Fact: Swedes are the most powerful race in the world

Fact: Swedes are the most powerful race in the world

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Fact iberians are the most powerful in world.

berber beard

Fuck b*rbers

old meme

whatever happened to that guy

he jumped off a bridge and died

fun fact: he died as a kissless virgin

Why the fuck

>jump from a bridge

Why did he do that?



a tripfag on here tricked him

he's also on the bridge

What the fuck?

it's safe

>tripfag Jimmy goes on biking trip through europe
>tripfag Badboll (OP pic) goes to visit him in bosnia
>Jimmy convinces him to jump from bridge
>Badboll gets put in the hospital
>Jimmy has plans to go to some festival with some bosnians sluts
>ditches Badboll, badboll is alone at the hospital
>badboll dies

no it isnt, its very risky
theres a trainer that teaches you how to jump if you wanna do it, and many people have died because of it

hej sidf

What a retard. He deserved to die alone and as a virgin


looks like you have a pudgier not-so-aryan face

This is Libanon, a famous """Swedish""" tripfag

fun fact: he's severely obese, only showers once every 1-2 weeks and likes to torture birds

Hello eastswede

I remember Jimmy's blogging, I think it was summer '15. But honestly, what happened to badboll? No way he died.

Wow he looks like me but fatter
t. CHI

You can't just steal our meme.

his face got the making to be a pretty ok looking guy if he loose all that face fat

Post more I want to catfish people with a dead guy

idk but i'd cum on that face