Is your parents home a love nest or a living hell?

>Is your parents home a love nest or a living hell?
To me a living hell I'm moving out soon, they actually made me mentally ill

Living hell...

somewhere in between

i could literally make a tumblr account and blog about my messed up life and get tons of libtard (You)'s

same here, fuck my mum

I moved out when I was 19, so that's a good thing. I couldn't stand living with my parents for long. They're always hating on each other and my father behaves like a typical cliche mother-in-law towards me. Zero privacy or quiet were also a thing.

Delet this

My parents basically disowned me since I turned 25. I don't get presents for birthdays (we are not poor, on my 20 b-day I got a car) and mom asks me to buy own food and cook to myself.She give me house tasks every day before going to work like I'm a maid. Also she is annoying me every day that I should get a job, a gf and move out. Dad gives me pocket money only if help him in office (he has own small business). I don't know why they even gave birth to me if they hate me.

>I moved out when I was 19
I wish I had the balls to do that so young

I guess user just moved to another wagon in his tabor cygański

>I guess user just moved to another wagon in his tabor cygański

>that flag

It was because of university. Then I just stayed in the city instead of returning to my smaller town.

>Russian subhuman trying to offend anyone

It was hell. I left home at 16 and have been living with my grandma since then.

Every 1 of 10 Bulgarians is a gypsy, and in Russia they make only 0,15 % of population

Russians aren't better comrade

Mom's a bitch of an alcoholic. Moved out a few years back. Cleared my chronic depression in a few months.

Is it really worth moving out? I've been considering it for a long time now.

Sure not.
You can host a party or invite gf without embarassing your parents. Probably you won't do it because you visit Sup Forums and is an autist.
Need to earn money
Cook for yourself
Clean after yourself
Take any other care of yourself
Feel lonely
Don't feel connection with your family

>Need to earn money
>Cook for yourself
>Clean after yourself
>Take any other care of yourself
>Feel lonely
>Don't feel connection with your family
A lot of people living with their abuse families experience this and much more

Why not move then? If you don't earn enough build your own shack in favelas.


You missed another 10 or so "pros", plus I do all the cons already anyway.

living hell but i left, at 22 no less (it was harder because they literally made me mentally ill too), but hey better late than never

also in this meme country most people seems to unironically think im a hero for leaving at fucking 22

A love nest. I heard them fucking every week until i moved out.

You can run but you can never escape
Youre here forever

>russian banter

love nest but i cant wait to get the fuck out of it

Parents divorced when I was young, lived with my mom until I found her needles at 18, ended up dropping out and moved in with my dad a year later and now im almost done with junior college, I have a lot of privacy so its all good, my dad is very mild mannered himself.