Is I1 the worst haplogroup?

Is I1 the worst haplogroup?


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Just so you won't have any delusions.

R1a and R1b in Scandinavia and West Europe.

Odin himself was most likely R1a-Z284, a Kurgan Aryan war-lord from Azov region. Hence Aesir = Azowie = Azov.
R1a-Z284 and some R1b(but mostly R1a) Kurgans slaughtered former "gods" and "chieftains" of the l1 cro-magnon natives and took control of those regions, creating Germanics through fucking their women and teaching l1 men war-culture and Indo-European language.

R1b is more attirbuted to Celtic expansions rather than Germanic people. R1b-U106 which was considered "Germanic" was found out be haplogroup of the native British Britons, which were Celts not Germanics.

I'm just gonna copypaste, since you're bunch of idiots anyway.

And then again.

Later in more modern times, l1 in Germany was almost exterminated to the point of no return by Franks, converting l1 Saxonshits to Chrisianity.

Germany is a heavily dominated R1b(Celtic one) country now, due to immigrants from France/Frankish kingdom filling the shoes of the murdered Saxons.

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proud J2B2 masterrace here. I wuz romanz n shieeet



>Anglosaxon R1b is way more than I Germanic

I am proud that we put our seeds in the finns!

Oh boy, here we go again
It's mainly Celtic senpai.

There was a huge repopulation going on in early medieval era


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>Oh boy, here we go again
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Yes. N is superior.

azov was named "azov" way after odin would have come to scandinavia

The best part is that word "Azov" isn't even derived from an Indo-European word, it's from Turkic.

adding on this, "aesir" comes from proto-germanic "ansu" while azov comes from some turkic shit in the 1000s. going with the logic of this fine polish intellectual, odin would have to be a time travelling turk

J2 is the best haplogroup