Would you personally allow russia to join NATO?

would you personally allow russia to join NATO?
like if there was a referendum and people of your country had to decide if russia should be allowed to join NATO or not would you vote 'yes' or 'no'?

because the absolute majority of russian citizens dream about joining NATO and EU, especially the younger ones from big cities. but of course our rigged polls would never admit it

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sorry for retarded english btw.


You serious? I thougth that all russians hates NATO and they think it is the enemy.

The solely purpose of NATO is to contain and oppose the Russian influence.

But nice troll.

This guy is right, but I would vote yes anyway.

Definitely no.

only brainwashed old fucks from villages hate it. young and middle aged people love nato, eu and genuinely want russia to be a part of it.
also don't believe everything you propaganda says about russians

Yeah, the more the merrier

europe is crowded we should have "lebensraum"

What's will all the Russians here lying about their own country all the time? Only 12% of Russians have a favorable view of Nato, according to a Pew survey.

Don't worry i dont belive my propaganda. I don't event watch TV :) i knowu you russians are ok, your politicians not really in my opinion. But if you will be part of NATO then who needs NATO enymore? :)

Every Russian I've met has been pretty cool...
Men and Women were tidy people.
I like how harsh they are with English.... direct as fuck, but funny as hell to drink with.
Your organised crime gangs are crazy and complete nut cases...

>according to a Pew survey
according to a fake rigged survey in which nobody even participated.
or they could intebtionally ask only those who will most likely answer something like 'reeee fuck nato fuck west! russia stronk!'

>Pew Research
>fake and rigged
Not really

>Your organised crime gangs are crazy and complete nut cases...
It's not like our own governments are that much better

There'd be no reason for NATO to stick around if Russia joined, which would be a good thing anyway in my opinion.

I'd also prefer if Russia and the rest of europe could be on friendlier terms/integrate more but as long as Putin keeps going with the whole "Russia stronk" I don't think it'll ever happen, we just don't have the same values.

I mean eastern europe is like Russia lite and they still can't integrate into western european culture, look at Poland/Hungary, they seem to be regressing so I don't see how it'd ever work with Russia.

>Russians love Nato & the EU


Sure, add Belarus too but let ukraine die in peace.

Taras, my son...

Russia is dying anyway. The young generation all want to be European and/or move out of Russia and live in Germany or something (wouldn't you?) and Russian culture is seen as something for old people.

As for Putin, he's a Cold War babby of course he can't help how he was raised on that mindset.

>The young generation all want to be European
Only 42% of 18-29 year old Russians think Russia is a part of Europe, whereas 54% of those older than 60 say so.

What would be the point of NATO if Russia was in it?


It's impossible. Eastern Europe will definitely be against.


aren't you tired of posting that picture in every single thread?


This is the Kremlinbot diaspora troll in Germany. Please do not feed it.


Assuming it would be on the same terms as with other allies, not some special relationship "you get privileges because you have more nukes" kind of deal.

The same as it is now: assurance of security to its members and a platform for military cooperation.

And it's not like Russia was the only country with abusible military power.

>large, poor, corrupt country without any tradition of stable/transparent/democratic government
>that also has nuclear weapons

That...that's absolute genius.

>only brainwashed old fucks from villages hate it.
nah fuck off

only some liberal retarded scum really like it


Except for the nuclear weapons one, eastern europe is already all that, it's basically one big shitty country anyway

How much worse can it get?

I think there's a slight difference in size and population between Russia and Lithuania.

I take exception to that. We are poor and corrupt, yes, but nowhere as much as Russia is now. Our media are pretty free and government doesn't murder people.

All Eastern European countries have multiparty democracies; they're not Russia which is has faux democracy where the opposition parties all just exist to look insane and convince everyone that URP is the only choice.

NATOs only reason for existance is being anti russia. Let russia join and you would destroy its basis.

Personally I don't really count Czechia as eastern european, you're sorta inbetween both, you're what the rest of eastern europe should've done, slowly adapting to western european culture.

I've been there and I've met the people, it's nothing like Poland, Bulgaria or the baltic states etc.

Lovely place

t. Mariusz Bierskowzczicz

No. It would sound like a plot to bring back dictatorship to eastern europe

You're new af if you haven't seen that diaspora troll before.

what is turkey?

Rest of eastern Europe IS doing that, they're just lagging behind for various reasons.
Slovakia even adopted Euro.
Estonia does its best to be a trailblazer when it comes to modern governance, I even heard they want to use earnings calculated by IFRS as tax base although I'm not sure how right that is.

Don't know enough about Bulgaria to comment, but Poland is also in a pretty good shape for ex-communist country. It's true they have a quirky nationalist government these days that took them a few steps back when it comes to political climate, but I believe they will get over it.

Don't get consumed by memes. I know you wouldn't like it if I went with >somali >cuck shed etc. either.

What is Atatürk? Wtf is kemalism

Turkey has nukes? I missed that.

murrican nukes in its territory as I know

They have or had US nukes, though I think they moved them this year but wikipedia still lists them with 60 US warheads

>Wtf is kemalism
no such thing under erdogan

Turkey doesn't have any control of _our_ nukes, dude.

they can easily capture them if Ergogan goes completely mad

They wouldn't be able to do anything useful with them before US would fuck their ass raw.

You legally can't because of the whole Crimea shit. You aren't allowed to have a dispute like that.

Then we wouldn't need NATO anymore.

West integration when. Bring some heat btw

Russia is run by evil.


but nato was formed against russia?

inb4 Russians going
>he's just a clown nobody takes him seriously
>ty ochujel

Silly American, Russia is not run by evil, Russia IS the evil.

Russia is run by satanists sadly, can't argue with that.