How degenerate is Amsterdam?

how degenerate is Amsterdam?

These people are having a nice family dinner with a few fat whores only 10 feet away

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>all these old cigarettes between the cobblestones

Degen as heck.

That's disgusting, but why do they choose to eat there?

nah that's the employees from the same place having lunch. their shift is next.

i hope the little girl is just visiting

me on the left eyeing the whores while wife is not looking

she is the rising star. her stage name is kindle fire

light of my life?

prostitution is legal in pretty much every western country, usa is the only backwards one seeing a problem with it

>stage name

That's not a strip club, user, it's a prostitute vending machine

Imagine your culture can be summed up as "weed, whores and flowers". No wonder the Dutch hate their country. The only worse place I can imagine to live is Thailand were your whole country is an underage brothel.

>Americans talking about Degeneracy

Is like a Mexican talking about rape

There are other places in Amsterdam you can bring your family to eat, than the red light district.

Not here in France, not in Sweden or in Norway, not in Ireland...


Technicaly, it's legal to sell sex here. It's just illegal to buy it.

Outdated map, lad, now prostitution is illegal to buy in France.

Prostitution is ilegal here, the law enforcement is shit thats all

That's some stupid American bullshit.

Revolting to be honest. Prostitution ought to be illegal, with prostitutes and their "customers" being beaten for the first offence and executed for the second.

Dog bless escort agencies, I've fucked like 26 hot escorts and never had any STDs.

yellow and blue countries allow prostitution but don't regulate it, what the fuck is going on
enjoy your stds

oh lol japan and it's non-penetration jazz

they like their soapland

I recall reading that there used to be bbq's in the 80's where the servers went bottomless
I mean, I'd go, how could I not? That's too bizarre not to see.

what do you think about this place
Loove Hotel
Calle Siete 55, Col. Porvenir, 57430 Nezahualcóyotl, Méx., Mexico

close to the airport and has good reviews and sounds like a place where everyone brings (or buys?) cheap whores.

Never been there so I can't tell you, m8.

I'm from Monterrey but I know that Mexico city has also pretty good escorts.

>Is like a Mexican talking about rape
Or beheading, heinous dismemberment, tunneling, etc.

Yellow countries "allow" it. If it's illegal to buy it's still essentially illegal.

Whoa, it's just like that, in the open?
I first assumed those were mannequins in a sex shop.

The sex purchase ban is actually quite recent.

It was a long debate, and all major political had alot to say about the topic.
So they ended on a compromise that criminalized the transaction itself, while protecting the prostitute that after all sell sex as a livelyhood.

>signs say no taking picture
>take it anyway
degenerate as fuck

when I was in Amsterdam it was full of Tunisian looking men wearing leather jackets and looking shady as fuck. Every single street had some of these guys, it really made me uncomfortable. I don't know how girls can walk around there, it seems like only the very center is the safe area

Nezahualcóyotl is a shithole


Half the appeal of the red light district for tourists (men and women) is that you can go to cafes and restaraunts to eat, drink, smoke, sit outside, look at the canals and half naked women dancing around in windows. If you don't like it, you don't eat in the red light district. It's only a small area of amsterdam.

thanks, good to know. a dangerous shithole or just a rundown place? hard to tell based on the streetview. what about further north in the suburbs like ecatepec? cheap prices but don't look too good.

it's like that in most western europe cities, but netherkanker ones aren't as rapey as the ones in Germany

>You now realize it costs 100 euros to rent those boxes per day and the whore charges 50 euros for a fuck
>she has to fuck at least 3 men per day to make a living

very, a few doors to the right of the pic there's a radio studio for (((electronic music)))

No small foamy beer, fucking disgusting.

Amsterdam is a really depressing place. I don't know who gets aroused by a woman standing in a glass window at pedestrian level but I would recommend anyone that does check themselves into a mental clinic.
Amsterdam isn't really a Dutch city, though.

>t. cancer tourist who is part of the main reason the city centre is shit.
Please stop visiting Amsterdam. I'd rather not become the new Venice.

I'm not a tourist, I've only "been" there once because I had to get off at the airport. I would've used Groningen if I'd known it had one.

There are no Dutch people in Amsterdam. And those disgusting slave whores are from eastern Europe.

>There are no Dutch people in Amsterdam
Well memed, my provincial friend.

sup Achmed. You Dutch now?

He's right though, mehmet

Ewa ik ben in deze land geboren kk racisten

>Says the guy from the country where you can buy rifle ammo and childs toys in the same store

>Obese prostitutes are displayed on the window
I bet those are the shittiest prostitute bar in Amsterdam