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what does Sup Forums think of Sup Forums?

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I Ignore them

99.99% of posts are literally less coherent than Yahoo Answers

>Sup Forums is one person

At least this is actually true here, tho.

delusional as fuck

>when you make an absolutely abhorrent post
fucking leaf

based as fuck

Sup Forums is a big guy

You can tell that this poster is Sup Forumstrash. Go back to your trashcan and spout more memes underaged kid.

Shits up the site, usually stupid and horrendously autistic posters and 9/10 happenings are exaggerated bullshit.

go suck more dog dick, Muslim leaf

pretty fucking gay

You must be 18 years old to use this site.

They're like that raunchy friend from back home who you wouldn't trust around your sister but with whom you've had the wildest drunken nights of your life.

just face it leaf, you arent welcome on this site

They're the fat fuck at the back of the class who invents theory to explains why girls hate him when it's just because he's a fat fuck both in mind and body

hes more welcome than you

pol more like lol
because they are laughable

Sup Forums is the BEST FLAG BOARD and Sup Forums is the SECOND BEST FLAG BOARD.
Sup Forums is the WORST FLAG BOARD.

Failures of life who blame their own problems on Jews/niggers/fapping/women/liberals while talking about their own suppiroity.

When conflicted with this instead of self improving they resort to taking pride in people who died before they were even born.

White lower middle class kids who were tricked into the education meme or never fit in us pol as a place they can feel welcome while projecting their own hate onto others.

>9/10 happenings are exaggerated bullshit.

until the trump, that is

Eccentric little boy who thinks he knows it all but actually doesn't know jackshit and ends up spouting idiocy most of the time.


fedora tipping le racis edgelords.
a uniform mixture of mgtow virgins and spineless morons who cant form their own opinions.

literally spend their entire time triggering eachother with macros about tmblr fags triggering eachother about muh patriarchy.

the irony of this naturally escapes their superior redpilled state of mind.
moot was supposed to ax that shithole if it turned into stormfront and started spilling in other boards again but at the end of the day he is nothing but a fucking fag i guess

if they eliminate the board they would just come here, though, Sup Forums needs a flag board, it's their way of feeling superior to other flags

this seems accurate. and Sup Forums is Yahoo Answers tier like Sup Forumsacks or alt-rights or radiclal asshole immigarnts say something stupid and some other guys concern about it pointing their autistic points out in a somewhat coherent way

But that's Sup Forums.

Seriously. Sup Forums is just like Sup Forums except with differing views. Some say Sup Forums is more ironic and meme-y, but it's just as incoherent.

Sup Forums is more echo chamber-like though. here people will get more of a challenge on their views, on Sup Forums you just have to say "niggers" to get 300 positive replies

but because int is more meme-y its a lot more tolerable. people on Sup Forums actually believe the shit thats posted there

I agree. I've gone to Sup Forums before and done things like that and it's like some weird version of Sup Forums.
Here you have to make a meme post to get replies, but then people will meme on your country, too.
On Sup Forums all you have to do is say "gas the kikes hang the niggers RACE WAR NOW" and everyone will pat you and each other on the back.

Sup Forums is full of newfags and retards

the amount of niggerism in this thread just appals me. Sup Forums is nothing compared to Sup Forums. I wont even mention a lack of memes or a total lack of discussion. The most important argument is that Sup Forums has ten times more posters. Here most of non general threads are bot-threads. This included. So you all better watch your filthy nigger mouths before you say something disrespectful about Sup Forums

Like Sup Forums but with less intelligent conversation, more conspiracy theories, more unintelligent shitposting, and much less variety in political ideology.

so you pol fucks love stying in generals and circlkejerk there
no wonder why its so shitty

it's the same thing except they post weirder cartoons

So go back there if it's so much better.

All those fake redpills...
They're not interested in understanding how things really are like, they can only believe in what they want to.

Like right wing version of SJW, annoying, overuse of buzz words and memes, get triggered by the smallest things

it's a shithole and needs to stay that way

pour toi


Sup Forums is a board full of illiterate fools that take themselves too seriously.

Sup Forums is shit and basically a meme board where everyone pretends to be right wing but faps to anime, trannies and shills for corp rule and the jew

/britpol is fine
Rest is irony and satire either taken too far or misinterpreted by people from the 'dditt


>a fucking leaf

i met a guy from Sup Forums IRL
hes kinda nuts but if you manage to get him off the broken-record "gas all niggers" mode you can even have a conversation with him

I'm disappointed that m00t didn't delte the board instead of merely sperging out at them before he left. As for Sup Forums itself, well it's basically a cesspit of normalfaggotry; a cancerous growth on the site.

>Sup Forumsedancer attempts to cross board and chimps out when out of his safe space echo chamber.

Sup Forums give political incorrectness a bad name!
And because of that, I have a very low opinion of them.

Having said that, I checked it out again last week, and it's a lot better than it used to be.

It's full of underage newfags now, it was mixed with irony and satire with actual racists but now everyone believes every single shit they see there and every single conspiracy out there aims to destroy "white race" and "civilization on yurop" because self centered stormfags can't get a grip on reality, politics and geopolitics. It was fun to deb8 and b8 but now you can't have a conversation and you don't even need to b8 to get (You)s.
I wouldn't mind their safe space/echo chamber/circlejerk if they wouldn't sperg out on the other boards.
Just like Sup Forums become shit with underages Sup Forums become shit with underages.

