Hi. Do you recognize these pills...

Hi. Do you recognize these pills? I own 2 of them (orange) and I'm thinking about trying a microdose (like 1/10th or something).
I hate withdrawals (did it once) tho, so should I do it now?

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Prob MDMA/MDA mixed with speed like most of those pills are

>Do you recognize these pills?
No because I'm not a druggy lowlife

Snort a bit of it and tell us how it feels.

The original route 66's were quality but they were out like 4-5 years ago now and were pink. Those are probably knockoffs so god knows what's in them

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Withdrawals from e pills? Can't tell if srs

Just build a pool and gym in your home and rub in said assholes rubber face

Maybe he meant coming down

yeah coming down. That fucking cold, empty feeling. Similar to what I felt when someone I loved died. Not very nice.

Maybe not the druggie part. But you def a faggot lowlife lurking Sup Forums like the cuck you are. Ive meet some pretty prestiges people who do blow from time and smoke weed by the bundles. Also are daily alcoholics but still get there job done. Work and projects finished, family friend gatherings sucessful

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We had this shape and colour linked to quality some 15 years ago in my country. If you find purple dolphin or yellow crown or my personal favorite at the time pink heart that meant guaranteed fun. But back then we had monopoly on drugs, now there are a lot of cookers/importers and tonight I can buy 3 different colours of dolphins, three different hearts (none of them shaped like a heart) etc. only beer and lsd is still the same

why tf would you microdose an ecstasy come down, do you even know what the fuck ecstasy does?
Please educate yourself and save your drugs for another time you absolute retard.

I think we have a misunderstanding here.

What are you coming down from then?
Elaborate so i don't have to assume.

I'm not coming down yet. I'm asking whether it will happen after eating 1/10 of a pill

Using just a little bit still gives a dip. Just dont. Or know how much mdma there is in there and weigh it down on your body. Either take a trip and a dip, or just don't and still feel a little dippy

It probably will not. But the effect will probably will be non existing. Just take the hole pill, stay inside, give up to any stupid idea you have, try to touch as much surfaces as you can(it is always fun with textured things) and when the coming down start just start drinking. Get drunk before fully feeling come down. Or do amphetamine(not meth) at some point, it makes things better (but not before the highest moment, because it will dull it)

lol microdosing 1/10 go for half ya cunt

this, although i used to just roll a joint and get pretty blazed when i started feeling that low of the come down rear it's ugly fuckin head, get nice and toasted, melt into couch/bed, relax till i can pass the fuck out and sleep off the worst of the come down
also this
take half the pill, crush it up and either parachute it or pour under your tongue

Ok I'm not doing it.

I'll go to my home gym instead like this faggot said.

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dry drop all three. like a man

Nigga u shouldnt be getting withdrawals off of mdma. Like If theres pma in that shit, throw them fuckers away.

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Thought the thread died, sry for calling you retarded.
I doubt you will experience much of a comedown, but since you're still stimulating your serotonin response, there would be some aftereffects.

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