What makes a girl instantly unfuckable?

what makes a girl instantly unfuckable?

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Being dead, probably.

having a kid

you're not trying hard enough, user

having a penis

bad pussy smell.

>wide hips
>big ass
>doesn't fuck democratic voters

what an incel lol. Plenty of hot moms out there.

big ass

being married.

had a black bf or fwb or associates with blacks

being christian

Dude more!

stupid fucking hair colours like OP's pic

Bad breath.


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My god those hips... Rock hard in an instant.



nah. not that desperate that i want a brat hanging around bawling in the background.

breedin' time

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ask her to suck your dick after you fuck her

she'll clean her pussy up after that.

jokes on you, I have no nasal cavity or sense of smell

long ass fucking nails

so unhygienic.

being trans, i'm old fashioned and like my women without penises.

suck my dick

If she dont have a dick


you're missing out on the femboy market user
I know they're not girls but they're so cock hungry

dead meme

you heard me

Any bumper stickers on her car related to democratic candidates.

Fucked a teen mom with big tits and stretch marks a few weeks ago. Was honestly incredible, she was sex starved and wanted it as rough as I could possibly give her it. I came like 4 times in half an hour, which is a new record for me.

do you have any pets?

Being black is close


liking the Patriots or any NBA team

More skin buddy

why only close?

not your buddy, pal

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Nobody wants to see those hams in clothes dickweed.

anything smaller than an F cup

an std

if I had her nude, I would share like a good Sup Forumsro

1. Small tits
1b. Ugly feet
1c. Kids

duck lips.

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ugly feets
ugly teeths
ugly corporal smell

what if they have a cat


being a K-Pop fan

Cottage cheese coming out of pussy

finally someone gets it

Fuck off space nigger.

if they are at the age of or nearing the age of 18.

Being fat.

being a whale

Thats literally my only standard. I hate fat bitches so much.

arm hair

being anti-vax, pro-trump, religious, etc.

I'll fuck a chick with big tits if shes pretty/hot enough, but honestly smaller tits are preferred. Not like flat chest, but like a solid b cup is perfect, the bigger they are after that the more of a turn off it is.

Basically just if she's fat. Not much else matters for a fuck. But as far as dating goes, that would be a list.

That's stupid. What's even stupider is that chicks think they have to be silky smooth all over.

A few months ago I hooked up with this girl, went back to my place and when I slid her pants off, the smell was unreal. I told her I was too drunk to fuck and sent her home.

inb4 legal age
"hard" drugs
if she just wants to be impregnated
if she dates a friend of mine
had an accident and is disfigured or mentally disabled

total bitch

Hate when i found tiny pieces of toilet paper sometimes, so gross

stretch marks
cutting scars
slight mustache
unshaved legs & armpits
bad breath
flat chest
bad hygiene

Seeing what I look like.


cigarette smoker
heavy drinker/needs alcohol to "wind down"
can't start the day without coffee, etc.
obnoxious tattoos
single mother
bad hygiene
spend happy/loves credit
relationship with exes
mommy's or daddy's girl
"don't need anyone" independent

Been through a lot of bad women in my life. Every one of the above is a red flag. if you're not into any of it and they're not willing to give it up, mark my word, you will be sorry if you don't move on.



Acting like a slut all the time. Its way hotter when a girl is all sweet and innocent and then she asks you to choke her with a belt and call her a bitch when you fuck.



Mine has herpes right now, couldn't care less

Yeah, what the fuck is it with attention starved thots these days. I know so many girls who act like getting fucked by as many guys as possible is a GOOD thing as a woman.


Age is in the double digits.

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Also, we would be the perfect team. I hate fucking skinny bitches. We could dominate

Trashy tattoos

Fucking gross

sauce on OP?

Looking feminine, but not being feminine

nice trips

Being a vegan
Being a liberal
A cigarette in her hand
Had sex with a black man


your last point is a bonus for me. the thought makes me diamonds.

you fail to see the vital difference between unfuckable and undateable

Bad pussy smell, hair on toes.

Those are the only things that have made me lose a boner when I'm about to fuck.

single digits, I think you mean user

i know i'll be the minority here but I have a serious smell fetish and for me the more out of ordinary the smell, the hotter I find it. I used to ask my ex to stop washing for like a week and then sit on my face.

Anyone who said tattoos is a basement dwelling neckfaggot who has never been near any woman other than mummy

You’re a pretty silly ass nigga huh?

why? just my preference.


Im going to go with the fact that she has a vagina.

I did this to my girl. "Omg, is that how I taste?!" it's been clean as a whistle ever since.

Sniffing stanky ass isn’t a fetish, it’s a problem. You need meds or maybe a fucking lobotomy, idk


Being related to me