What happens in your country?

What happens in your country?

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kys weeb, don't speak if not asked to


make copper


not a lot

Christianity and guns

Pic related

fap to cute finnish boys

Pretty interesting parliament fight between the government and the opposition in order to reform the most polemic tax in the country

im enjoying the fact ill be living elsewhere next month

we really love akari

i wanna fugg akari

Wow, we do too, Ireland and Norway has a lot in common


I love you Ireland!

What happened to the Icelander that made these threads?

Bjork is busy with her music user

he was brutally raped by some dutch user


we punch kangaroos,
go down to bottle os,
and acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the afygfyagdkwagyidsa people of the fhauigtfiagdwia nation.

banned for a long as time.

Art, love, history, fine cuisine, terrorists attacks...
The usual.

onko ylis taas maassa?

Fucking nothing. I'd love to leave it some day.

cultural enrichment


off you fuck then

Mostly akari appreciation discussions,
akari festivals,
the ususal

we team up with

If you can't live in your easy-mode cunt, you won't be able to love anywhere else



t.clueless libnigger

subutex and alcohol

you are the reason why i hate r*ssian posters

bantz and white collar crime

You know, you can't just post Akari and at the say time spout insults on me. That's not how it works you rudeling

Everything is shit and I might have to kill myself soon.

russya cute!


Imagine the population of Finland but the same size density and whites are the minority.
I want to make like Akari and disappear from this shitty state.

I meant twice the population of Finland.

Why is Akari so shit?
She ruined whole episodes


How is that rabbit hanging in mid air?


sadness and loneliness

Why do you guys keep posting blank pictures?

They are not blank, you just have to be kind at heart to see something as pure as akari.

I'm hoping I don't get murdered oday

a storm raging right now, ex-presidents want to change the constitution so they can get re-elected,t he usual in a banana republic


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retarded people on fb, beaches, party, going to malls (if the city has one)


retarded people on fb, beaches, depression, whatsapp groups

The ruling party is full of detached cathcuck retards, and the previously ruling opposition full of detached eurocuck retards is so butthurt for losing power that they manipulate every piece of media into telling people that somehow the ruling party is breaking laws and endangering democracy.

Vid rel - "police used force against the prostesters"


it snows


love and prosperity, nothing interesting tho

We complain.


Thank you!


Why are you posting a picture of cloudy sky?

but that's what we love about you

Baka ri?

>tfw no akari gf

anime website

Someone gunned down the Russian ambassador, and that might trigger WW3, nothing much.

Cute grills, corruption and a slow burning war

>this flag and answer
must be a really peaceful life

>not daughteru

Put a bullet through your fucking skull.

Wrong board weeb.

how did you post a thread without a picture???

wrong website, normie

Your Sup Forums is that way ->
Oh wait your /trash captcha: calle police

facebook is that way

>expect interesting thread
>just weebshit
at least MLP fans stay in their containment board

Don't have one.
Your TOR is that way pedo weeb >>>fbi.gov

im the guy who shags youre mother on the weekend

Necrophilia is degeneracy too.

>his mother is dead

D-damare ._.

There isn't much happening around here desu

>complaining about anime on an anime website

yeah. no action at all.