A gothic cathedral in France

A gothic cathedral in France

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and a gothic cathedral in Poland

why were Poles always so subhuman?

Surely you mean Gothic mosque?

too many russian and german granfathers

The Polish goth cathedral is redbrick so its probably neo goth (18-19th century) whereas the French one started construction in the 13th century. neo goth is largely garbage everywhere. plus dont forget the church, especially the Vatican in the renaissance considered gothic architecture too be ungodly abominations

i think ours are more comfy

Those are simply different architecture styles.
The gothic cathedral in Poland are build in Brick Gothic style, a northen German architecture style

Fun fact, there are more mosques than churches in France now, and many were former churches.

>probably neo goth

you dun goofed

I don't think that's true 2bh

"The Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul in Poznań is one of the oldest churches in Poland and the oldest Polish cathedral, dating from the 10th century."

no zapostuj cos jeszcze korab bo zrobiłem już popcorn

>francais et musulmans ou est le probleme
This triggered me so bad

>why were Poles always so subhuman?
This is literally goebels memes

well fuck. my bad. red brick churches around me are all neo goth. so i assumed it was the same everywhere. guess you really are just subhumans huh

You are fucking uneducated all of Baltic area built their gothic churches out of brick, we didn't have tons of limestone and sandstone like France and England. And brick isn't such a
"flexible" material, it doesn't allow for all this beautiful sculptures you can see on the Western cathedrals.

forgot to add that pic related is actually an example of neo gothic in Poland and it looks really good

koriab ty masz schizofrenie czy co

Nice excuse. We only have limestone in a place on the border with Belgium and France.

France -> Germany*

Secularism was a mistake.

That's not true, although from what I can remember there are more active mosques than there are active churches, mostly because there aren't alot of deovted christians in France.

No money

>Nice excuse. We only have limestone in a place on the border with Belgium and France.
as we can see on your picture, that's enough to build monumental cathedrals

we don't have limestone at all