Holy fuck storytime Sup Forums

Holy fuck storytime Sup Forums

>Be Me.
>Get married have a beautiful daughter.
>Wife is not exactly the brightest bulb in the egg carton.
>Have a lot of fights in the last year till it gets to the point we are getting divorced.
> court asks if we want to run a DNA test on Cayla I say yes she says yes.
> Be really close to her family because I don't have one any more Parents passed away years ago and my brothers are in Bongostane.
>Her parents have me over for the results trying to keep the peace between us till court.
> I'm holding the envelope everyone looking at it.
>Inside is a bombshell Cayla is not my child.
I read this aloud to the room.
>"You fucking cheated on me you fucking bastard!!! How could you! I CARRIED SOMEONE ELSE'S KID!?" She screamed trying to bury her face in her dad's chest. He's just sitting there in shock.
> Her sister lets out a loud snorting laugh "You dumb bitch that means you cheated on him!"
>I turned and walked out in shock, I could hear her parents screaming at her that she threw it all away.
> Just finished court up she gets nothing.
Hows Sup Forums doing?

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Of all the shit that never happened, this never happened the most.

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>Of all the shit that never happened, this never happened the most.



Op here I am dating her sister now. only 7 year age difference

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Her name is Aspen Rae for those wondering. She has solo videos and some lesbian videos, nothing with another guy as far as I'm aware

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In my state you would still be on the hook for child support since you where married. Also doesn't matter why or who did what. You have to split marital assets equally.

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Everything I typed was perfectly clear, nice try though cuck. It will be interesting if you have a wife and she leaves you for her nigger bull, takes your kid(s) with her and half of your assets because all you wanted was to watch her with another man.

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He's not expressing an opinion you stupid retard, he's just stating what the dumbass laws are in his state. "Doesn't matter why or who did what. You have to split marital assets equally," is clearly clarifying the extent of the law he is citing. Learn to fucking read.