extra is extremely boring.

The "joke" is that virtually everyone who has ever lived can be summoned from the Throne of Heroes as a servant.
The Throne exists unchanging in the same place and time in every parallel universe, and since the setting is based off a multiverse with infinite parallel realities you can assume that everyone has at least one reality where they've managed to become heroes and became part of the Throne, either directly through a contract or indirectly through fame.

>The "joke" is that virtually everyone who has ever lived can be summoned from the Throne of Heroes as a servant.
This is wrong, you know. Because most souls reincarnate and recycle, it's basic TM lore. A lot of the Servants you can summon in Chaldea aren't even in the throne.

>people who got destroyed in online match

I wish SEGA was making a TYPE MOON kart racer game instead of a shitty FGO Dissidia arcade clone.

mfw Fate purists are slowly being phased out

>surprise cameos as boss fights and side characters is the same as a shitty gacha
>implying this is the first time GO doesn't constantly favor fanservice over consistency

Fujino reminds me of Rika Furude.

>Because most souls reincarnate and recycle, it's basic TM lore
How is this against what I said ? Plus the Throne doesn't even need to get your soul, it can recreate you just through legends and myths.

I'm talking about FS/N, I don't give a shit about retcons and spinoffs games,

>spinoffs games,
FGO is the main canon.

You know, all you do in any and every one of these threads is goalpost-shift, and I'm not sure whether you're really that stupid or if you realized it long ago but simply have nothing left beyond your abject vitriol.

>archer class servant
>breaks a bridge on top of her enemies
Talk about BENDing the rules here

Touko and Azaka when? Mana when?

She's a big scary demon hunter descendent.

Good a reason as any.

Used goods, would not waste quartz on.

>Present an argument about how it's a secret optional boss in a spin off versus canon blatant fanservice hapharzardly slapped together
>hurrr you're moving goalpostssssss!
Gatcha-addicted retards everyone

Its weird they pick Fujino over Touko and Azaka for 2nd KnK characters.
She only appeared in 1 movie.

Touko is probably being saved for the Mahoyo event.

hold out hope for a part2

No, Fujino showed up for a little bit in 5 as well.

>Alaya decided that a girl whose most notable accomplishment was getting raped would be more helpful to humanity than Touko, Arcueid or Aoko

Can't have those characters in yet since no Tsukihime remake or Mahoyo event.

>FGO is the main canon.

No. Just no.

Stop being deluded.

>Touko, Aoko
Mahoyo collab
>Arcade Bumpstead
Tsukihime collab welfare with Archetype Earth as 5*

I think the standards for "hero" are kind of unclear in the setup to begin with, what with all sorts of nurses, scientists and prostitutes being allowed in.

Maybe UNIEL is more your speed, it has autocombos.

No. FGO is about as canon as Prisma Illya. Only reason it gets any attention at all is because it makes so much money.

Stop replying to bait.

>Only reason it gets any attention at all is because it makes so much money.
And because it's the best platform for Nasu to tell his story to as many people as possible which is why it's the main canon now.

I'm not really sure they even remember that MnY is exist.

No. FGO will never be anything but a spinoff. The main canon is and has always been and will always be Fate/Stay Night the visual novel. Nothing can change that, Nasu himself literally cannot change that.

>surprise cameos
Nigger all the ones in the OP are collab events, they arent normally in the gacha

Shiki, Illya and Kuro appear in the main story

I was just shitposting but I actually don't see the appeal of 2D fighters, I tried to get into at least 5 of the biggest ones and they are all bland and without any apparent depth.
I have a long Tekken background.

Cute! I want to rape her!

Sorry user but FGO is canon, some dinosaurs had feathers and Beatoriche is a tranny, no amount of denial can't change that

And yet Nasu did it anyway just like how he recently made DW change "Artoria" to "Altria" in JP fgo.
He doesn't care what fans think something should be.

>Illya and Kuro appear in the main story
What Singularity? I really dont remember that happening

>The creator can't decide what is canon

Reminder that for the last two years since this was released, we've had multiple challenge quests with insta-kill gimmicks, and this CE has been useful precisely FUCKING NEVER.


It's the series appeal. Anime/2D fighters are a bungshow, everything links into everything. It's about finding the most optimal BnB and doing nothing but that while setting up floating projectiles and air dashing a hair's breadth above the opponent and then dashing BACK and hoping they get mixed up while you smash heavies and launchers and then do this shit show back and forth. There's a bit of depth depending on which 2D fighter you play but I think it's mostly just if the series grabs you, that's your ticket. Tekken, SF, Marvel, etc. play very differently from this.

But saying rock paper scissors has more depth is just plain shitposting.

Who is this mature gentleman?

Even by jRPG's incredibly low standards Extra manages to be garbage.

>it's the best platform for Nasu to tell his story to as many people as possible

I hope you know that's marketing bullshit. It makes money, that is the only reason TM cares about that shit. It's not the "best platform" for anything other than making money. The best platform for telling stories is a VN, or an anime, or fucking anything other than a shitty mobage where only two lines of text are visible and your reading is constantly interrupted by long load times into long pointless fights for the sake of having a fight, and most of the content is locked behind a gacha wall.

Why not just summon Araya to beat everyone's ass

>need to memorizing BnB just to play game
>need to waste your time just to play game
Nah. Fighting games are bad. Dissidia style fits more to Nasuverse.