Why do ironic weebs always take hundreds of screenshots while watching an anime?

Why do ironic weebs always take hundreds of screenshots while watching an anime?

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They do?

errr, why not?

Because I like taking funny screenshots.
Also ironic weebs is the worst buzzword I've heard being used on Sup Forums in years.

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Ironic weebs stream.

Not taking screenshots is usually the sign of an ironic weeb.

Probably because seasonal garbage doesn't have much value outside of silly faces made by moeblobs.

Ironic weebs are the type to not take screenshots because they either stream or are watching with other people. Everyone else is taking screenshots because they want to discuss the show while having a pertinent context, post it on their anime blog, share it with others or what have you.

Reaction images
same reason why I crop manga pages


because they’re always looking for ways to get attention so for ironic weebs even solitary activities like watching anime have to be turned into a social thing so they take a bunch of screenshots to show to people. Since they can’t pay attention to the anime they’re watching it probably means they don’t actually like it or are to simple and normal to watch anything other than entry level normgroid pandering bullshit like konosuba or dragon maid


>his animu is not a walking wallpaper
lmaoing @ your life

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t. ironic weeb

you are literally posting on an image board for talking about anime right now

Define ironic weeb

I have actual OCD though it is not this bad anymore.

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You know that Reddit doesn't have images in their comments right? Just a little food for thought.

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Why do ironic weebs make shit threads like this?

other people get more than enough reaction images for me, i just cap shit i think is funny sounding

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>ironic weebs

How am I supposed to baitpost on Sup Forums if I don't have images?

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Fuck off attention whore, just enjoy the fucking anime, no one gives a fuck about your ebin may mays

Why are people like you so obsessed with "ironic weebs"?

you just posted again

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So they can post them in their ironic weebs teen discord or social media account.