White people stole the secrets of african civilaztion

>white people stole the secrets of african civilaztion


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>lives in Africa
>tribal society
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>People pay money to visit these places

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I would say that Africans were severely stunted by living in an environment where your cloths and housing were unnecessary.

Cold winters further north selected for people that always wanted to build more and improve since it would actually help them survive.


>Does this mean we'll soon have a system of black math called "Nigonometry"?
I think they already did. Could someone upload the pic where there's a math problem a black kid was solving and the answer is 4; and instead of writing the number 4, he drew 4 fingers because the other kids were making a "number 4" hand gesture.

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this is the average level of understanding economics in this country


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>we did not begin as slaves
>posts a civilization built on the back of African slaves
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