Vaguely describe vidya and others guess. Go

Vaguely describe vidya and others guess. Go.

>Green-dressed blonde dude saves the princess and the land.

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Just a bunch of wrasslin



>Red hat
>Must collect all 120 stars

Checked again, but you got me

>hey you just woke up save the planets
>it's nerf or nothin

here i am.
once again.


Hanging black people from trees and unlocking more forest levels




>poop giant turds
>destroy even bigger giant turds
>only ally is excrement Mike

The Suffering?

You walk around with your dick out and hit horses with a rock

>Have a party
>Lose friends

Mario Party

>A new guest joins the party in 45 minutes


man throws son off cliff
son returns the favour years later


Super Mario sunshine

you pop into existence and destroy local ecosystems


>White guy in black tux
>shoots baddies
>fucks hotties
>gets moniez

Goldeneye 007

Nice... black tux gave it away huh

No Man's Sky?

>Female with big hat
>inprisoned for some reason
>Big scaled flying furry lizard helps with escape
>shoot all targets

>2 worms

>super speed jaw frog

Wouldn't that be Super mario 64

>murder wife
>join crusade
>inherit francian empire
>marry sister
>appoint horse as chancellor


Two of the Battletoads, Rash and Zitz, embark on a mission to defeat the evil Dark Queen on her planet and rescue their kidnapped friends: Pimple, the third member of the Battletoads, and Princess Angelica.


A bit too vague

>ponytail robed weirdo
>attacks with a bouncing tennis ball or some weird shit
>a dragon
>aliens and fascist robots
>muh prophecy

My nigga

>bastards kidnapped girly
>save some dumbass king
>join the war
>kill giant robot Alien style

>Many worlds
>Go around shooting giant ants

Too specific..

Conker's Bad Fur Day

>Would you sign my petition
>Piss on everything
>Use a cat as a silencer

>Vacuum cats
>Biker Pigs
>Time Crystals

Postal. And I didn't even play it.

You gotta survive the apocalypse with some seeds and shit.

Hard mode: op pic related
>work your body, work your body
>work your body, work your body

disembodied twink saves fat blue bastards from the pirate king


Guess this
>uses suction cups to hang on walls
>looking for parents


>be dead
>but not really

>Be me, smart science man
>Roll in late, don't give a fuk
>Mess around, talk to some old dudes
>blow up some cucks food
>suit up and have to finally work
>wants me to move some rocks
>shit goes down, try to save useless dudes from space shit
>hot af, now the government is after me
>BRB, gonna bring the fight to them
>the roll out like nothing ever happened

>wake up, in Poland
>hang out with some mulatto girl and her two dude friends
>get zapped outside
>run away, see some things
>endup with her dad
>move some boxes
>meet only cool pole and he dies
>meet oldfag who has girl, friends with a bean monster
>use balls to save the day
>sleep on a train

>or do I?

Half Life?


green midgets in the final frontier

>space niggers stop tax man
>get girl, Yo we got to gtfo
>zap some shit
>become leader of resistance, don't know what to say, shy af
>city blows up, the jig is up

Postal 2*

are you describing my life?

space ring with virulent alien parasites stowed on it

Mass effect

>wake up in forest land
>grabs lawn gnome for good luck
>mulatto girl gets bonked, dies???
>space niggers like we got this
>get a car, drive around wasteland
>girl makes it
>makes our way to smart people land
>sees dad, tells him some tax secrets
>oh no tax man, and he wants to collect
>tax man alerts baddies
>put that lawn gnome in a rocket, been no help
>rocket fucks off, then followed by worst mission in entire series
>my gf dad gets murdered in front of our very eyes, shoulda kept that gnome


no but lol


>Fight cyberpunk future bad guys
>President Obama is in the game
>I don't have a dick

the fuck?

is this a well known game or some obscure shit?

>be me, dollar store Stephen King
>wander around bum fuck nowhere
>too scared of the dark

Some monkeys big, some monkeys small. Some monkeys magic, others aren't even monkeys.
They all have one goal:
Destroy inflated rubber.

>wake up, long nap
>goes on adventure
>blue rock jizzies on my computer
>tries to remember better days
>eats some shit, fights some baddies
>travel to the ends of the world
>fights bad guy, save the girl
>my actual girlfriend is a fish

WWF smackdown

Hl2 episode 2


>blonde cop has bad ass mitochondria parasite.
>brunette sister also has parasite mitochondria shit, but she's evil. >New York City.
>sweet gun mods/building

>first day on the job, not nervous
>Bros like don't fuck it up
>get rewarded, but think jobs incompetent or corrupt
>wander into ladies room, get hr case
>gtfo, find out ambrosia isn't a dish best served cold
>go to hells kitchen, not called a donkey
>Bros defected, attempts to makes sense of it all
>workforce shows up, bro dies
>ends up doing some globe trotting
>illuminati behind it all
>doesn't matter what ending you choose, the sequel fucking blows

Baseball, robots, fuck those at bat.

>new years ish
>wake up, shits gone fucky
>injects drugs to get around the world
>Lil girls hanging out with some bbc
>one friend, actually isn't my friend
>the one thing we all agree on is capitalism wins and communist scum will never survive

>Start in plane hanger.
>Fly out of hangar.
>Always crash on hangar door.
>Never get to play first level.

Freedom Fighters?


Mexican ends up on islands
Fights corrupt officials by installing his brand of justice
Create chaos and zip around

Also there's a mystery island the japs inhabit and still believe we're in ww2

Jet force gemini


I've never played it, but is that bioshock? I just see 'inject' and 'Lil girls'.

trips checked

Oh shit I didn't even notice lol

Luigi's Mansion

>be me, works in an office
>all of a sudden some yells out grenade
>get tied up, some durka durka shit, places bomb
>I wet my pants, think of my wife and child. How I wasted my life.
>Then suddenly a crash
>I'm being shot at.
>The room fills with smoke
>Someone comes and unties me, the hostage has been secure
>We're trying to escape when a radio call about a bomb comes in
>Run as fast as I can out the door
>Just when I think the place is about to blow up, it doesnt
>mfw all of a sudden I hear

Counter-Terrorists win




Breath of the Wild

guy kills father. try to find him, end up playing lucky hit and collecting toys instead.



>Death mist engulfs world
>Shiny rocks keep it away
>Gotta power these rocks with special tree dew
>You gotta go out and get tree dew for yo village
>Slowly discover origin of death mist
>Treasure beneath the sands
>Go to lost mountain
>Fight a meteor
>Beat up a god

Boombox was stolen. beat people up to get quarters.

mass effect?

Deltora Quest

>asshole boss crashes and runs my circuitry
>gonna have to find my parts to save his dumb ass.