what a bunch of fucking useless cucks...

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now imagine if all thoose knife wielding teens had guns instead, that would really solve uk's problems

Now they will just attack each other with laser pointers


they’re inbred subhumans who are creating a new country where yours used to be

make them as square as you want to, anyone who knows what a course rock is, is going to fix that problem in twenty fucking minutes

Can't wait for the best selling competitor from Dull-knife inc.


Jk I get it guns can be kinda scary, why not go out to the range?

>one company chooses to alter its knives
>muh eurocucks ban

Don’t forget the Swiss.

PRO TIP: Deport this subhuman filth instead.

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They look sweet...any links to buy them?


Stabbing deaths decrease while sliced throats increase in teh uk.

I remember a video clip where some guys in a flat had a junkie chasing a laser pointer through the middle of a crossroad intersection in Glasgow and this made me think of it

Its a good idea, at least they try to reduce death unlike you school shooters.

UK is not really EU anymore you absolute retard. Typical ameripig IQ kek

The way things are going, eventually the only people with pointy knives will be the criminals.

Umm actually... Look up statistics that back up your point of view. If you can.

Uh oh europoors are not happy

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It's really a retarded idea you mong.
What are your sources?

Maybe the crims will have to learn to sharpen a knife properly.
If you sharpen and strop one of these properly so you can shave with it, you don't need to stab, slashing will go through clothes and down to the central arteries.
Doubt an urban youth can use a waterstone and strop, though. And these knives are probably shit metal that can't take an edge because they expect idiots to use the drag-through knife ruiners.

I'm in the UK and I have to agree that the knife ban is fucking retarded.

It's not going to stop niggers stabbing one another. They just use screwdrivers and things.

kek @ called by an american as euro>>poors

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Worlds strongest, and most powerful. Stay irrelevant, europoor lol


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>sharp rise in knife crime
Someone’s avin a giggle innit?

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>The knives, which cost between £3.99 and
Well, they're going to be shit.
New idea: minimum knife cost: £100.
Keep them out of the hands of scum (they're not going to drop £100 on a knife they might need to ditch in a hedge at the first sign of police). And also stops the pointless waste of money and resources than shit knives represent.
Won't affect normal people much, because who buys knifes that often, and if they cost £100 to begin with, they'll last forever.

>you< are not strong or powerful, the 1% are, you are just the dirt under their boots, you are the 80% with minimum wage. so yeah, bring me a cheeseburger you cuck

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>Sharp rise in knife crimes.
Someone’s bein’ a cheeky cunt, m8.

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>delusional europoor

u mad bro bcuz it's the truth?

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I mean, Merkel is literally a quantum chemist by trade, so...yeah.

Cope, europoors

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Left girl's face looks like a bong. I think we can do better in Europe without those ugly fuckers.

what a sad and pity counter, fail on every level

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So these new knives will keep you from sharp stabs but they'll have to hack the shit out of you.

>Russia number 2
They've got an economy the size of fucking SPAIN, an notoriously fucked-up economy.
The only thing they're big in is cheap spaceflight with 50-year old tech and online disinformation.

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All of this because "diversity is our strength", apparently.

I'm actually a bit ashamed to be of 100% Brit origins. The best non cucked ones are here in the US. Fact! The remaining ones are a bunch of crown clowns who have a need to be told what to do.

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and still you can't defeat vietnam, north korea, afghanistan, isis, syria, iran. I guess the list is wrong

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This is retarded.
>Do we make every potential weapon £100?
Stabbings occur with things like screwdrivers as well


Stand behind us, europoors. We will protect you.

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>Armed toddlers

to be far the point on a kitchen knife is pretty much useless. no one who knows what they are doing uses the point


UK has fewer intentional deaths per capita. Statistics seem to back up that not having guns results in less dead folks.

Every country with nukes can wipe out the whole of the american army if they wanted, ofc the same is true for any army. Just saying military power aint nothing when nukes are involved.

And who has the most nukes smarty pants?

what ned is using a viners knife to stab someone?

lol @ made up news to make yourself feel superior, that's delusional

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The lethality of an edged blade is MUCH higher, because they cut through everything on the way though. A screwdriver is going to be a puncture wound that's relatively surviveable.
A minimum screwdriver cost is fine by me too, I mean who really needs a shitty £1 screwdriver set that's made of toffee and breaks after the first use.
Even if people weren't stabbing each other, I'd rather see shitty tools eliminated anyway.



