Dragon Ball Super

Manga Hit only beat vegeta who was at less than 10% and had no time skip improvement

Manga Goku black had no clones or anger boost

Manga M Zamasu is only ssb level

Manga Toppo only beat goku cause goku let his guard down

Defend this

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The manga is shit.

>defend that Hit is only SSG level, aka fucking strong because SSG isn't a jobber in the manga
>defend that Hit and Black aren't mary sues wit unlimited asspull powers
>defend that M-Zamasu as strong as Toriyama wanted, not strong enough to beat two SSB fighting together
>defend that I'm a speedreader
>defend that the manga has no retarded power creep
No thanks

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>caring about Super
GT is miles better, just finished rewatching it (beggining this weeked) and it was time well spent.

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there's no need to defend any of those since they are already perfect

>A potara fusion with a SSB level fighter as a compotent can't beat a "complete" SSB level fighter

This is just sad.

Why Uub wasn't invited to the Tournament? He should be way stronger than Krillin.

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Is 17 base SSB tier? (not talking about Kaoiken/Kawai form)


He's like 5 years old

He's in between SSG and SSB. get over it

> hit was a chump compared to fp goku and vegeta

> M zamasu is a potara fusion, should be > ssb

> Toppo didn't beat goku cleanly but because goku messed up


>it's mentioned in the japanese version that every x years a SS is born

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>10 ips
>21 total votes
sounds legit some cuckdroid is already abusing the fuck out of the poll which means nothing.

He is probably around SSJBKK x10 level. He performed just as well as Goku and Vegetta did against Jiren, maybe even better if you consider he held back Jiren's most powerful attack at the time.

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I bet on both side.

No one really care about it beside some retards

>17fags are this retarded

>a copy of Goku and a weak ass fly are on the same level as the real Goku at his peak of power because they fused
Makes sense

>SSG tier in the manga

>Zamasu should be as I say, Toriyama is wrong
Sure thing

>Toppo didn't beat Goku cleanly
Goku disagrees. And no he wasn't holding back, Herms already translated it correctly (unlike ViZ) and Goku said it's possible he lost because he wasn't at full power since the start... and neither was Toppo, they were playing almost the entire fight because Zeno wanted to see all Goku's forms. What is settled is that full power Toppo can one shot Goku (basically what happened) and that full power Goku can one shot Toppo (Toppo said so) so they are equal, the fight is deciced by who's the one landing a good punch on the enemy before.

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Goku stated that 17 was heavily injured though.

Frieza and him were more fine in comparison, 17 did many kamikaze attacks.

Also, going by your logic, base goku=ssb

This poll was posted in 3 thread

Reminder that Gero’s research and incentive to build 17 stemmed from his service in the Red Ribbon Army.

Bow to your real savior. Remember to praise your local manlet as a sign of appreciation.

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Frieza got wrecked in one punch by rested Jiren while 17 clashed fists with him, took multiple hits from him and kept going.

>no argument

Concession accepted.

>fine in comparison
wrong, they took a lot more beating than 17, androids dont lose stamina, they also never lose power.

Also, 17 literally saved vegeta and goku from a powerful blast of jiren.

17 also tanked attacks that were meant to vegeta SSB Kawai

Androids can get injured you retard, watch 17 vs imperfect cell.

Also, you use headcanon while I use direct statement of goku himself

Look at this winner right here never thought he was gonna be the winner didn’t you

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Are you actually saying that 17

never goku stated that 17 was in worse shape.

>Bejita sama, you're numbah one.
>Please take my wife.

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yeah cause potara fusion is OP.

SSG tier is chump shit compared to SSB Goku and Vegeta. I never said hit was weak, he's not a match for goku or vegeta

Toriyama is wrong a lot

Toppo being equal to goku is toyotaro fanboying and now allowing goku to be inferior to anyone but jiren in this arc

>toppo being equal to goku is toyotaro fanboying and now allowing goku to be inferior to anyone but jiren in this arc
Toppo beat Goku in the manga retard

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This assumption is obviously wrong

>17fags making up delusions
He only jumped in Jiren working with Goku and Vegeta. He can't fight any real fighters on his own.

