Be me

> Be me
>Medical Assistant at hospital
>Get new volunteer
>GAWK and stare at new volunteer all day
>Think he looks like black Quagmire
>Accidentally call him Blackmire
>He asks WTF that is
>Have to think fast, tell him its the name of an amazing knight in British lore.
>Volunteer now tells everyone he is Black-Mire.
>I have created this monster.

Pic related, its him.

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Head nurse now calls him blackmire. Jesus

If I was in the hospital and that thing tried to volunteer with me I'd be trying to pull the plug or make bubbles in my IV. Fuck me, it looks like he's wearing the giant gulag head from beyond thunderdome.


It's mouth looks like a dog vagina!

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Unfortunately we have to allow this, he is part of the student group that volunteers for trauma kids, imagine waking up from a coma and this TIKI headed nigger is staring you down.

ROFL'd hard


why is it always Latinos that get that shit?

Poor guy can’t help the way he was born. I have to say OP, you may have outed yourself with this thread as I happen to know who he is in real life. The black-mire thing is harmless but you’re prohibited from taking pictures in a hospital as a healthcare professional. Major HIPA violation on top for taking pictures of the babies. I’ll ask him who taught him black-mire so this can proceed. Also, taking screenshots of this thread.

If I woke up from a coma and saw that thing I would think I died and went to hell


>taking pictures of the babies

Oh no nonono hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeee

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have fun idiot

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You might as well just say "I was only pretending to be retarded."

Good luck nigger, im hiding behind 7 proxies in real life.

i was but your mom isnt

the baby looks fake

How do you know what a dogs vagina looks like user?

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Omg, I died.

You know, I posted the reply about outing him hoping that someone would pick up on the baby being fake. People tried replying to me that I’m a faggot.

I am legit obsessed with this volunteer, here he is as " Gomez " from Adams family.

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Yea, really...taking pics of fake babies is a major HIPA violation, huh? Get fucked, you big head lover.

>taking pictures of babies
Jesus, its obviously a fake baby you faggot

Fucking kek

From fucking dogs, obviously. I bet you kiss girls, faggot.

Read my other reply.

Is there a fetish for this kind of shit.

Oh, yes now I see...bravo.


made my day

Aw cmon op your kinda a dick dude

this is what is under the flesh

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Thats hot

>juanyta with a Y. the lower class at it again kek

La Creatura

well the funny thing is - you weren't, dumpchump.

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This nigga looking like the heads on easter island

I'd like to hear what the world looks like to him. Hyper connected reality. So many ways to engage with the public so few ways to stand out. Body are taking notes.

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wow fucked that up. Boddy modders are taking note

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Fucking gold

I really don't believe this is real but I keked anyway.

fucking lmao.

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This kid lives in southern Indiana does he, OP? I see him like every day.

Fuck off moral fag

Virtue signalled


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everytime i see someone with this condition i think of this.

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