What does an AVERAGE girl look like in your country

What does an AVERAGE girl look like in your country

Be honest with me Sup Forums

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dunno there's about 30 million of them


This is probably as close an average group as possible. More Mexicans if you're in an urban area, obv.

maybe bit above average but you get the point i think


There are girls with these looks everywhere it's like a glitch in the matrix

I recognize a fellow ass peasant when I see one
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why are you obsessed with this whore

we would make a hell of a threesome

Groups are rated as a whole







5.5/10 but has potential


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>tfw no nordic mexican gf

I usually see women like this in Manila. malls and stuff. rather Chinese looking



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Since I live in Miami I'd like to post pictures of hot Latinas but unfortunately all I see walking on the streets are mentally unstable old ladies.



Pick one


>There are girls with these looks everywhere
sounds like heaven



Something like this Also pick one Sup Forums

23 a best

10 would get it

13 please
she looks kind of bitchy
I find it hot

Not bad, but it could be better.


17 idk she looks fun

The one with the red lips, the one at right of her is kinda cute, but she has a very manly face so I'm kinda confused right now

Lost my shit


>bottom row
>second from left






not exactly "average", but I guess you're more likely to find a jailfu in the US than elsewhere.

>In October 2013, the incarceration rate of the United States of America was the highest in the world, at 716 per 100,000 of the national population. While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world's population, it houses around 22 percent of the world's prisoners.


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Here in the country of California, they look Mexican

>above average
>decorous, virgin, doctor (and consequently smart), a social-traditionalist, and everything I would want in a wifu
>doesn't even know I exist

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Like this. They are ugly as fuck.


Chicano here. You are so delusional

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If this would be the average I would kill myself.

The average is tolerable

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It's hard to answer. In the south there are more white girls, southeast is mixed, northeast and many black and indigenous.

I could post a brown girl, but where I live is pretty rare.

This is a typical woman where i live.


Why do you shitpost about Northeast so much?

Fortaleza, Natal, João Pessoa praticamente não tem pretas ao contrário de capitais do Sudeste

To say that in the northeast has more blacks is shitpost?

As capitais do sudeste. Vai no interior de SP, por exemplo. E eu disse que no sudeste é misturado, ou seja, tem brancos, pardos e negros (ou até mesmo asiáticos) com frequência.

Southeast has the biggest. Northeast is brown


pls juliana or wilda


>you get arrested in the US for drinking alcohol at the age of 18

40%+ of mexico is overweight/obese,go away

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rollan for Ashley

23 = 13 > 17 > 16 = 14 > 5 > 15

Bad.... and old


She could be straight off the boat from Britain desu



juliana,jullian, lauren and tyler could also be ok

hmm i'd probably do it

only one