You wake up as an indian man

>you wake up as an indian man
what's the first thing you gonna do?

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Probably go outside and take a shit in the street

Ask for bobs

Open window and yell I'm awake (in Kannada of course)

Browse the dank web

Make Instagram account and send all beautiful ladies special request for them please send bob and vagene that is all and thank you.


Shoot myself, and make sure it counts

Get on IG and start asking e-thots for bobs and vagene.


This is the only viable answer.

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Become a tech support scammer


take a massive shit on the street

become a superpower. hell yeah!

Check out convenience stores for sale.

call Microsoft and ask for a job.

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pastebin com /sSUf9qNV
1. Jacqueline: I think you were wearing a dark blue dress at the Macmillan prom. I regret not asking you to dance and then making it painfully obvious I had a crush on you and then not doing anything about it because I thought you were out of my league. Met a Jacqueline at the airport Hooters years later looked nothing like you but still I thought some weird cycle had reset.
2. Darcy: Marathon runners are pretty hot if you can ever catch one.
3. Torie: I think it's a little weird to be turned on when someone snaps at you and you were really mean to me when I sprained my wrist from masturbating too much.
4. Leanne: I am unaware of the effect I have on other people. But I think there's something attractive about watching another person receive similar results using wildly different approaches until they take it too far. It's always better to be the newer version and there's nothing wrong with that.

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grab a megaphone and walk the streets, following attractive women and yelling "OPEN BOOB!" as I follow them

Shit in the street
Go swim in the Ganges with some dead bodies
Take an job from an American IT worker
Rape a girl
Get online and ask for Bobs
Kill myself.

this is the definitive answer

Open a new 7-11

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Send bobs and vagine

take a shit on a fucking sideway

Start calling people telling them I'm from the IRS

Hello guys and girls, me mutahar...

I’d wake up as a dragon from game of thrones. Fly to an unincorporated part of the county and continue to do meth as planned.

maaam im a computa tecknischan, i see whit my scan that there are haakers now on your computa

Lie to myself that our space programme is a success and we can overtake the world in 10 years time...thinking all these while I'm poo in the loo



Scratch the dot on my forehead to see if I won a hotel or a convenience store


on the bright side, id get to chat with kitbooger and his granny Gloria

Go to Cambridge (Massachusetts)


Get a job at a call center and use the thickest Indian accent I can muster.

There you go, my bro. And thank me later