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LMAO, will finland ever recover?

tfw btfo

Suomi mainittu, Torilla tavataan!

i dont get it

>pasi teaches how to count in finnish

>pasi teaches finnish cuisine

can you get sugar free es?


No, but there's sugar free Megaforce.

how does it compare with ES, taste wise?

What's so funny about yellow road markings and shower dividers? Shower dividers are based as fuck though.

what is a shower divider?

>he doesn't have shower dividers
hellol non-country

what is a shower divider?
is it the glass think?
we call them box

The glass wall thing you can have next to your shower to divide the areas for showering and other stuff. Google for examples.

What a fucking autistic op.
Has to be a proxy finfag.

Oh, okay. I have that.

do finns consider that something traditional or something to be proud of?

There's nothing traditional about them. However I will say as a lot of households that I've lived in haven't really had them, when you go somewhere that has a shower divider it's pretty great.
Also ask yourself, who doesn't like shower dividers? They literally keep the water contained in that one area where you want it to be contained. Also they're MILES better than shower curtains.

What the fuck is that fucker in the video? He's asking finns to sell out to the english. Fucking disgraceful.

>one day we will be rich and we'll afford shower dividers Kimi
>one day Pekka, one day....

okay den

Don't bully my future trap girlfriend.

Good luck I'm behind 7 shower dividers


>becomes all normalfaggy after half the video

Yellow road markings are usually used here when the traffic needs to be diverted, for example because of a construction site, so they are not permanent.

Not that weird desu