Boku no Hero Academia

I just really want an arc where the stakes are high and everyone gets to fight their own villian 1 on 1

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We just got the Yakuza arc.

and people complained that they wanted a lighter arc.

mhafags are hacks.

No I mean like Deku vs a villian by himself, Bakugo vs a villian by himself, etc.

i want bakugo to do something way out of line and push deku over the edge and then have a really REALLY no holds barred fight, and then best girl tries to stop it and gets hurt
deku does the damage but bakugo gets blamed for it and is outcast

Innocents are immune to OFA, there's no other explanation for AM being able to fight and even rescue people while moving at supersonic speed.

Ok yes, but how about a high stakes arc that is actually good?

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Every shounen does an arc like this at some point. It'll happen eventually. Some people will like it, others won't. It'll be called shit throughout its duration and then remembered fondly once the next big arc starts and is called shitty. Exciting.

This general is almost as bad as the dbs one.

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And with dbs ending and us getting a new season and movie soon, these threads are gonna get even worse! Is it great user-kun? More shitposting and negagivty all year round!

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Friendly reminder that Kendou will win the Dekubowl.

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pick one

why are the hentai of this series so shit

Akko put Kamina's little sister dow

Shit series gets shit hentai. Who knew?

>everyone gets to fight their own villian 1 on 1
With such a huge cast it will never happen. At most we can hope for 2 or more ganging up against a villain

everything is scat or prolapse

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if yakuza arc was any indication, it would be terrible

I just want Momo to be useful dammit

>Not liking scat
What is wrong with you?

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Shit series gets literal shit hentai. Who knew?

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It won't happen because hori is a hack and can't write for shit

Wow you guys actually invite these generic ass done to death contrived plot points?

Every shounen troupe MHA does it does it worse then any of the big three, hori isn't creative enough to write interesting fight scenes with good choreography and narrative and twist, why you would want him to expose his weak writing is beyond me.

Hori showed in the Yakuza arc and Deku v Muscular that he is terrible at writing fights. The worst part was Mirio's 5 minute off screen fight. What the fuck is that bullshit?

She was the one to come up with the plan to defeat eraserhead and had more balls than the rest of the male students when she went to rescue bakugou with the others. She has proved herself.
Now if only the same thing could be say about Sero or Sato... Those two need desesperatly some screen time

All of these. Why do you guys want more shit arcs and writing?

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Sure, he’s a cool guy
I can live with him getting nothing

because it's all of the boys

>Deku v Muscular
but that fight was good

>Deku vs a villian by himself
Actually, Gentle is primed to be the first fight he wins by himself.

Why did you bother responding?

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t. Shit eater.

Yeah against aizawa and even then she ran away

why don't overhaul destroy the gloves he puts on

Because he takes them off when he uses his quirk

>people shitting on Deku vs Muscular
Fuck this.

I see the brainlets are shitting up the thread again

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Western hero stuff seems to attract the bara audience for pretty obvious reasons, even though MHA has plenty of girls I still think that stigma hangs over it.

>Its going to be Deku wins via another asspull fight

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>ad hominem

Yakuza arc was literally "heroes doing hero things." He's referring to a tense arc that involves the entire class.

>dumbshits still can't wrap their heads around the concept that the Yakuza arc is the equivalent to every run-of-the-mill western capeshit storyline that lasts a half dozen issues
You fucking teenagers need to learn shit about life before posting like faggots

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Everyday until canon.

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Reminder to ignore shit posters and talk about the manga

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Yup. Same shit as always.

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It's another Brainlet too retarded to get what's going on

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Do you think Toga has any 1-A blood left?

I understand the Yakuza arc. I've read over it 3 times to make sure I do. I still think it's a shit arc.

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That’s a strange looking All Might, is that what a healthy All Might looked like?

In what way? He's been learning to use finger blasts, he has a gadget to help him with his finger blasts, and he's gonna win with finger blasts.
Way too transparent to be an asspull.


