Tech Gore Thread

Tech Gore Thread
Last one died.
Lets go

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Thats too far

so the CPU split open? or....?

Did you actually apply thermal paste to the pins of your ecu?

The retard put the thermal paste under the cpu you retard


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unironically did that once. friend of mine drowned his system in bear, then cola on another occasion. so i had to clean it, and this was the most efficient method. I now use the dishwasher, which is more convenient.

As long as you rinse with distilled water, and let dry for at least 2 days its usually fine after wards.


>IDE Cable


I have a couple.

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how does this even happen

every system has some bugs

For starters, he fucked over the socket which can't be soldered out and replaced. Then there is the literal shitfest that must be surely spreading on the rest of the motherboard.

Long story short, this fucker might had wrecked the whole pc.

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well, the term did originate from actual bugs getting into computers, and bridging circuits thus causing a program bug.

You then had to debug the program, by looking for the actual insect in the computer, and removing it. thus debuging.

When you let bugs rampan on the system I guess.

On pic related I still wonder the kind of master craftmanship you gotta have to pull this off.

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Ok I kekd

>t. Oldfag

I used to have a larger folder from the times when I repaired comm systems.

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Oh right, there was always this fucking asshole.

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doing that isnt actually that hard, it just takes an absurd amount of time to do it right. But sadly this method will most likely not work on modern cpus need length matched traces to at least the ram in order to even work. getting that with bodge wire is near impossible.

This one isn't wreck'd per se, but it's still very baffling the more you look at it.

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customer computers

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Nope. Trash compactor or fire

more customer computers

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This has gotta be fake holy fuck

still more customer computers

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not done yet.. customer computers

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last one. customer computers

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Fuckdammit. That was my grandma desktop right there.

Buckle up, next pics are russing.

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Don't forget to thank me later for this one user. You will not regret

Yup, can relate. This was everyday shit when I started working on repairs.

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Rofl that was a ballsy move tho

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Not even sure how was this one even possible.

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just watch the verge's video

The lost city of Asus

you would be astonished what animals can get into a computer, its a nice and warm place, so they are magnets to them.

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how is that burn damage even possible, there isnt enough current on that port to do this?!?!

(the only thing i can think of is a lightning strike)

Kinda smart tho.

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I always lose my shit when this happens.

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This is spot on right here.

This is the best thing I've ever seen. Hats off to that guy.

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Rat probably chewed through the cable and received low amperage for a long period of time causing the smoldering

Might have wanted to take that battery out.

Oh no! He let the magic smoke escape.

Dennis? Is that you?

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seen a more extreme version of this IRL. dude flooded his socket with 2 tubes of thermal grease, and then added another full tube on top of it. The damn thing even worked after this. Though thermal performance was shit.

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Hate it when this happens

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This is the first creative OP on Sup Forums since 2014. You are a true hero, sir.

I is cancer

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A. It's fixable. B. The sockets are literally just soldered in and can be replaced.

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Reflow soldering. Patience and a heat gun

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and copius amounts of flux

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Dam son

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What's the gore here? Looks like a normal crypto miner.

My old computer was like this, a super cheap for performance second hand optiplex and an RX480 graphics card. I only cut the frame though and just removed the side panel.

Crypto miners dont need several hdds faggot ahah

They'd tin both ends of the wires. Do the bottom first then the top. Flux could make this more difficult, splattering all over the place. Heat gun/hot air reflow can blow flux all over the place, bridge joints etc

Nothing to do with crypto.

It is needed.

Is for PoCW method of earning, proof of cold wallets

Reminds me of the bitcoin mine I worked at.
They told me to build it like this, I swear, and I wish they gave me something better to work with

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well, the actual bodge is usually done by a small soldering iron and flux core solder, a reflow gun will only fuck you

solder should not splatter when soldering, even with flux, if it dose your running your iron too hot.

the last time i did something like this, i soldered to the chip first, then the socket, row by row.

Though dont expect it to work or be stable, since the wires are not length matched properly.

delet this MODS MODS MODS

... And nothing of value was lost.

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Imagine just... licking that.

Rows and rows of... antminers? From when are the pics? And how did you land that job?

this ones in an attic

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Installing a new video card? Tools required: #2 phillips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, 8" Makita rat-tail angle grinder.

a dremmel with a cutoff disk should be enough

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