The absolute worst endings in anime

Lately I've been interested in colossal failures, trainwrecks that the collective anime community looked at and said "Yeah, that's fucking garbage".
What are some endings that are just abysmally bad and are infamous for it? The latest one I've seen was Kuma Miko, which made me create this thread because it was just so terrible. I'm pretty sure this episode has the lowest score in Nico Nico history, it was that bad.


To me it seems more like the attempt of a lay-down for a second season rather than a bad writing.

>anime community
What community? We're a bunch of lonely people accessing the internet from our bedrooms. The overuse of the word "community" is fucking dumb.

>not bad writing

Don't know why you're so hung up about that, it's just a term. At least I didn't say some word like 'fandom' or something

Just about anything by Gonzo in the 00s


Wolf's Rain is a really bad case of wasted potential. If you watch it as it was broadcast, there are 4 consecutive recap episodes and a really abrupt ending. The OVAs ending is a slight improvement, just like a D is a slight improvement from an F

>Just about anything by Gonzo in the 00s
this guy


Don't get me wrong user, I hate the ending as well but it doesn't contradict the probability that they did that with the intention of giving the viewer a "it may get to the good ending in the next season".

>that the collective anime community looked at and said "Yeah, that's fucking garbage"
>collective anime community
Oh what the fuck.

The ending of Ghost Hound

>tfw no Gingitsune scanlations

>whoa, a youtube video got taken down

Only watched the first season, how did it end?

I thought some groups picked up the manga.

I read the first volume of this and didn't even like it then. Glad not that I probably won't be continuing it.

Only the first 11 chapters are scanlated and the people doing it dropped it.

This, but unironically. It would have been better for Gainax to go into debt than to release episode 25 and 26 the way they did.

it wasnt that bad


>Implying we'll ever get to see the bear mating animated.

Nice boat

My wife Machi is so cute.

Damn you Toei. Even though the ending is in line with the spirit of the series I'm still mad that the true ending was never adapted.

Came to post this.

Not that guy, but yes it was.



>gantz anime
>good ending
Pick one.

>Mai Hime
>characters die in dramatic fashion

They call come back to life somehow. Whoever wrote that needs to go fuck himself.

Braves of the 6 Flowers
I was actually speechless

Never watched the show, what happened at the end?
I'm assuming the girl got Rosemary Kennedy'd into a vegetable by the bear (that's the weirdest sentence I've ever written)

There wasn't anything bad about it, they faithfully animated first volume of LN. You don't expect series to end at the fist volume do you, user?

Machi has social anxiety and hallucinates a crowd throwing rocks at her, then mindbreaks and becomes a recluse.

This is treated as a happy and funny ending. Note that this only happens in the anime, the entire last arc of the anime is totally original, in the manga the social anxiety is downplayed and she's more of a bumpkin experiencing culture clash.

The problem is the show had no chance of a second season and ended on a big cliffhanger. No matter how you look at it, that just feels awful.

KOR, 10,000 harem shows that have no idea how to end but Fantastic Children takes the cake and eats it too. Fucking worst ending in all of history.

Yeah it's only really enjoyable if you think of it as Clue: The Anime.

>it was my first time watching 4 hour long LN commercial
Buy LN filthy gaijin.
>The problem is the show had no chance of a second season
And so, they should have butchered original material, or cut a ton of things to speed up to [current volume at the time], or made original anime ending?

Don't say that. 2 more years until Season 2 is announced.

Really terribly, it didn't make any sense at all, almost Eva levels of bad

Definetely yugioh arc V, it's literally so hated in nipland that all otakus there memed into the nico nico's worst episofes list.

>And so, they should have butchered original material, or cut a ton of things to speed up to [current volume at the time], or made original anime ending?
Yes. I'd rather have FMA 2003 levels of original material than have a read the source ending.

I never understood why nips liked so much to put sad endings until I saw that crap. Holy shit he even started growing again, they had a excuse for him being a manlet, hahaha what a piece of shit.

Fuck off and never return.

Read up and find out.

(first live thread)
(thread that continues documentation of the "backlash")

Not as bad as bear, but bad.

I'm really quite angry about it because after this scans (which had been slow) just stopped completely and now the series has a bad reputation.

Though now that I check, it looks like THANKFULLY an English publisher picked it up. I usually dislike that, but when it's a dead in the water translation... Now that I think about it.

Oh hell yeah. Danke to the rescue again.

No it could have been good but getting a woman to do the rest of the story was a giant mistake.

blue gender
aquarion evol

t. brainlet


Should've ended with 6.