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She has ochako, deku, and maybe aizawa

>That All Might

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Does this mean deku's eyes are gonna change

>THAT Toshinori
I don't know how to feel

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No, we are going to stay with lame super saiyan Deku till the end if the series.

>getting this hyper over a non-canon movie
jesus guys

Welp that just sold it

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No one gives a shit about the actual movie. it's just All Might's eyes.

It's kinda uncanny how much he looks like a dragon ball character with normal eyes

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>stop having fun
Stop hiding chainfag

>All Mights eyes

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Holy shit it seems we're not getting text spoilers. Almost time for pic spoilers.

I just want another camping arc
no new heroes(yakuza arc) no lack of stakes(current arc) and more Shoji, Dark Shadow, Yui, Inagi and Dabi

You dumb cunt. She didn't even do anything.
Pathetic waifufag.

>young All Might

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Because despite all the dumb waifags, the girls are very sexually unappealing. Round and plumply drawn like kids actually are.

>didn't do anything
that's exactly why I want more you dumb faggot


Keep dreaming you huge cunt. She will never be relevant.

more like MHA is a breeding ground for fujos

Anyone noticed how Overhaul didn't lose because the heroes had better strategy or were stronger than him, but because of incredibly powerful plot armor and plot convenience?

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It's horis fault, he wrote himself into a corner with his really shit setting and world building, the powers are too bland to write anykind of compelling fight scene.
>The main character can punch REALLY REALLY HARD :D
>And JuMP! and RUN!
He's just so uncreative and can't do anything interesting with the really generic and boring powers and character archetypes.

Then you have the Kishis' and Oda's who where able to be so creative with their settings and powers, devil fruit and ninja magic are broad enough to encompasses so many interesting and unique scenarios. It's sad to think hori just did what they did but a million times worse, he just doesn't have the stuff.

What will you do the day the bowl is over?

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I think he’s got a few years at the very least

Check for fujos under your bed, user. They might have already gotten into your house!

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>never be relevant
maybe in 10 years after Class A gets their spotlight
I like Yui and Ghost girl for the same reasons I like Shoji and Tokoyami. They're mysterious and make for good comedy.
now fuck off with your assumptions

Replying to himself

>He's just so uncreative and can't do anything interesting with the really generic and boring powers

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Its written by Hori and is canon you dimwit.

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It's too late, they're already here.

My sister is one.

This was weird as fuck to me, like I can think of 100 cool ways you can use these power to choreograph and memorable and exciting fight scene, but horis imagination is limited to literally throwing large incubes at people.

Then you have someone like Kishi who wrote a bunch of unique scenarios and exciting fight twist with fucking sand for a power, from the skin tight sand armor, to the sand coffin shit, making for great twist and surprises in the fights he wrote.
It's like the shounen mangaka of the last age are just on a whole different level.

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Scans when

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You have to wonder how much Hori is involved if they include pre-injury All Might. Because this could potentially end up deciding a lot of canon.

To be fair shoto isn’t as creative as someone like bakugo. If bakugo had his quirk expect crazy shit.

>It’s written by Hori
Well now I’m much more interested

Is it "the 2 heroes" or "hero of 2 people"?

Samefagging this hard

>Then you have someone like Kishi who wrote a bunch of unique scenarios and exciting fight twist with fucking sand for a power,
I don't remember fucking shit about Gaara's powers since he did the same fucking shit in every fight.

The first one makes more sense

>asshole really thinks Hori won't come up with frost armor at some point to make an "unexpected" plot twist
Not even worth a (You).

Only one of those was me faggot.

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>sand armor that never gets used again
>everything else till the end of the series is just throwing more sand

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But that's the worst fight of the series by far. It doesn't have coreography or anything. Just PUNCH HARDER. And to make things worse it was triggered by the walking plot device called Kouta that existed just so Deku could have his "hero" moment.

There was 2 times Shouto and Inasa used their quirk together, and when Iida and Ochako's quirks combo'd but I agree more combo moves and more interesting use of quirks would be nice