Like here, too many fucking Americans.

I like it though aside form the shills and the Americans.

Good place for being an oracle

They're annoying and need to stay on their board.

I've been there yesterday and a guy just made a thread with this pic

>fuck muslims" and nothing else.
so whats you point?

it's nazis
it's actually nazis
fuckin' fascist wannabes man
leggo mah freedom

Figures say that the whole bunch of them feature an unbelievable amount of newfriends, thanks to every edgy teenager they've brought over with their 2016 shenanigans.

And otherwise they're pretty annoying, a little paranoid, and they can't argue for shit.

no memes for fun

If you do this on Sup Forums you will probably get 10 replies like this and that's it, people would eventually meme or talk about something else.
But on Sup Forums you just get hundreds of 3-words replies, in a sense it's not different than reddit's karma.

It isn't wrong, but at this point, that's pretty much about flattering your own views with everyone patting everyone else's opinion.
A thread that echoes "fuck Muslims" 300 times isn't very intriguing is it? That's only an echochamber, and those things are for idiots that can't tolerate opposing views.

I've been posting on Sup Forums since the beginning and it has gone to *further* shit.


>better watch our mouths before we say something disrespectful about Sup Forums

that's pretty funny
I'm not sure if I'm missing the joke or if you actually are the INNERNET TUFF GUY

>those things are for idiots that can't tolerate opposing views.
Sounds like a perfect place for Muslims.

>opposing views
what kind of opposing views on muslims do you want to have? There are no good muslims.


I dont know what it means desu

Putting a group/class (in this case Muslims) before the individuals that make it up in order to categorically state that there are no good muslims

but there are no good muslims

Some are quite friendly in Morrocco and Lebanon, though I wish that there were less that were preoccupied with earning a career in Europe to journey and settle there.

See, I also snide Muslims, but I'm also detailing where it is my limits on hating them lie, which is infinitely more investing than us both parroting "fuck Muslims, wew so edgy. Sure isn't rsddit in here", etc...

>no good muslims
*except the dead ones

I've known some good ones

Isn't that generalizing/stereotyping rather than collectivism ? Collectivism is more like socialism, or at least in my language.
Or maybe I didn't got the banter srry.


What, you idolize the suicide bombers? okay abu-bakr

>there were less that were preoccupied with earning a career in Europe to journey and settle there

>unemployment is a career

Fascism and communism (and other socialism Marx go to hell) work off of collectivism and are naturally what it is most famous for, but it's not something entirely limited to those ideologies

Sup Forums is objectively superior to Sup Forums


>BAEL index

whoa watch out he might even call you a nigger

If you filter out all the generals, this board becomes cripple chan slow.

On Sup Forums you will find people who unironically listens to Alex Jones. Nuff said really.

>inb4 Alex was right about something one time

>If you filter out all the generals, this board becomes cripple chan slow.

Perhaps, but not all the generals are shit and more posts usually don't mean better posts, filter out the word "Cuck" from Sup Forums and you might as well remove the whole board.

On Sup Forums you will find people who unironically defend Islam.

Buy Brain Force btw.

you are talking about something different from how boards/forums should be.

if you can reiterate the same shit and chant it with other posters saying the same as you like gathering upvotes on le ddit, then you might not even have to stay on Sup Forums at least to discuss something

the problem is Sup Forums has turned into such a chanting machine refusing to have a discussion, and its fucking bored many Sup Forums users except for the newfag chanting clapping machines.

> not all the generals are shit

>its fucking bored many Sup Forums users except for the newfag chanting clapping machines.
And yet it has 10 times more posters than Sup Forums and if you subtract all the garbage in generals it has 100 times more posters.

quality > quantity my friend

Are you that same Canadian that unironically believes whatever Sup Forums posts and defends the board here every day?

Either that or there are a bunch of you.

But that's what the generals are and they're the majority of Sup Forums. They're like the mlp spam threads in Sup Forums before /mlp/ was created. Outside of generals you have more utter garbage like easter posting.

55% shit is better than 95% shit

>every day?
There isn't even a thread about Sup Forums here every day lately. Take your estrogen pill. This is only here because of the truck of piece incident.

I feel bad for Swedes on Sup Forums. The shit we leafs get you guys get 10x the amount.

Sup Forums is 99.9% shit.

Takes itself way too seriously.

Sup Forums and Sup Forums are pratically the same. A lot of Sup Forumstards go here frequently.

>There isn't even a thread about Sup Forums here every day lately.

Specifically about Sup Forums no, but in every thread whenever Sup Forums is mentioned and a "discussion" starts up there is a Canadian to be found defending them.

Don't feel bad, I've only ever met 1 Swede that swallowed the Sup Forums "redpill" and unironically believed all the memes about us and he was pretty pathetic before that anyway, I've no problems with Sup Forums banter, 'success breeds jealousy' and all that.

>Sup Forums is 99.9% shit.

ftfy bud

still most Sup Forums posters are chanting machines

most of the posts there are the same as if all of them playing an AAA garbage game with the same style and giving it 10/10 as fuck all together. the numbers you mentioned dont prove and guarantee anything in quality

I don't mind slow boards. Sup Forums might not be the best board, but it delivers some nice banter, memes and informative posts everyday without all the newfaggotry from Sup Forums. And it doesn't take itself serious.

All Sup Forums does in here is steal our memes.