Episode 42: スターダストロードの導き – Sutādasuto Rōdo no Michibiki

Episode 42: スターダストロードの導き – Sutādasuto Rōdo no Michibiki
(The Stardust Road’s Guidance)
Playmaker manages to withstand a brutal attack from Revolver’s Link Monster. Sensing the presence of monsters in the Tower of Hanoi, he flies into it. Playmaker then bets it all on a draw, but…

Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker: Ishige Shoya
Ai: Sakurai Takahiro
Kusanagi Shoichi: Kimura Subaru
Revolver: Takeuchi Shunsuke
Dr. Kogami: Sugo Takayuki
Frog/Pigeon: Seki Tomokazu

Script: 武上純希 || Takegami Junki
Storyboard: えらん || Eran
Direction: 高橋雅和 || Takahashi Masakazu
Animation Director(s): 金子優司 || Kaneko Yuji

Episode 43: イグニスの誕生 – Igunisu no Tanjō
(The Birth of Ignis)
Playmaker has realized who Revolver might be during the Duel. However, due to a shockwave generated in the Data Storm, Yusaku is forced to log out. He now heads to a certain location in the real world, where Revolver is supposed to be…

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Can frog and pigeon even record anymore?

Maybe Revolver told Yusaku to come to his place so he could explain better about Ignis to him?

They r still in the cast list.

Episode 44: The Reunion
Yusaku and Kogami-kun have a long chat about life, society and the Ignis.

Episode 45: Special scoop
Frog and Pigeon finally have time to settle down and starts editing the video clips they recorded inside Vrains during the incident. Hoping they would get promote but...

more like Yusaku is about to beat it out of him.

This thread is no good.

When I duel Irl what Im supposed to say when summoning Links?

You know like Tuning or Overlay.

link markers set or something.

I'm half expecting Yusaku to play Starlight Road to counter Mirror Force.

How does this guide anyone?

During the duel Revolver will say something about seeing its glow and Yusaku will make the connection that he must be the guy who lives on the hill overseeing the river.

That sounds really stupid but plausible for the show none the less.

What's there to say about kogami other than he's a dumbass?

Why does it look like two guys fucking?

bad art choices?

Vrains is going to have to Data Storm my interest back, because even all things considered, this is woefully underwhelming.

Not sure. I've been saying "Link Up" because it kinda works. Now that I think about it, not having an actual term for the action of Link Summoning is minorly annoying.

>Yusaku knows who Revolver is
Huh so the show's finally delivered unmasked revolver then? Time to dive back INTO THE VRAINS I guess.

Does this guy have any other purpose than typing on his keyboard for the entire series and narrating the previews ?

Giving out his hotdogs.

Feed Yusaku.

1 of those will be another fucking recap

God, this series is trash

hacking assistant?

at least hanoi will be finished.

Because Aoi is a boy. A boy!

Does that boot out Revolver too?

Revolver stands no match against the cyberse he tries to extinguish.

Can he keep the act up without a mask?

Why is he so chunny?


Was vrains ever good?

its alright.

coping mechanism for his edgy schemes.


It was good for me sometimes. But it's dull mostly.

Nah it just looks like Michael Angelo drew Aoi or something.

mofu mofu






Damn, that episode 43 looks amazing

No boy in a Yu-Gi-Oh show would suck so bad at card games.


Will one of the hanoi incident children be even more vengeful than Yusaku?

>The Stardust Road’s Guidance
Makes you really think what they'll have for Yusakus final ace monster.
Horakthy, Divine Neos and Quasar were all pretty great.
I'm staying with Vrains because we could always get hyped for it at one point.
Revolvers identitiy being revealed might just be the start of the train getting good.

How groundbreaking could his identity be? We already know his last name is kogami.

When will they fix this guy?

>revolver activates mirror force
>playmaker channels his inner stardust

He would just get rebooted.

Wish monster spirits were still a thing.


He's supposed be like kiryu or something?

But for what reason are they still there?

>Episode 45: Special scoop
>Frog and Pigeon finally have time to settle down and starts editing the video clips they recorded inside Vrains during the incident. Hoping they would get promote but...
80% that this is another recap. Doesn't even feel like it's been 8 episodes since the last one

I don't think that's a real description or title.

Lol but I'm pretty sure 45 will be recap ep. It's every 7 ep rule.

And we will get new op on ep 46.

Next arc, we hope.
He would make a fine fujo bait if he can at least movd.

don't taint the kusanagi brothers.

From a scale from 1 to Bakura, how pretty will Revolver be?

BA is even dead irl to the point her standee is monochrome.

Why do they have to update with the anime?

he's already making fujos come out of their caves even without a face reveal


Yusaku fucking gary stu

sometimes you don't feel like paying for ink.

Around Marik's level would be great.

I guess that means the earliest GG and others will return is 44 or 46.

>Episode 45: Special scoop
>Frog and Pigeon finally have time to settle down and starts editing the video clips they recorded inside Vrains during the incident. Hoping they would get promote but...

not real.

True that.

So Yusaku still has nightmare about that room?

When will his PTSD cure?

revenge should do it right?

You know that's not the right answer, right?

emptiness has got to feel better than pain.


I hope they will do master duel outside of Vrains, especially since Yusaku is using real cards.

Sooooo Revolver loses again? Lmao

I mean he's up against mister never lose

Would Yusaku join KoH after knowing the truth?

Looking forward to a tag team between Revolver and PM in the future!

this would be a great way to foreshadow him losing to a copy version of himself and no one else.

Worse, having no conclusion where it’s pretty obvious Yusaku’s going to win

>How ep 43 should be.

Yugioh's rivals are always handsome, so expect a pretty silver-haired boy.

Fujo went crazy when they heard 43's spoiler.

>joining someone who attempted do something that would've killed billions

is this how yusaku and revolver are going to settle things in ep43?

If it going to involve real life consequences at least give it a fun game like twist.

Let him have no eyes.

Just Anothered them not killed.

It would be awkward as hell if Yusaku meet Specter irl.

I'm referring to destroying the worldwide network that would happen if the tower of hanoi is completed.

It's just network.

>its just network they say as the world now has to rely on 1940s tech at best
>its just network they say as nuclear material radiates the entire northern hemisphere and significant portions of the south
>its just network they say as all flow of information is centralized and controlled in every country on earth

We still have another 3, right?
I think one of them will be pretty insane like Bakura.

Find a Yugioh's rival that face hasn't showed pass 40 episode. You can't.

Spirit monster is shit.

For the next ep recap of course.

what his face will look exactly like Yusaku's or something? pointless.