So, how do you spot an anime otaku poser wannabe?

You know, those people who want to pose like huge anime fans but aren't.

- Watches naruto. (I never saw naruto and probably watched more than 300 animes)

- Thinks Cowboy Bebop is the best anime ever.

- Doesn't have a single nendoroid. (c'mon if you watch anime regulary, you will end up buying at lest one from one character you really like)

anything more?

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They post shit threads on Sup Forums.

>browses /r/anime
>hates fanservice (any amount)
>likes dubs

>likes dubs
I wonder how can anyone stand dubs.

tries to fit in with every popular seasonal show

they have asuka as their waifu

I think I spoted one just now

>Makes threads about his insecurities by gatekeeping being a "real otaku" on Sup Forums so he can feel better about himself, oblivious that the way he posts gives him away him as a newfag that needs to lurk more.
The worst kind really.

>faps to 3d
>likes shounen, FOTM, or only well known old anime
>has friends or a gf
>has a good job
>has a good relationship with his family
>is a girl
>has good hygiene and takes care of his living place
>is happy with his life
>is a moralfag and/or believes in a religion
>uses the words "edgy" or "deep"
>insults people for being autistic
>thinks its weird to buy figurines
>has seen less than 300 anime

If any one of these apply:
>you watch mecha/isekai
>you think Maasaki Yuasa is good
>you barely know your classics
>you tend to believe that if you like a given anime, it is justified on an artistic level
>you think everyone's opinion should be accepted and respected
>you think Evangelion is better than Space Runaway Ideon
>you need subtitles to watch anime (i.e. not bilingual)
>you watch for the plot
>you watch for entertainment
>you never rewatch a show at least 10 times
>you don't have a solid grounding in animation theory
>you don't have at least have some understanding of Satoshi Kon and Yoshiyuki Tomino
>you have little to no understanding of anime outside of your preferred genre
>you have little to no understanding of anime within your own preferred genre
>you haven't seen all of 你是个大人物's documentaries
>you mostly watch contemporary (post-1996) anime
>you believe 'anime isn’t dead'
>you make your anime analysis proceed from ideology
>you think Korean Manhwa is good
>you think intricate cinematography is 'pretentious' and that the filmmaker 'should just get to the point'
>your rarely watch structural films
>you have a hard time explaining why you like a given work
>you think the 2000s were peak anime
>you have a hard time forming structured and relevant anime criticism
>you tend to refuse to judge anime for yourself, rather relying on the opinions of film authorities
>you rarely watch for more than four hours straight

he's just on several layers of irony

Are you an ironic weeb?

>"""ironic""" overuse of senpai or kouhai, may even use it for their online handle
>Don't understand the concept of waifu and call everything 2D a waifu
>stuttering and blushing anime girl pictures aka cuteposting
>Crunchyroll subscription
>usually only watches the latest "meme" anime like Maidragon
>people who joke about lewding loli but find it disgusting if you fap to it
>has social media accounts that are flooded with the latest FotM meme game/anime jokes (BotW, P5, Maidragon and Kemono Friends are good and recent examples)
>loves games like Senran Kagura, Neptunia and/or Persona
>Have a 3DPD gf
>people who aren't virgin
>if seen in real life, will likely be wearing some article of clothing that say something along the lines of SENPAI or TOP NEP
>still plays Overwatch
>loves memebait characters like Astolfo, Kanna, Makoto, Kizuna Ai
>plays mobile games like Love Live, FEH, FGO and/or Granblue
>can be on either side of the political spectrum but if right leaning, expect anime girls with photoshopped MAGA hats
>primary means of communication are either Discord or Steam

Thinks 300 is a lot of anime to have seen

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They obsess over what other people like and do.

i never said that, but i think around 300 is where you draw the line between newfag and definitely into anime

I-i don't like this one

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>has good hygiene and takes care of his living place

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>does not have a mental illness

If you have a nendoroid you are abnormal, like a child with cerebral palsy.

>you're a real anime fan only if you're a brainlet and a huge failure

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They make threads like these. Lurk noar before posting.


They don't suck every last drop of the gis cum until his dick is drained.

> "Do you remember when anime was good? Like in the early 2000s? I only watch old anime because the new stuff sucks."

What do you watch?

> "Naruto"


>if you're a brainlet
i never said you have to be unintelligent, retard.

It's a skill to detect such things. In fact, I see one right now in this thread

Found the 12 year old robot LARPer

>has a good job

I don't understand the merchandise point, seems like an actual waste of money even if it's for a material product.

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Let's get some dubs here, topic ain't worth the time discussion takes

Good, that means you aren't retarded.


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>you cant be intelligent if you don't have a good job