That’s true. Cheep Chinese garbage.

Even the packet-opening argument is just a sign the knife isn't sharp enough.
If you can't slice through with the blade belly, your knife is shit.

Or how about acid? Or lead pipes? Or rocks? Or sharpened tooth brushes?

These fucking people know that prison is a thing right? They don't allow knives or really anything that can be immediately used as a weapon, and yet people get killed ALL THE FUCKING TIME in prison I wonder how.

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seems you start to cry, poor americuck
acting tough but still losers inside, like the soldiers who surrendered to iran

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>then they'll ban files because people were filing their knives to a tip, then they'll ban hands becauses illegal files keep winding up in them, and then they'll ban shoelaces and buttons too because why the fuck not?

My point is you could ban knives outright

But you'd still have ethic minorities stabbing one another with something.

It's not even the equivalent of a sticking plaster for the problem.

Tackle drug problems and the fact that niggers things having a different postcode to someone else is worth killing over.

Ill snap you like a twig, malnourished europoor.

everyone should ban americucks

this is nothing more than one company's virtue signalling gimmick

Everyone should ban eurocucks.


Let's all take a breath and remember that this company is doing this as a stunt to:
> Get their name out there (advertising)
> Get SJW points
> Get out in front of any news where someone was stabbed with their knives.
They don't give a fuck if someone does get stabbed, they just don't want the shit that goes with it if they are "implicated".
They've seen the people suing gun makers, this is just a get in front move.

no-one banned anything you hysterical faggot
one company sells a less stabby knife as a marketing ploy and US blowhards spout on about how it'd be better if we were all shooting each other's kids like in their great cuntry

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Seething 3rd world shithole dweller things literally anyone in america gives a fuck about your sandpeople county. Have fun converting to muslim faggots

but americunts need their picture of inferior europeans, it's their only joy because they feel so scared in their own country

I agree entirely. Nigs gonna nog.
I'm not really bothered about them stabbing each other, I just also hate these shitty knives with a burning passion.

When will europoors admit their inferiority? Should America just go imperilize them already?

Stay cucked

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Eurofaggots actually believe this.


I only see dead civilians, not girlcrying wannabe-manly soldiers

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Europe lost to rats.




The reason they have imported these people is because the current welfare states in most of the western world is unsustainable without an ever-increasing population. The biggest reason the population isn't growing is because women aren't having kids. The reason women aren't having any kids is because women are becoming more career-oriented. The reason why women are becoming more career-oriented is because they are literally having money thrown at them to go to school and join the workforce. The reason why they have so much incentive to join the workforce is because companies are scrambling to hire women so they can keep a certain percentage up of women else they will be under threat of law suit because of gender quotas. The reason why companies are forced to hire women under gender quotas is because government-funded feminist organizations are demanding their idea of "equality". The reason these retarded organizations are funded by the government is because women don't understand what the difference is between "equal opportunity" and "equal outcome" are and they are the majority of voters. The reason women are the majority of voters is because women live longer than men due to not having to die in war or on the job, etc etc.

So the real problem isn't shitskins from these other countries. It's your own white women that are causing the decline that then requires the importation of these people.

What's the difference?
A retard bullfighting vs a retard watching baseball?
The whole world is retarded

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dunno what the hell your pics is supposed to prove but it's priced in cents
Not the UK


doesn't your mom need to homeschool you right now kiddo? let the adults talk

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Well actually I'd buy those, looks great, I hate those sharp triangle knifes

>Mutt thinks this is the UK


And loosen your phillips head screws when you faggots ban screwdrivers

My fuckin sides


Just admit how inferior you are, europoors. Suck on our fat American cocks.

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Lol. Itt: 12 year old eurocucks so fucking seething they cannot stop shaking

>implying you can't stand someone with a squared point

They're so fucking mad.

From best to worst:
> Chinese cleaver (god tier)
> Nakiri (mid tier)
> Santoku (pleb tier)
You only need two pointy knives: one about 3 inches long for smaller veg and a filleting or boning knife. Both can be done without.

Fine. Do it. Suck our collective red white and blue cocks. We dont need you fucking commies.

Take your flood of illegals pouring into our country because it sucks so much with you.


>or stab