>Look who's talking
Right after this statement
>17 stay behind

Are you into logic?

because Goku and Frieza were enough for Jiren at that point.

but it still had a qualifier rather than just toppo straight up beating goku which would have made sense considering toppo is next GoD and goku was out of shape

>out of nowhere a mysterious new competitor shows up

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so whats the point of your original post?
>toyotaro fanboying

>Being this retarded

Are you saying that 17 is weaker than base goku?

That all makes sense, though, Hit, Black, Zamasu, and Toppo being as strong as they are in the anime is extremely pushing it

he can't stop himself from making an excuse for goku and vegeta

oh vegeta was at less than 10%
oh can't use full power of blue vs zamasu
oh let his guard down

Just have them straight up lose

If they were enough, why did he asked him to assist them?

You destroy yourself everytime, you're actually saying here that 17 is weaker than base goku.

Stay delusional

Not him but he is weaker than Goku and Frieza. You 17 wankers are honestly the most insufferable group in DB.

>Not him
Yeah right
>17 is weaker than base goku

Spotted the retarded samefag

toei is retardedly inconsistent with how strong fighters are supposed to be. Base goku and FF freeza can beat powered up jiren? please spare me

Blue > Hit
Hit has never been about raw power, Hit is all about time skip. Even being weaker in power he can make up for it with his time skip.

>cant use full power of blue vs zamasu
he did use it? Also the plan was to keep zamasu busy enough so the fusion would run out.
>oh he let his guard down
so? its way better than just
are you even trying toeishil?

>yeah cause potara fusion is OP.
That's why a copy of Goku reachs Goku level by fusing with a weak ass fag

>b-but it should be even stronger!
According to you? Too bad Toriyama disagrees

>SSG tier is chump shit compared to SSB
Maybe in the anime, not in the manga.

>Toriyama is wrong!
Okay sweetie

>shitting about Toppo not being a jobber, but a freaking strong guy like Goku is in the manga

When did I state that 17 is weaker than base goku? their goal was to ring out Jiren at the cost of Goku and Frieza, they needed someone to stay behind.

Not him, but infinite stamina goes a long way. SSJ3 Goku > Kid Buu, but Goku fucked around in that fight for long enough to reverse that. 17 with infinite stamina, even with his injuries, would've surpassed Goku by the end of the tournament, by sheer virtue of the fact that Goku was wearing himself down a lot.

Hit time skip improved in anime, no such thing in manga

My point is vegeta losing to black was more about him not being able to use true power of blue first time around than anything black did

Toppo is next GoD and goku didn't train so yes being stronger makes sense

ssj3 goku and kid buu were basically the same level of power, not much difference at all

First, we'll start with a little piecemeal torture. Knives and screws under the fingernails? Then we can move onto rape and hot irons into the orifices. Papercuts across the dick hole and shave it down until we reach the veins followed by a needle into the urethrea. We can then draw some veins and bloody piss and stick it into your eye.
Finally a parting cupcake.

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>being this retarded OK

>literal headcanon

Their plan was to beat jiren, the ring out part was literally improvised by frieza because goku was surprised by his demands, goku just joined him at the end.

Stop with your headcanon

>>"oh let his guard down"
>two equals fight
>stated to be equals
>acknowledge oneanother as equals
>one slips up
>the other wins

>goku didn't train
that doesn't mean Goku lost all his power, he even stated he didn't go full power but lost, he got ringed out. But in the anime he got to humiliate Toppo like Toppo was a fucking doll. Vegeta in the manga resorted to SSG and Blue switch to beat black, which worked. Instead of simply HURR DURR I GOT STRONGER POWER LEVEL.

Goku states that he could've easily annihilated Kid Buu had he not been fucking around so that Vegeta could get a turn

do you not understand what i'm saying? there was no reason to throw the "let my guard down" in there. Toppo being stronger than Goku wasn't anything farfetched. Goku basically didn't train post black arc and toppo was next god of u11

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>SS3 goku from buu arc who was annihilated by beerus can apparently tank jiren punch


Goku didn't train, he was also rusty in the anime. Yet that happened. Explain.


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Where did I stated that toppo was weaker than 17?

