Where are you supposed to "go out" and "meet people" at? Let's assume that I don't like clubs and bars...

Where are you supposed to "go out" and "meet people" at? Let's assume that I don't like clubs and bars, don't have friends, and I have stipulations against getting drunk

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Board games shops are great places for meeting other random sweaty nerds

Sounds like you belong at a renaissance fair.

You're projecting. I'm 6 feet tall and handsome as shit, but honestly have no interest in going to clubs or bars by myself, and drinking makes me nauseous. Say you moved to a new town, where would you go to make friends?

the library

Talk to strangers everywhere

You know I guess house shows are an okay place to start. I don't know how to find house shows besides word of mouth though.

Physical activities. Either join a casual sports team or go to any of the various types of gyms. Martial arts, rock climbing, gymnastics, lifting, swimming, there are always friendly people who you can relate to through the activity you are doing.

You can always try the apps too. Tinder and all that shit.

If that fails, especially if you live somewhere with a winter that isnt that cold, you can cold approach people.

Also going to local events is always good. Idk what your interests are but I go to programming related talks and meet ups at least twice a month.

If you are in uni join a club. If you have a job connect with people there.

Also just because you don't drink doesn't mean you can't go to the bar and have a good time. Especially if its not very club-ey.

You literally dont.
Either you do online dating, or go to a bar, of you go anywhere else trying to be flirty and get to know a girlx they act as if you are sexually assaulting them.
This is becoming more true for bars as well.

Oh god rock climbers are the worst people.
Drive a fucking railroad spike into my dickhole instead please.


Seems like good advice. Appreciate this, thanks.

In my experience they're all morning people and they all smoke weed. Weird combination. Not to mention they're often into astrology, fake buddhism, the works.

I've had the most luck at grocery stores

you don't. you use tinder, facebook, and friends to find fuck buddies. no one is slaying babes at the clubs as the virgins believe.

I'm not looking for fuck buddies, moreso people to do shit with

well do you do anything? this could be the problem

Nah, I don't currently do any activities that involve other people

>I'm 6 feet tall and handsome as shit

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sorry, I meant this pic

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Def find yourself a hobby user. If not for friends just you're own sanity. There's not much to do in life but stuff.

I didn't even mean it as an insult.

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Sorry i meant this pic

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>join a gym
>dancing classes
>religious group (church, temple)
>hobby group (model trains, stamp collecting, whatever)
>coffee shops

i met my gf on reddit then we went on our first date at the local aquarium when we found out we lived close to eachother

Literally anywhere.
Go to places that interest you and you will meet people with similar interests. Do not go to "bars and clubs" if you hate going there, you'll just meet people you hate (and they will probably hate you too).

Do you like food and coffee? Go to a bistro/cafe.

Do you like an activity? Go join a group to do it or take a small class just for fun.

Whatever. Just do what YOU want to do. Find something to do that is outside of your home and you will suddenly find yourself meeting people.

If you have a job make friends at work.


Well I at least believe that you're as handsome as shit.