"you do believe in god, don't you user? I don't think we can get married if you don't..."

>"you do believe in god, don't you user? I don't think we can get married if you don't..."


kami-sama wanai

pretty /aesthetic/

it's a nogizaka46 pv

Why 3d japs looks so autistic?

Because they aren't like my animus!! Dx

better than anime girls desu

stopped watch 2d anime after realizing this.


whos asking her? all you gotta do is get the approval of her father and then comes the horse-drawn cart, blanket and the kidnapping

Oh, you Bulgarians are such lovely people

You would have smashed her pussy hundreds of times and made her worship you instead long before you even considered marriage, right user?

>yea sure babe i believe in god
> (disbelieves in god internally)

t. someone who has never met an asian in real life

God is just a three letter word to take away the pain of life.

But I'll say anything to stick my penis in your vagina.

this 2bh

GIrl in the OP getting ready to sing at a church choir

I've been faking to be a muslim for a couple of months just to please my gf desu
As long as it doesn't imply I have to cut my dick off I don't really mind

>inb4 with her asian bf

>in he current year of our lord

she does have an Asian boyfriend

so it's true what they say about women liking feminine men



oh fuck, my bf forces me to wear a cross. i'm fucking atheist, wtf

jesus was mongol

lmao I can smell your posting style

fuck I've spent too much time on here

t.someone who has never met an anime girl in real life

>liking feminine men
No, they dont like feminine white boys. Young white girls like in the OP just love Asian boys.

Sure. But I don't think he believes in me.

fuck whiteys

I am god

Disprove it, oh wait, you can't

asian boys are feminine as fuck though lmfao
i don't think you'll find feminine white boys here in bulgaria

all asian girls here have bulgarian boyfriends

>she does have an Asian boyfriend
With her Asian boyfriend

kill whitey


Welp, time to delete all my photos of her

Her IG

brown man


I don't condone race mixing

you think I would ever marry an invader?


what is this meme
its all over Sup Forums as well

christcucks get the fuckkkkkk ouiuttttt

Post it

>I don't want to marry you, I have a gf and even if I haven't, fuck you, stop forcing this fucking "religion is still a thing in civilised world" meme you dumb slut.
Then I tip my fedora, turn 36000. degrees and teleport away.

Fair enough.

See yah around

Most of the good Southern girls here in the US are Christians. If you want 'good wife', you need to attend church / youth Christian groups.

>"Sorry honey, I stopped believing in children's fables when I was 8. Try another sucker though!"

>only god could've made *this* perfection

That's a joke, right? Southern girls fuck random guys from Tinder as much as anybody, if not more.


Religion is a spook, you fool.