Also, you literally showed here that toppo need to be serious against 17 to get rid of him in one attack


>Frieza got wrecked in one punch by rested Jiren while 17 clashed fists with him, took multiple hits from him and kept going.
Frieza got fucked up by Toppo's Hakai attack beforehand, you retard.

show me where 17 took a punch from jiren and made it look it was nothing.

>still believing in 6-10-15 scale

because infinite energy, not power. Look how puny 17 power is next to Toppo. Hes not SSB tier.

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>still incapable to disprove Toriyama's scale with Toriyama's content

>God tier mean that you've to beat jiren

Stop with your stupid post.

17 literally tanked attacks that were meant to kawai vegeta

if ssg = 6
then ssgss if its even twice as strong would be 12

so ssgss goku > beerus in RoF?

So that has been decided.

The chads of Sup Forums recognized 17 as SSB tier.

Which mean that Gohan can be SSB tier too

show me. Because I dont think you know what TANKING punches means.

Gohan and 17 are not SSB tier.

Kale is for handholding.

Also Gohan is weaker than her too.

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>if its even twice as strong
Who said SSB is twice as strong? In fact in the manga there's no big difference between God and Blue, Beerus even calls Blue "a mere power-up from SSG, not enough to reach his level"

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He took a punch meant to kawai vegeta, remember the fight?

Can krillin do that?

Are 17fags former Gohanfags who jumped ship? They seem to have the same double digit IQ.

The chads of Sup Forums decided otherwise.

Accept reality vegetafag

It's useless to argue with this vegetafag, he's just ass blasted that 17 do not need pure saiyan DNA to face jiren.

Krillin can't really do anything, in fairness. They would've been better off getting Yamcha than him (they should've at least taken him over tenshinhan, since tenshinhan proved to be a brainlet while Yamcha is a rich, smart, handsome, and famous baseball player)

no, because Krillin is a fucking normal human with the durability of an ant.
Also what episode did that happen where 17 TANKED a punch from Jiren?

Tap on YouTube "vegeta, goku, 17 vs jiren"


That's not evidence. Show him the specific scene you're talking about.

Fuck you, faggot. The burden of proof is on you.

Post the link yourself or fuck off

No they age really slow compared to us, a saiyan in his 50s would still biologically be the equivalent of a mid 20s human. Goku looked like a child when he was 15 for example and looked teenage in his 20s meaning Cauli and co are in their 20s.

>Waifufag desperately tries to rationalize that he's not a pedo

So you do admit that 17 can still fight after taking God tier punch?


At 1:01

What can you say to that faggots?

Since that durability=strength in db, this mean that 17 is God tier

Suppressed Future Trunks is a 5. Checkmate atheists.

And 17 is higher than 15. Checkmate Gokeks.

You posted no proof of 17 not being god tier.

The burden of proof should be on you

>What can you say to that faggots?
To post the link the first time, you stupid fucking mong. I'm not even the person that you've been "arguing" with, it's retards like you that don't do this shit from the get-go that make conversations like this stupider than they have to be.

I am so glad this proves you're a fucking moron.
He took a kick while GUARDING and got buried into the fucking rocks. That's not TANKING A PUNCH.

File your fucking concession.

Different user. This is open forum, and both of those other guys are faggots.

I want to take her to the lego store!

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He was able to continue the fight you retard.

Anyone who's not God tier would be dead at this moment you retard

he didn't tank shit, he didn't tank a punch from Jiren. You were literally caught lying. Admit you were wrong. Dont move the goal posts.

So krillin can survive to Jiren by just guarding?

>Anyone who can't beat jiren isn't God tier

To everyone, avoid this retard, he's obviously lacking of pure logic

Tanking mean that you take damage for someone else.

This happened, 17 tanked damage d'or vegeta, stop lying

How the fuck is that tanking? 17 was out for a noticeable period of time because of that. That's not tanking, that's getting his ass kicked.

This is tanking:

"Tanking a hit" means to take a hit unguarded and pressing on as though it simply did not happen. An example of that is when the gang go against Broly in his first movie, in which they go all-out against him but he just keeps menacingly walking/running towards them so that he can slam their faces into the ground


The other faggot is getting caught up on terminology. You however, as I have previously stated, are also a faggot.

what is best DragonBall opening and why is it the Budokai 2 opening song?

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