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Alicization coming soon, post Alice.

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What's the best place to catch up on the LNs?

I can't wait to see Alice and Eugeo in GGO

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They have vol. 15 - 18 (half translated, last volume of Alicization)

For vol. 9 - 14 just Google it, they're on Scribd

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>Asuna worried sick about Kirito and praying that he'll get well again

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Fujos are going to watch Alicization just for these two aren't they?

Post Alice in everyday clothes too, people.

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my wife Shino is so cute!

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I mean, if Klein was more bishonen they probably would've hopped onto that train already.

>Alice in everyday clothes
We probably won't get much fan art of that until the end of Alicization


Theyve got the whole LN

She looks best in armour though. The weight is half the charm.

Can't wait how they justify that. HR I can kind of understand since the worlds are similar but those two in GGO just accepting technology and guns seems kinda stupid.

Furry Alice

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Sinon saves lives!
and threads

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I want to lick that belly

Can't wait for all the kukkoro doujins.

You are the worst thing to come out of the SAO threads. You actually made me dislike Sinon even more. Fuck off already this is not your imagedumb general.

Who hurt you?

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I love how embarrassed she looks

I've been reading the Progressive LN, am currently up to Volume 4 and holy crap the difference in writing quality is genuinely surprising. I'm really happy to see how much Kawahara has improved as a writer since he first started.

alice a qt

>just accepting technology and guns seems kinda stupid.
I hope they don't just immediately accept the guns right away. I need to see Alice confused about what the fuck are these things called guns.

>implying they won't just use swords

At what time is Hollow Fragment dropping on PC?

They're literally holding guns right here:

Kirito can literally just explain them as MAGIC ITEMS that shoot MAGIC PROJECTILES.

inb4 Kirito expects Alice to have a stick up her ass about guns being dishonorable and cowardly and not the knight's way but instead she becomes a crazy gun nut.

Alice is like if you combined some of the haremgirls and reduced personality by 90%.

So just a blonde LLENN?

can't wait to see everyone's faces when over half of the episodes will be just kirito sitting motionless in a wheelchair

>Asuna schlicks to his comatose body
>I'm so fucked up

Don't neglect Lolice

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This shit is so crazy you need a map to keep up with what's going on.
And it's not even as good as the first half.

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>Kirito (in a state of unconsciousness)
A very neutral way to say double-brain-dead.

>next game is os
>donut steel reintroduced
>game now features an actually good relationship system that requires you to gradually build mutual trust with a character of your choosing
>endgame is marriage

>Alicization game
>get to make another donut
>this time an UnderWorld resident
>Entire harem is fluctlights and AIs
>includes murder lolis, some OC Flughtlights, Strea, Philia, and others.

Forgot to add again
>kirito already married to asuna

Looks like we're getting some new info about the Alicization anime—I guess they ran out of shit to drip-feed us about the AGGO anime, now that its' only like 2 or so weeks away.

I wished there are more no fujo art of these two, Like 70% of Eugeo's fanart is Yaoi.

In 2 days?

>kirito already married to asuna
Guess I gotta find a way to break up the marriage

It’s today la

Asunafags butthurt coming soon.
Also enjoy your new fujo overlords.

CUTE boys doing CUTE things together
No homo

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Why would you do this

Nah What's the point if I can't even get to bed him?

>enjoy your new fujo overlords
I'll take fujos invading the SAO discussion than e-celeb shit

"Hey Kii-bou, wanna /ss/?"

Do we know if the VA for Gameverse Alice is coming back to voice her in the anime?

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Kureha pls go

Why would it be /ss/ if she’s younger?

She's a couple years older, Kirito is just very tall for Japan.

Dorky Lisbeth a cute

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Kayano would not pass up the opportunity to work with Matsuoka. Especially with Nobunaga around.

>Zakki, Tsugu and KayAi
Oh lord, I can't wait for the Seiyuu sheenanigans.

Better remove this no one wants a game where you can't romance Kirito or Asuna
or self insert as Kirito to cuck Asuna with another harem member

WTF I love Liz now

wtf thats shitty taste

>implying you didn't before

(You) have shitty taste

Anime Liz didn't really shine for me but HF and HR Liz is amazing

Very gay seiyuu shenanigans.

No (You)

>gay seiyuu shenanigans
Hoping for even more of this

Not like this

Reminder that had Liz made advances on Kirito rather than pussy out after finding out Asuna was pining for him she would've won without fail.
Assuming her canon personality is similar to that of her Gameverse version that is.

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Another thing for the seiyuu sheenanigans is that Kayano has expressed her jealousy on how quickly Matsuoka has accepted being called Tsugutsugu by tomato when it took a year of the No Game No Life radio for him to start getting used to nicknames by her.


She assigned herself has his personal balcksmith, it's safe to say she didn't give up.

I would love to see a Kirito and Lisbeth relationship be a thing. Would it be filled with bantz?

>implying she has the looks to beat asduna

It'll be like an old married couple, always nagging at each other, banter left and right, but the love would be the strongest out of any of the possible ships. Except for maybe Eugeo, no homo

Ah but you see. Nothing can exceed his love.

Except maybe if you combined all the love power each of the harem members into one single girl. In which she would implode if she's not by Kirito's side.

Liz part 3 when?

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Kirito dies after 1 week because of how thirsty she is

Biologically speaking, is it even possible to be that thirsty?

Lizbeth can surpass the gloping system
both ingame and IRL

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Hormones and full-dive VR will fuck you up. Never go NerveGear.

Can someone explain to me how the AI girls are so thirsty despite not having any hormones?

They want to comprehend love and the resource they have to go on is wikipedia and SadPanda

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Imagine you are an AI and that the only information you have to draw on in regards to how you should behave around the opposite sex is a handful of experiences observing thirsty teenagers interacting and the internet.

Pretty sure you'd be just as thirsty considering the available information that is basically the default stance as far as the AI's know.

>AI girls browse Sadpanda to understand love and sex
>they become addicted to watching cute girls(male) get pounded in the ass by cute boys(female)

Which AI would be watching porn the most?

Premiere, obviously. Or Philia.

What's up with all the bully? She's never done anything to you.

All SAO girls a cutie.

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Yui and premere are impressionable children Strea was programed for lewd

still mentally innocent though

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Kureha user isn't here yet so we gotta bully someone in the mean time

Tiese and Ronye are such cuties, holy shit. They better get a lot of screentime.

posting the miracle of SAO

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>Gets AIDS

>Playing Fatal Bullet
>everyone gets forcefully logged out
>actually kicks the player back to the title screen
Okay I gotta admit that was pretty cool desu

Well she uses a shotgun, so we can at least expect her to try and take down facsimiles up close and personal, the "honorable" way. She'll fail miserably of course.

What wasn't cool was Itsuki pretending like nothing ever happened and you have no choice but to play the retard and go along with him.

Not today

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2 hours to Hollow Fragment lads
Crack when?

I want to give Yuuki a ride on my motorcycle

Maybe by the end of the weekend if we're lucky.

That does not make sense. Go back to bed, Yuuki. You're drunk.

I think it will depend if it has >denuvo or not
If it doesn’t we might get it today

I imagine Premiere and Tia watch porn together