If your cunt took no part to WW1-2, it is not truly a country

If your cunt took no part to WW1-2, it is not truly a country.

You are right. Spain is not a country.


technically we were with the allies


This picture upsets me

according to Sup Forums, we did nothing in WW1


For some reason people are proud that we sent some guys to Italy.

only the bad things

That's every war though.

my country got created because of WW1, does it count as participation?

>tfw the anglosphere has had to save the world on multiple occasions

if your country didn't partake in both world wars for the entire duration, on the winning side both times then your 'country' is weak, feeble and pathetic

I love how your country wasn't completely destroyed like every other 1st world country yet you managed to do absolutely nothing with that amazing power.

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childhood is idolising america and the soviet union

adulthood is realising that the commonwealth made more sense

feels alright man

You've literally done nothing besides be a pussy for 250 years. I can't even think of any art or science.

does it count if we took part in one

Except nearly single-handedly win both wars

Typical America propag- err i mean """""""history""""""", nearly every nation on earth understands that america had next to no impact on either world war and that they were both mostly won by britain and its commonwealth

This site has made me hate Canada

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We were neutral leaning more towards germany. Atleast we backed the good guys, unlike the allies.

Goddamn why did the japs have to ruin culture?