/cum/ Canada-US-Mexico

>tfw too poor to travel-edition

>tfw no friends/car to do a lower 48 roadtrip-subedition

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kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=CS97GMS&name=Cold Steel Gladius Machete
kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=402532&name=Cobra Steel Falcata
kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=CS97KMS&name=Kukri Machete

th for no sleep forever

ill go on a road trip with you

I think between a sword, shotgun, and spikey warhammer I'd be the most afraid of the warhammer if I was a burglar IMO


cant afford the gas to get over to the east coast either

>it says battle ready
never gonna make it
doesn't matter what you'd be most afraid of, the warhammer takes the longest to swing, is the most unwieldy inside and might not even kill with a single hit

idk man in the confines of an apartment if you can close the distance a warhammer is pretty useless. Can't do much with it if the dude is literally on top of you

I think something along the lines of a Roman short sword would be optimal

i have over 4000 dollars saved up

Not just that but have you ever seen that video of those Russians killing a guy with a hammer? It's the worst way to go being bludgeoned repeatedly drifting in an out of consciousness.

>doesn't matter what you'd be most afraid of, the warhammer takes the longest to swing, is the most unwieldy inside and might not even kill with a single hit

That doesn't even matter, not matter how slow it takes him to swing or how hard when that hammer comes down it's over. You are about to die a horrible awful death and there is no stopping that hammer.

I mean, if he lunged at me with a gladius I could somehow maybe get up after that/avoid it. Not with a fucking warhammer though, kek.

kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=CS97GMS&name=Cold Steel Gladius Machete

its already past 1 am

>those Russians killing a guy with a hammer?
hand hammers are extremely effective bludgeoning tools indoors

a warhammer isnt

kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=402532&name=Cobra Steel Falcata
kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=CS97KMS&name=Kukri Machete

fuck I have class at 9

>mfw 4 AM

go to sleep guys

I drank a grande white Chocolate mocha with dinner and now I'm wide awake. I gotta be up in 6 hours, and I've been in bed for 3.
I'm probably fucked.

>a warhammer isnt

Well I'm gonna fuckin buy one now and test this

i know im right when i say a shotgun or a sword is better for putting an armed intruder out of action

a sword can prevent an intruder with a knife from bum rushing you and a shotgun will eliminate any threat

the apartment has big vaulted ceilings so I could probably swing it overhead

Warhammer>> All

Look at this fat guy even looks terrifying and turns into a beast with one


the person will kill you
>I don't think I could bring myself to kill anyone. even if I had a gun. that's why I think i'd feel better just beating them half to death

goodnight senpaitachi

why would you drink that

can someone post the pic of the tall hilldawgs mocking the manlet drumpfkins

Why would we do that, /cum/ are official Trump supporters

Yeah but there's pretty much no chance that there would ever be a threat. I live in a super safe city in a safe area on the top floor of an apartment building. I just want something so Im not the only guy with no weapon.
Also Im on mobile now so my flags are gone

I am not.
Goodmorning you mean

FUCK drumpf


> Warhammer >>>> All
What is a Zastava M70?


>trump gets dumped and we get Pence instead


Stop watching Samurai Jack


post a pastebin


why and how would this happen


hes vp silly

This isnt 2012 anymore
>Jack’s first villain, Scaramouche, with his flamboyant dress and mannerisms which include ending every sentence with “babe,” reads as somewhat tone deaf and homophobic. The portrayal of samurai seems to be rooted in a Wikipedia level understanding of the historical figure and feels appropriative at times. While this season introduces the strong, nuanced female character of Ashi, women’s bodies are often depicted as hyper-sexual, a fact made uncomfortably clear by the daughters of the Scotsman in the latest episode. The show has wandered into this territory before, most notably with the character of “Da Samurai” in the fourth season, who was nothing more than a racist caricature.

Pretty much nothing desu

trump isn't going to be impeached

I was speaking hypothetically, you little wiener

Can't stop farting buds


Buy a chastity device and single key, lock it onto your penis, give me the key and tell me that I am now in control of when you can and can't orgasm.

This is literally the only way that you can right your wrong.

do what you must

i have already won

>tfw your friends went on a Spring Break roadtrip across the US without you

really don't wanna go to work desu

did they not tell you about it at all?

They did but they said there wasn't enough seats in the car lmao

Gonna try to go to sleep buds
Wish me luck.

how'd they acquire the car?

family in america


Looks like an ex convict I knew who use to sniffs chairs when people left the room. Not trying to insult this guy, just reminds me of him.

That's a self-portrait of me actually, but thanks for the compliment

me in the back

you look like a 12 year old

wish I could grow a beard or even a mustache

Drink lots of moonshine




top of the mornin to ye




Those seal-clubbing videos are brutal

But my 11 year old pickup truck with "nuke mecca" bumper stickers built everything known to modern civilization. Without this gas guzzling piece of garbage that, ironically, literally gives free money out of my wallet to middle eastern theocracies every week, we wouldn't have wheels, airplanes, electricity, or Duck Dynasty. I know this because I am completely unable to fathom how society might work if I couldn't live my abhorrent lifestyle.

If I can't wallow in a musty-smelling glass box with fast food wrappers heaped up on the floor for 40+ hours a week, billions of people will die in a global thermonuclear war.

Why do liberal college boys always want to shove they're lifestyles down our throats. I have no choice but to live 3 hours from my job opening boxes somewhere because I never thought about this much until just now. Muh freedom.

>too poor for travel
>what is walking on foot

It's pretty narly

torontonian intelligence at work


kek I'm watching that right now on the news, hope she falls. Church is the cancer of Toronto, It's where all the trannies and freaks are.

yeah good luck with that

*clubs u*

>80 degrees today

Sick of summer and it isn't here.



I want to be electrocuted to death at the peak of White Rabbit

fuck africa

Could you handle the challenge

Bit rude of them


ah yes, another murder-suicide livestreamed on Facebook Live.

Truly making the world a more connected place.

yeah... have you ever been on a road trip with friends?


The seals will get their revenge, wait and see

I've had this nightmare

we always hear about how dangerous it is to meet with people from internet but is it really more dangerous than the random cunts you meet any other way? i think no

pssssssst, hey. wanna meet at a motel? Ignore the surgical tools, I'm a surgeon I swear.






scrambled eggs are disgusting and you're disgusting for eating them. Everything else is good.

>scrambled eggs address disgusting