Statistically speaking on average, Sheer Heart Attack has no weakness.

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So it has a weakness, then.

on average it does not

Because I *still* see people in these threads who can't remember how Funny Valentine got fit, and love to bash SBR because they speedread and thought Araki missed something, I'm just going to remind you all that he changed when Lucy killed him, with a knife, in chapter 61. Stop speedreading, kids

Valentine was fit before Lucy killed him. Araki just changed his design, you don't have to make up a dumb theory.

true fans love fat valentine, not twink valentine

Was Giorno supposed to be in Stone Ocean? Rykiel's little bio references Giorno possibly being in Florida

That was the biggest disappointment ever. SO would've been 10x better if GIO and the gang (including Fugo) came over to America.

For real. I want to know what happened to that, Araki

Are you the guy who made that chart?

He swapped bodies with an alt Valentine


That sounds dumb as fuck.

>made in heaven gold experience requiem
i would have been pleased if giorno was the one who killed pucci and became the main villain. too bad araki's spirit is too weak

Why would the passione gang come to america besides "muh stands attract each other" ?

Because Giorno is a curious person and in SO it stated that all of DIO's children felt an urge or something from what I recall.

It wouldn't have been far fetched for him to come to America to investigate.

>Jolyne vs Giorno
Ohh that would be something. Araki likes drawing them together as it is

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Yeah, but he's too invested in his characters to kill one off in a brutal fight.
I mean, just look at how he threw Fugo in the trash instead of going traitor.
Probably same thing happened with Giorno in SO but he never admitted to it since he'd get lamb-blasted.

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Is Araki secretly encouraging incest?

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I love Jolyne so much...

Doppio gets me Uppio

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why did the last 2 threads die so quickly? this thread has been pretty cursed so far too with all the meme posting

Can anyone translate this? I know it's talking about their fetishes. I don't know about Kars being into ryona, though.

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Memes are great I don't see your problem

He would of curbstomped, if you really wanted him to come over he shouldn’t have gotten such a bullshit power up to an already busted stand

Happy birthday, Abbacchio! For anyone who didn't see it, writeanon 2 wrote a really cute story about the gang throwing Abba a surprise birthday party:

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To be fair to him, it was a little confusing at first


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Anyone else kind of disappointed with how fandom treats certain characters, babying them? I sort of get it for Doppio, Pesci, and Narancia, but why Ghiaccio? He spends all his panel time pissed off, kills people for a living, and doesn't have a single panel where he's not weird looking. So why do people draw him as a sobbing pretty boy? Is it the glasses?

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>homeless loser

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Wait what?

His personality and relationship with Prosciutto can be seen as sort of cute.

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Because his design makes him look like a twinky nerdy boy, and people love drawing cute nerds.

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But he's not, and I don't get it. Why change the character so much? If they like Ghia, they should like him how is, angry and with an unfortunate face.

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"On average" has room for exceptions. So it still has weaknesses.

Why does he look like Epitaph

I think it could of worked, like he knew of ger's power and was a little spooked to just use it literally every battle, saving it as a last resort. So he wouldn't use it during the pucci confrontation until over heaven happened, in which he goes "oh shit time to be overpowered" then attempts to use the arrow but fast pucci steals it like the flash right out of his hand.

jojo artists will always bastardize designs to make them more cutesy/twinky

its an unspoken rule

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Because genetics weren't kind to him.

Yeah, I guess it is. I'm just bummed out because it makes it harder to find decent fan art of him. He's either overly cutesy, or hanging off of Melone and I don't want that.

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>or hanging off of Melone and I don't want that.
Yeah I don't like that ship either.

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I don't like any where the main reason for it is "they talked and they're both kind of attractive".

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All this Ghiaccio posting is making this thread cold.

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I think people like Ghiaccio is because he reminds them of themselves. Since they probably wear glasses.
But they don't like his face, or his attitude and change it to fit their perspective.

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It doesn't fucking matter it a stand has a weakeness cus all you have to do is hurt the user as evidenced by the big bad villain getting beaten by a tiny piece of a rock. Twice.

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I can get behind it in certain circumstances (including characters that are both attractive and never interacted in canon).

But not for Melone x Ghia, their designs and personality clash way too much to work.

I prefer Melone x Prosciutto since they're the 2 hottest members of La Squadra.

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Also being a weird looking fuck in glasses is what made me like him at first, so I guess I can kind of understand that.

I love how they did the eyes, they're beautiful.

Some people say opposites attract for pairings, but that's for things like one person not liking peanut butter and the other loving it, not something as big as the difference between Melone and Ghiaccio. I don't really like any La Squadra pairings aside from maybe Pesci and Prosciutto.

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Statistically speaking on average, nobody in the world replied to this thread.

That's true, just like his point.

>3.09056705e-7 % of the world population replied to this thread

Risotto and Illuso are hotter than Melone.

Don't fall for this bait, it almost got me.

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I don't know, I'd put them at about the same level. Although, Melone is slightly above Illuso by virtue of not having pigtails.

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melone is too dumb looking to be hot


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>normal opinion is bait

this is reverse bait to get us to post hot melone art

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Why is Metallica so good?

Melone looks like he would unironically use the word 'boipussy'.

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>rape stand
Melone deserved worse desu

well I can't argue with that. He's too fabulous.

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What kind of life did he lead where his stand turned out like that?


It's the Seinfeld memes he spouts

Who is the ugliest member of La Squadra? Hard mode: not including Pesci.

That's also the reasoning behind Jotaro x Kakyoin so what do you expect?

>I don't know about Kars being into ryona, though.
Same. Jap fangirls hardly ever hit the mark.

Who the fuck "translated" this?

I've paid as little attention to Jotaro and Kakyoin as possible.


"And what's the deal with idioms?"

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Doppyfag edited it for shits and giggles. It's obviously not an actual attempt at translation.

>they should like him how is, angry and with an unfortunate face.
This. Nobody agreed when I said Ghiaccio is ugly and nothing like he's depicted in fanart.

>jojo artists
More like female fan artists in general. It's not exclusive to JoJo, retard. In fact, I think there's more artists in this fanbase who draw characters more realistically/faithfully than in other fanbases.

Homo couple.

He's ugly and gets pissed off over trivial things, but that's a big part of why I like him.

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That's fucking retarded logic.

La Squadra Attractiveness, rated from most to least:
Melone = Prosciutto > Risotto > illuso > Ghiaccio > Formaggio > massive power gap > Pesci

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I forgot homo couple existed, they'd be after the massive power gap with Pesci still last.

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what do you guys think of Sup Forums draws dio?

Prosciutto > Risotto > Illuso > Formiaggo > Melone > Ghiaccio > Pesci > Gay Meat

Are they actually supposed to be a homo couple or is it a fandom thing? It's been a while since I've read.

>Melone that low

>Melone that high

improved translation said "They were so close, some people even wondered if they were a couple".

They were implied to be a couple


I would be genuinely surprised if they weren't meant to be. One of the first things mentioned is that there's rumors that they're together because of how close they are.

No, Ghia is better than that.

>ranking homo couple above Ghia
that's a bit too far, user