ITT: Poorly describe vidya; anons guess

ITT: Poorly describe vidya; anons guess.

>Chase frog down a hole.
>Find a tank.

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Blaster master


>Be a Grim Reaper travel agent.

Blaster Master.

>waka waka waka waka

>have a sword bigger than himself
>childhood friend got some titties


>in this world
>you start your journey when you're 10 years old
>food is more powerful than god
>your childhood friend got some small titties

>4-Player run n gun



>Be a ball

I answered this last thread. It's still Grim Fandango

Man, I passed out drunk last thread. Didn't see the answer.

>beat up bums
>beat up gang members
>beat up dogs
>beat up military members
>beat up pigs
>high out of your mind


All good lmao

>Be a samurai high on time altering drugs.
>Platforming style Hotline Miami.

Winner! High Score!

Katana Zero. Can't wait for it to be updated for more content, the game was pitifully short

Put 2 holes everywhere

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>build spaceship
>fly spaceship

blaster master

Man literally too angry to die murders all of hell to avenge pet rabbit

>alien who turns into a duck and macho man


>let crocodiles eat clueless children
This one may be hard

Sounds like some John Wick knockoff.

The Incredible Machine 2.

Ding ding! Nice user

I love that game. I remember ordering it on floppy disk from Sierra back in the day when that was the only way to get it.

Either this is bait or you are a true zoomer

A green man who is schizofrenic and has an annoying bitch speaking in his head.

I discovered it on the 90s cracked games compilations called "Twilight". They were quite popular in Europe because on each cd were like 15 games and you could buy them off people in the street

Halo: Combat Evolved

you play as a spider and paint the floors

Press the select button 10 times before the opening credits roll.

monkey ball?

Blue retard

>Rock climber demolishes hairy statues

Left 4 Dead

>get insect wings
>jump off a ship

>"you're still mad about me throwing you off a cliff?"


Can't wait for KSP2. Looks amazing, and they're designing it with modding in mind.

literally any fps

mgs 3?

>avenge pet rabbit
kek Doom

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buy cocaine for bitches and sell their nudes to a magazine company

This sounds like my kind of game.

You and four other monkeys waste 30 minutes playing against 5 other monkeys.

If so its actually volcano

Correct my man

you spend days watering your plants and give a blue flower to some farmer bitch to marry her

Buying gf

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>go to church
>some guy does an interpretrive dance and everyone there is some violent murderer
>guess I'll go to that other place people told me about.jpg
>people on the way to the other place are toxic af
>fuck that place


A classic

Yes! Correct.

rub a girl’s clit to make her cum, buy candles and sleeping pills to keep her unconscious, never actually make her cum

You have dozens of characters. One of these will defend you. Some others will attack you. Choose wisely.

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Rush N Attack?

Shadow of the Colossus?

One of the Harvest Moons or possibly Stardew Valley?

I have played this flash game, but I don't remember its name.

Rich asshole would create paradise
People start wiggin' out at you
Gotta stop the rich asshole who doesn't even kindly help the people.

>fight snails
>level up
>fight slimes
>level up
>fight mushrooms
>level up
>spend all your money on microtransactions

mapu sehtoryyyyyYYYYYY?

how the fuck were you supposed to get the rich girl

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this must be a great game!

slap hippo to make it eat

>Shadow of the Colossus?

Lyrics that give it away removed...

>electronic hockey in the 1980s
>balances dexterity and heavyweights these
>avatars of alacrity
>and physical prowess
>are available in averages
>of swiftness and power
>skate right
>fist fight

>differing degrees of strength and speed
>will make up the team

>we’re running out of lyrics at a minute 30 in
>because the premise of this song is embarrassingly thin
>in just a couple of beats, we’ll bring back the chorus
>with the middle guy, the speedy guy and also the tortoise


Orgasm Girl

kek, thanks for the porn nostalgia.

World of warships but the ships have tits and vaginas.

I never played the GC, but the N64 version had a mining aspect to it. I assume the rich bitch would have liked receiving gemstones as gifts.

It's a mediocre flash game.

>chop nine heads off of three dragons
>make the fat fuck turn red
>rescue the princess, because always rescue the fucking princess

You're not gay but desperate to find a bar full of sailors

FarCry 5?

Fuck I remember playing that flash game. Totally forgot about that.

>spend entire human campaign wishing the faggot you control would fucking die already
>faggot finally dies at the end of the human campaign
>oh joy, now you get to control that same faggot in the undead campaign


>run around killing 8 bit looking enemies
>get loot
>equip loot
>reach level 20
>drink pots to get stronger
>lose loot

If this is RDR, I'm going to find you and molest you in your sleep. RDR 1 and 2 are masterpieces.

warcraft III & The Frozen Throne

You haven't played this game yet because you're still modding it

It is not.
It is.

>be a jew (I assume)
>run around collecting piles of gold
>run away from bad dudes
>climb ladders, shimmy along pipes or ropes or some shit, make holes in the ground to catch bad dudes
>DON'T shoot anyone despite the fact that you clearly have a gun on the cover art
>after you're done playing the built in levels make one of your own.

Oh good. Just be prepared, I might molest you anyway.

Achondroplasia military emplacement.

realm of the mad god

Good luck. I am certainly bigger than you and probably stronger as well.

>start game
>put into motion an event which will make your entire journey pointless
>rescue princes whats-her-name
>bitch gets squished

>dorohedoro the game

Hell yeah it's realm of the mad god. Do you still play?

Super Mario Bros

super smash?

Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?

Rogue, Baldur's Gate, Pixel Dungeon