>>Anime Original Ending

I sure remember the time this lighthearted fantasy harem show had an final arc where the main girl fucking died.

I think the ending suffered more in retrospect if anything, like him wearing a fedora and trenchcoat and whatnot. It was a nice ending if you put some of the stylistic choices aside.

>the ending is not what I expected
That's actually your problem.

Speaking of bad endings, remember that awful fan made ending for Usagi Drop someone did?

The point of this show is that the girl is SO traumatized and is THAT autistic she's not able to overcome the problem by herself. She needs a psychologist not bear. The whole season is about this, didn't you notice?

Hello normalfags

>what I expected
>what I got
>bad writing
More like bad thinking moron.

Fuck you, kuma miko ending was great. She finally matured and understood that people should live where they were born.

Except that anime only bullshit.

Kado, but i still love the anime anyway.

>people should live where they were born.

>Holy shit he even started growing again
Of course, he was like 15 when he fought Father. Why wouldn't he grow?

Another word for consistent pattern.

The ending of Evangelion, plus the movie. I am not being ironic. Fuck that show and its pretentious mind fuck. Just give me a god damn ending that made sense!

read kafka

>series is famous for its sense of adventure and discovery
>hire a woman that explicitly didn't understand this
>still let her write the damn thing
>now the anime becomes a shit tier shoujo with a literal Hitler as a love interest

Trigun, Akame ga Kill, Aldnoah.

>Just give me a god damn ending that made sense!
"Everyone dies. The end."
Can't you get that much?

Not really. Why the hell did everyone turn into orange tang? Why was Asuka left alive if Shinji hated her? Why give a fuck you of an ending after all that build up to a popular series? Who that this was a good way to end a show.

>chapter 92
If I had to read 92 chapters to get an ending like that I would go look for the mangaka and make him eat every single volume.

Silent Mobius hands down. A lot of bad endings are at least endings. This stops just short of the actual climax. You can't even go right into the manga to see what happens because it took liberties with the material out the gate.

whoa what the fuck

only one i can remember in recent memory is kado
had some of the most interesting episodes of a show i had watched that year for it's first half, started to take a bit of a turn after that but still decent, and then it completely ruins itself with ending

>several legitimate complaints about the ending
>focus on one
Expectations, by the way, can also be built by the work itself. If those expectations are swerved from then it's on the creators to swerve the expectations well rather than horribly. If you expect something from not watching, reading, or playing it then that's on you, if you expect a kind of ending from what you've seen up to that point, that's on the creators.

I bet you'd defend Mass Effect 3's shit disaster of an ending because no one expected it.

>Why the hell did everyone turn into orange tang
You lack basic comprenhension of what's been explained to you, don't blame the series for it.
>why did everyone turn into LCL during instrumentality??????

>had no chance of a second season
They obviously wanted to make more. It just sold terribly.

Go back to Sup Forums, faggot. Only retards play western games.

Oh no, I can't read so I'll just mention Sup Forums

I haven't even played Mass Effect.
>expected reply: omg you talk about things you haven't even played???

That's cool and everything but you should never bank on a sequel you're not guaranteed. If you only have one season promised focus on making a story for one season

Mai Hime

After all the drama, killings etc one of the characters they all got revived, the one of the characters who did plenty of killings just said, sorry and everything was OK


173 is cute! Cute!

>Why give a fuck
So you don't. I see.

She got better once they time traveled.

I wouldn't call it the worst but it did nosedive hard. A shame to as the beginning was great.

>ending featuring accepting yourself and starting living within your own limits was a terrible garbage with bad writing because it wasn't u go girl ending
Sounds like you're a fascist normalfag, OP.

Does manga count as well?

Because NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will ever top this

people are fucking pussies, not everything should have a happy ending. were you expected a girl from the boonies to not freak out when taken to a big city to show her off as an idol?

I think the main reason why Kumamiko watchers didn't like the ending is because (1) it doesn't fix the lack of humor in the actions of Yoshio and Hibiki and (2) it tried to give a decisive ending to an ongoing series.

If anything, the things in the middle helped ruin sentiment for the entire show. Honestly, I didn't like how they shoehorned Sendai tourism into this.

This shit


The last episode needed to have ryona

i still feel sick even thinking about, i dont know, the last half of this stupid anime. At least the last half maybe more

Never seen this show but I always loved the design of the MC. Guess I'm in for some disappointment.

Gatchaman Crowds' first season ending was so bad the director made a video of himself apologizing, bowing on all fours. Eventually they released a director's cut of episode 13 that fixed some of the problems, but it still wasn't very good.

>The absolute worst endings
What is any anime for 500?