This is a 10 in uk

This is a 10 in uk

That's a 10 to France's future president.

She lives at Number 10, yes.

Would fug tbqh



>cradle of civilization
>now only cradles Somali testicles.

It's a 10/10 no matter where you are. Goddamn, sauce on this slut?

Didn't find anything on pornhub, has she even made any hardcore scenes??

I am greek



My English Rose

I am Greek.

British subhumans, I am not turk, I am Greek.

You're replying to a Canadian you fucking retard


I have read on /fit/ that one of the reasons why br#ts looks like that is their shit cuisine and food in general.

Basically that their children are eating super fucked up diet and they grow up with various deficiencies into deformed britons faces.

Is that true? Is the milk + cornflakes and fish and chips the only food you eat?

This is a 3/10 in Poland

>May will never hatefuck you

>not a cute
why do greeks always have shit opinions on everything

10/10 todger
good reply

>merkel will always hatefuck you

She looks like a rat.