The Stapler Man has returned!

The Stapler Man has returned!
Dubs decides where I staple my arm

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Just don't

Staple your shirt but not your skin

Roll them Eyelids!

Yeah man

People tried that in the last thread where it was just my hand (i stapled my fingers, bones and nails).
If someone gets dubs and says "dont do it" i must oblige. But it's boring so I hope it doesn't happen

Please don't be retarded. It says "ARM". It is limited to the arm for this thread.


Pinky finger

Staple your arm into your dick

Well fuck me. I didnt bother reading that far. I was out for the proverbial blood




Its ok, it happens. Best of luck, friend
- Stapler man

Wrist veins

inside of your elbow

*Arm*. It says *ARM*
We're slowly extending reach thread by thread, we will get to the foreskin eventually. Calm down

I re- roll for the elbow after having read and understood the terms. Me not dum dum

Staple your foreskin closed then piss on cam


I'm wasting time of my useless life to get this, better fucking get dubs.

> I re- roll for the elbow after having read and understood the terms. Me not dum dum


Back of your hand

Oh sorry. Wrists then.

Amazing! user learns and succeeds, elbow it is. Give me a sec!

don't do it

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Under the thumb nail faggit

In between thumb and forefinger

Dude you obviously have like ONE friend, and youre both fuckin' losers.

staple over some vein somewhere on your arm

Nigger meet kettle



Here you go! Didn't really feel it. Keep it going!

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you mad man, wrist

>OP abandons thread once he sees this post

Literally which one
What are you talking about?

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Nah man, i need the winner of that post to tell me where exactly and i'll deliver. I stapled my nails last thread bro

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Under the nail

Roll for under nail

under nail ofc

brachial artery



What do we get for trips


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I just wanted to give you a challenge. Cant have been easy to staple your elbow


Jeeze. I'm on a fucking roll lately. I'm the user that voted artery.

uh oh

K give me a sec i'm gonna mark it and do it

ulnar artery


Do it faggot

Under the elbow

Under pinky finger


can you staple two of your fingers together?


Staple your arm on a pillow


In the dick

Based, op delivers.

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Checked for pulse and did my best. The deeper one definitely hit it because it started bleeding as soon as I pulled it out. Also stapled twice because you won twice

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U dont. No blood on skin

No dubs so the thread carries on!

I commend your efforts. I apologize that my luck was so good and yours was so poor this day.

Reroll for another artery.

Also rolling for buttcheeks

but why dude

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Ulnar artery

this shit's stupid, do somethin else

staple it in the kitchen.


Cause he got dubs and trips. Also I get bored

Thanks for delivering, Stapler Man!
A true hero without a cape.

staple thumb and index finger for permanent OK sign

Wrist, below the palm.

"buttcheeks" man I know Sup Forums attracts dummies but put an effort. The OP clearly says "arm". For this thread it's the arm. We will expand slowly as the threads go

Reroll for this.

OP here, this sounds fun, hope someone rerolls for this and gets it

sure bro, glad you like it I guess

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I'd like to see this as well.


scaphoid carpal

roll for this white supremacy symbol


your nip or pinkie

Are you stupid or just gay? That little pansy piece of shit couldn't staple bone moron, the staple would just bend. Go fuck yourself faggot, staple your eye shut

I get all the dubs in random fucking threads, where are my dubbos when I need them?

Keep trying user! I believe in you

rolling for you, staplebro

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OP here, you are a very rude individual and have a lot of personal issues. I hope you fix them in the future and become a healthier person.

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one last roll from me, maybe it wasn't meant to be

New user rolling for side of your hand under pinky, like where you slam your hand when you smash a table or shit idk