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the cara dilemma must be put to rest


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kek, jesus christ

First non cute voter reporting in

love pakis

don't want them dating niggers

So fucking bored all the time now lads

need to drink cara's wee

are ye pulling my plonker mates?

love pints
(simple as)

Reckon Venezuela would be doing a lot better right now had Maduro been a radical centrist

cara is a male

why do you listen to it then?
I told you what you should do but if you're a huge pleb yourself there's no saving your stunted bloodline.

write a book


seen you post this a few too many times mate, starting to wonder if there's something actually wrong with you

Good documentary to watch, or film, just, anything. Please. I was thinking about watching The Empire of Dust, anyone watched it? Either that or a documentary about Kowloon Walled City, but the thing is, I don't know if I really want to watch either. Somehow a third option will solve everything.

why not mate?

choose your side

dont really care about politics. not fussed about what's happening in the middle east. couldn't give a dogs bollocks what the stock market is doing. just care that my pint is cold and the pub is open. simple stuff.

I'm a terrible writer

take shrooms and watch black moon

Bitter Lake -- Adam Curtis

get a job?

but what about cara

>why don't you want your sisters to date niggers who are inherently criminal scum with nigger genetics

hmmm tough one


don't even fucking know what left is, but it looks like jam and toffee

my point still stands


Fucking worthless sack of shit she is.

Business idea: marry your sis so the darkies can't have her


this upsets the yank

both are too gay

ah right haha
*walks off and talks to someone else*

>giving up the neetlife

dont think so

need her to bankrupt my company

alri niglad

having feelings again lads
its strange and I like it


Empire of Dust was good
never seen anything specificly about Kowloon

depends what you want, I know a lot of good stuff just on Youtube

was watching this series recently
low production values but very interesting, talks a lot about Egyptian philosophy and ideas on magic/religion
this is a good episode where they talk about Egyptian ideas of death and the afterlife.

literally me if i took that shit $48k/y job

hello nigger

was watching iZombie and this scene reminded me of timothy james byrne

remember when everyone was sucking her off and how great she'd be for yahoo



normie humblebraggers honestly deserve to be shot


need to cum in her fanny

*engages stealth mode cheekily*

This is the story of how a group of disgruntled British NEETs in an obscure corner of an anime image board ended up revolutionizing the way we think about banter
and about how, along the way, they proved that shitposting always triumphs over serious discussion


look lads i'm pretty sure i made it clear i didn't want to talk to you lads
*walks away and talks to some calm, socially confident normies with no delusions about race*

Man being 190cm is such a pain, every girl instantly looks at me but never find me attractive because I don't have Chad personality



you seem to be the delusional one here, friend

she's not living up to defending the human rights of the Rohingya or whatever the Burmese muslims are known as.

ahahahahahahhahahahahaa pirate scumbags...

>"I found this book in your room user, 'The Bell Curve'? What's it about?"

Well, Rorkes? What do you tell the lady?


*grabs you by the shoulder while you're walking away and forcefully turn you back towards me*

listen here nigger, you are SCUM. back in my papis day we would turn you niggers into wind chimes!

tell her to shut up because i'm not in the mood for it now


In this text, the authors argue that human intelligence is substantially influenced by both inherited and environmental factors and is a better predictor of many personal dynamics, including financial income, job performance, birth out of wedlock, and involvement in crime than are an individual's parental socioeconomic status. They also argue that those with high intelligence, the "cognitive elite", are becoming separated from those of average and below-average intelligence. The book was controversial, especially where the authors wrote about racial differences in intelligence and discussed the implications of those differences.

"oh that must be my brother's, he's a little...problematic.."

>because this naked woman is wearing two tight strings, she is not considered naked

woah, is this the power of spooks?

stop browsing brit at work

actually very interesting suggestions. surprising. will probably watch hypernormalisation now.
Kowloon walled city isn't just kowloon m8. Google it, quite interesting. Shan't be watching theological stuff about we wuz kangz tho

m8 the people with their dicks in their name things are like 6.5" or something stupid like that. that's not a big dick problem, that's like a slightly above average dick inconvienance.

>the "cognitive elite", are becoming separated from those of average and below-average intelligence

How are they becoming separated?

Was he gay?

nakedness is the real spook
Modern society wants us to be ashamed of our bodies and seeks to turn us into grotesque caricatures of the human form

let's find out
*opens the book and reads aloud to you*

at some point, you become smart enough to realize it's a bad idea to marry a dumb person

how did that file becomes so big from the source–image?

Chris was so heterosexual he could probably fuck ten men and still feel secure in his heterosexuality

Well, I'm assuming you read it.

unironically thought kev and tim were the same person for a large period of time
is there only one photo of kev?

*tucks myself in*

think i might get my first job purely through nepotism

is this how everyone gets jobs? because it feels like it all makes sense now

its nothing about "we wuz" but I find Egypt interesting.
if you want something comfy you might like Into Eternity
here's the trailer
and the full film

yeah definitely, that's why I copy and pasted the first paragraph of the wikipedia page

Yeah, it's rumoured he had gay flings with Tory ministers when he was at Oxford.


I put some filters on it to make it look like an old TV

depends on the field

such a hottie

HATE HATE HATE when people choose working hard instead of working efficiently

pretty much

my first job was at a fish and chip shop that my grandparents own

>is there only one photo of kev?

ohoohohoohohoh oh boy

just a standard beginner job

retail stuff, working in the bookeys to be precise

*gets under me blankey and snuggles with doggy*

fok (fuck off kraut)

nice job on the appearance of it.


>plagiarizes an entire paper
heh, work smarter not harder right professor?

dumb frogposter

oh yeah all of that shit is 100% nepotism. actual careers can start with nepotism but unless your family is properly connected, you need to work hard to stay there.

Who is more JUST - Kev or Tim?